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NCW 2019 Season Award Winners

The results are in! A huge thanks to all of our fans who took the time to vote in this years Northeast Championship Wrestling Season Awards with over 250 votes counted in each category!

And the winners are–

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NCW 2019 Season Awards

As we look toward Northeast Championship Wrestling’s 2020 Season we must first celebrate the year that was for and NCW’s 2019 Year End Season Awards! Voting will be ongoing from December 31st, 2019 until January 24th, 2020 with the winners being announced on February 1st.

And the nominees are…

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NCW 2018 Season Awards Results

A big thanks to everyone who took their time to vote in this years 2018 Season Awards! 2018 was one of our best years ever, and we couldn’t have done it without the great support of you! The 2018 Awards will be presented to talent March 8th at NCW 2019 exclusively on the NCW Facebook page.

Without further adieu your 2018 winners are…

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NCW 2017 Season Awards

A huge thanks to everyone who supported Northeast Championship Wrestling in 2017, and a special thanks to all who took the time to vote in this year’s Season Awards. The 2017 Awards had some of the highest voter turnout in NCW history, and we wouldn’t be here without you. NCW 2018 kicks off Friday night March 2nd as we begin a new era in Dedham, MA, but before we get there…

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NCW 2016 Season Awards Results

Northeast Championship Wrestling’s 2016 Season Awards have been counted and tallied. A huge thank you to everyone who voted this year and made your voices heard!

And the winners are…

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NCW 2015 Season Awards: The Winners

The NCW 2015 Season Awards have been counted and tallied with no hanging chads or recounts needed. For the third year in a row we’ve broken records for voting with over 1,500 votes cast and over 300 votes submitted for the NCW Wrestler of the Year.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote this year, and we hope to see you on Friday night February 19th in Norwood, Massachusetts when we present the NCW 2015 Season Awards at NCW COLLISION COURSE.



NCW 2015 Wrestler of the Year


“RIOT” Kellan Thomas- 23%

“The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo- 20%
Christian Casanova- 14%
The Lumberjake/Osirus [tie]- 11%


For the third year in a row “RIOT” Kellan Thomas is your NCW Wrestler of the Year. This isn’t a huge surprise considering Kellan’s 595 day reign as NCW Champion provided him the opportunity to showcase his incredible skills in the ring against a variety of competition. The real surprise is “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo earning 20% of the vote with only six votes behind Thomas in the polls heading into the final hours of voting.

The former NCW New England Champion Christian Casanova had a fantastic sophomore year in the ring, winning the New England title from Triplelicious in June and leaving WrestleFest on top after defeating Brick Mastone. The new NCW Heavyweight Champion Lumberjake found himself neck and neck with Osirus in the polls, each winning 11% of the vote.

NCW 2015 Tag Team of the Year


Crossfit- 41%

The Loomis Brothers- 18%
The Heavy Hitters- 11%
The Influence- 10%


2015 may go down as the “Year of Crossfit” as the fraternity of rule breakers dominated the tag team voting this year, winning 41% in a landslide over their talented competition. Winning the NCW Tag Team Championship in August, the trio of “The Fittest Man” Dan Terry, “The Prettiest Man” Derek Andrews, & “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo (along with their unofficial fixer Brick Mastone) have earned themselves the right to be called NCW Tag Team of the Year.

The two-time former NCW Tag Team Champions The Loomis Brothers found themselves with 18% of fans who love when they kick people in the face while The Heavy Hitters and The Influence found themselves once again feuding over their #3 spot in the polling.

NCW 2015 Match of the Year

match of the year

“The Native American” Tomahawk vs. “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo No Disqualifications (NCW WrestleFest XI)- 25%

Ladder Match for the NCW Title- 21%
Steve “The Turtle” vs. “Insane” Dick Lane- 20%
Triplelicious vs. Christian Casanova- 17%


There were some damn good matches this year in NCW, and the voting for 2015 Match of the Year was very close up until the voting deadline on January 1st. In the end “The Native American” Tomahawk and “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo found themselves with the honors of being Match of the Year after both men put on a stellar display of violence November 20th at WrestleFest XI.

NCW’s first ever Ladder Match between Triplelicious and NCW Champion “RIOT” Kellan Thomas came in 2nd place with 21% of the vote while the unconventional Steve Weiner/Dick Lane Falls Count Anywhere Match that spanned a record-breaking 35 days came in third at 20%.

NCW 2015 Rookie of the Year


“The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo- 45%

Frank- 18%
Brick Mastone- 16%
The Influence- 10%


It’s no wonder Vern Vicallo walked away with the 2015 Rookie of the Year honors thanks to his dominating presence in social media with likes, follows, and snaps encouraging people to vote for him this Season. The question now becomes if “The Selfie-Made Man” himself can follow-up his impressive freshman year in NCW and make 2016 better than ever.

NCW 2015 Manager of the Year


“High Class” Rich Bass- 34%

Doc Ozone- 31%
“Black Magic” Sean Feeney- 15%
Kepler- 12%


The last time Rich Bass was in NCW the loathsome leader of the High Class Cartel was a rule abiding referee, keeping under the radar and doing his job right down the middle. Fast forward to 2015 and “High Class” Rich Bass has become the premiere manager in NCW, edging out Doc Ozone with 34% after ending the year with his man Scott Levesque the New England Champion (and with a black eye).

NCW 2015 Best Non Wrestling Personality


Redd Roche- 23%

Rob “Buddy Christ”  Greer- 16%
Dean “The Beast” Livsley- 15%
“Toxic” Tom Warren- 13%

Honorable Mention to the Pizza Guy for winning 6% of the vote via write-in ballots


Two years in a row NCW Senior Official Redd Roche has won the hearts of the fans, calling the chaotic in ring action right down the middle while not being afraid to get in the faces of those that defy him.

NCW 2015’s Most Popular


Christian Casanova- 25%

The Lumberjake- 15%
“RIOT” Kellan Thomas- 10%
Osirus & Doc Ozone- 8%


Debuting in 2014 Christian Casanova immediately became a huge fan favorite in NCW, and that popularity has only grown as Casanova edged out the competition with 25% of the vote to become your 2015 Most Popular!

NCW 2015’s Most Hated

Levesque and Bass

“Sensational” Scott Levesque & “High Class” Rich Bass- 25%

“Ruthless” Ruy Batello/Crossfit [tie]- 17%
“All Good” Anthony Greene- 15%
Triplelicious & Frank- 10%


The NCW New England Champion “Sensational” Scott Levesque and “High Class” Rich Bass promised when they returned to NCW in March that they would take out all the competition and win gold while doing it. Nine months later they would prove themselves to be right, but by doing so this treacherous duo became so hated they bypassed a lot of hated individuals to win this award in 2015.

NCW 2015 Feud of the Year

Lane vs Weiner

Steve “The Turtle” Weiner vs. “Insane” Dick Lane- 32%

The Lumberjake vs. “Ruthless” Ruy Batello- 15%
“The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo vs. “The Native American” Tomahawk- 13%
“RIOT” Kellan Thomas vs. Triplelicious- 12%


Was there any rivalry this Season that could compare to the oddity known as Steve “The Turtle” Weiner versus “Insane” Dick Lane? We didn’t think so. Kicking things off in September at NCW FALLOUT when Weiner chased Lane around the Norwood Elks Lodge, the situation escalated greatly when “The Turtle” challenged Lane to a Falls Count Anywhere Match the next month at NO FEAR. That match would last 35 days, ending at NCW WrestleFest XI with Weiner pinning Dick and forcing “The Meta-Human Supervillain” to become Steve’s NCW tag team partner. What the shell??

NCW 2015 Holy $#!T Moment of the Year

The Heavy Hitters break the ring when Crossfit throws Frank Champion into the ropes (COLLISION COURSE 2015)- 43%

“All Good” Anthony Greene is The Masked Man (NCW WrestleFest XI)- 26%
“The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva is set on fire by Sean Feeney (Friday Night Fights)- 18%
GA West is reborn as Osirus (Red, White, & Bruised)- 9%


There were some shocking moments this year.

“All Good” Anthony Greene being revealed as the Masked Man. Mike Paiva being set ON FIRE by the Underground Anarchy and “Black Magic” Sean Feeney. But it was the first match of the first show of 2015 that set the tone for the rest of the year when Crossfit Irish-whipped Frank Champion into the ropes after taking Shay Cash out of the match. The simple maneuver sent Champion crashing to the outside when the top rope snapped off its buckle, shocking the entire building. Holy $#!T.


NCW 2015 Season Awards: VOTING CLOSED

With the NCW 2015 Season behind us it’s that time of year again as we celebrate the year that was with the annual season end awards! 2015 was one of the best years in NCW history, featuring some amazing action and unforgettable moments. Please take a moment to recognize your favorite candidates and cast your vote today! Voting will be ongoing from December 1st, 2015 until end of day January 1st, 2016.

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NCW 2013 Season Awards – Polls Closed


The polls have closed! Thank you to all who voted in this years NCW 2013 Season Awards. The results from this years ballots will be posted within the next 48 hours, with the awards officially being presented to the NCW stars March 7th at COLLISION COURSE in Norwood, MA.