NCW 2019 Season Awards

As we look toward Northeast Championship Wrestling’s 2020 Season we must first celebrate the year that was for and NCW’s 2019 Year End Season Awards! Voting will be ongoing from December 31st, 2019 until January 24th, 2020 with the winners being announced on February 1st.

And the nominees are…

NCW 2019 Wrestler of the Year

It was a big year for Brett Ryan Gosselin, regaining the NCW Heavyweight Championship at REUNION from Osirus, losing and winning the NCW Title in one night to “Retro” Anthony Greene at NCW KIDS DAY, and ended the season with a loss to “Deliciously Vicious” Vern Vicallo at WrestleFest XV.

After struggling against BRG and unable to get revenge on the punk for stealing his title away Osirus seemed to snap at WrestleFest attacking Vicallo, his partner “Foxy” Calvin Campbell, and finally his uncle and manager Doc Ozone before walking out of the Dedham VFW.

Mike Montero’s year plus reign as NCW New England Champion ended at WrestleFest XV when “Insane” Dick Lane cashed in his Ox Baker Memorial Cup title opportunity against a straightjacketed Montero who had stolen victories all year along against the likes of “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy, “RIOT” Kellan Thomas, and Alexander Lee.

The Lumberjake waged war all year along against Kevin Castro and “The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash ending with the Dedham Screwjob at WrestleFest, but even that can’t take away the strides made by Shay Cash during the Season as well Lumberjake being a dominant force in NCW.

NCW 2019 Women’s Wrestler of the Year

With the burgeoning women’s division heating up this Season in NCW the women were defined by the rivalry between the 2018 Breakout Star of the Year “The Suplex Sweetheart” Isana and the 2018 Women’s Wrestler of the Year “Picture Perfect” Sierra leading to Sierra recruiting various mean girls such as The Platinum Hunnies (Ava Everett & Angel Sinclair) to help her in her war against Isana while Isana leveraged help from her new friend Kennedi Copeland to hold down the fort. WrestleFest XV saw a chaotic six women tag team brawl opening the flood gates to even more women’s action in 2020.

NCW 2019 Tag Team of the Year

Ending the 2019 Season with the Tag Team Titles in their possession Detox (Jason Devine & Ricky Medeiros) had a banner year in NCW alongside their running mate Mike Montero defeating Mutually Assured Destruction at WrestleFest.

The Little Giants (Robbie “The Giant” & Bullet Joe Grinvalsky) traded the NCW Tag Team Championship back and forth with The Middlesex Express (Steven Lust & Steven Broad) during the first half of the Season leading to The Giants colliding with NCW Originals  “The Angel of Anarchy” Tim Kilgore & “Revolution” Chris Venom in a battle for respect at WrestleFest.

NCW 2019 Match of the Year

While there were many great matches throughout the year the NCW Championship Committee narrowed the margin down to 7 matches this Season to be nominated for the 2019 Match of the Year.

“The Masshole” Mike McCarthy vs. “The Natural” Channing Thomas at NCW’s 2019 REUNION was a great showcase for Thomas as he continued to grow as a performer this year, leading to his return to NCW in November in big matches against Vern Vicallo and Anthony Greene. The NCW New England Championship Match between Mike Montero and “RIOT” Kellan Thomas was one of the best New England Title Matches of the year that was only hurt by Montero’s utter disregard for the rules and getting himself disqualified to retain his title.

Isana vs. Sierra went to war with one another at NCW Aftermath Dedham in a Hardcore Brawl that famously saw Isana roll Sierra up in a carpet and beat her with a steel chair. The next night Lumberjake and “The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash went at it in a giant Lumberjack Match that nearly stole the show in Bristol.

While it’s rare to nominate an entire Big City Rumble Match the 2019 version of the Rumble  was a classic story throughout leading to the double shock reveal that Curry Boy won the Big City Rumble only to unmask himself to reveal the reigning NCW Champion Brett Ryan Gosselin impersonating Curry Boy to win the match.

Rounding out the year was the amazing Bristol Street Fight for the NCW Title between BRG and the Ox Baker Memorial Cup holder Robbie “The Giant” Araujo at NCW Saturday Night. Both men let it all hang out with Araujo nearly walking away NCW Champion multiple times in the match until BRG barely found a way to survive. Unfortunately for him he was unable to survive at WrestleFest despite pulling every trick in the book against the #1 Contender Vern Vicallo taking out multiple refs until NCW President Dean “The Beast” Livsley stepped in to count the three on BRG to give Vicallo the Championship.

NCW 2019 Feud of the Year

The Lumberjake found himself in an eternal struggle this Season against manager Kevin Castro leading to all of Camp Castro (“The Heavy Hitter Shay Cash, Davey Cash, and “Sensational” Scott Levesque) arriving on scene at WrestleFest to help make Castro 2-0 against Jake in singles competition. Jake also found himself in a very personal rivalry with “Revolution” Chris Venom this past Season which saw Venom and Jake collide with dog food, leather straps, and disrespect.

The transformation from Todd Harris to Brett Ryan Gosselin saw BRG continue to wage war on Osirus over the NCW Heavyweight Championship leading to BRG stealing one final victory over Osirus at WrestleFest leading to the former Champion snapping against his friends and family folllowing the loss.

“The Suplex Sweetheart” Isana and “Picture Perfect” Sierra saw their feud expand in 2019 from 2018 turning a regular wrestling rivalry into an all-out blood feud. The feud between “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy and Alexander Lee did take a bloody turn at NCW Ring of Thrones when McCarthy split Lee’s head open with a steel chair leading to Lee taking McCarthy out of the New England Title Match at WrestleFest.

While Mike Montero did everything he could to hold onto the NCW New England Championship throughout the 2019 Season “RIOT” Kellan Thomas continued to chase him right up until WrestleFest where Alexander Lee once again helped Montero retain the title and prevent Thomas from becoming the Triple Crown Winner.

“The American Hammer” Dan Terry declared war on the cartoon characters of NCW this Season, singling out The Turtles in Time and specifically “Insane” Dick Lane. At WrestleFest Lane was able to finally best Terry in the Ox Baker Memorial Cup giving “The Meta-Human Super-Villain” the Cup.. and eventually the NCW New England Championship when he defeated Mike Montero for the title at WrestleFest.

NCW 2019 Cameo of the Year

While NCW focused in on its regular roster this Season in lieu of a Breakout Star of the Year this Season we ask who did you like this year that you would like to see more of in 2020?

NCW 2019 Manager of the Year

Who was your pick for 2019 Manager of the Year?

NCW 2019 Best Non Wrestling Personality

Who was your favorite Non Wrestling Personality in 2019?

NCW 2019’s Most Popular

Who do you love?

NCW 2019’s Most Hated

Who do you hate?

NCW 2019 Holy $#!T Moment of the Year

2019 was a year of moments in NCW as “Retro” Anthony Greene won the NCW Heavyweight Championship from BRG at KIDS DAY 2019 before BRG was able to regain the title later that night. BRG pulled off a con of his own at the Big City Rumble when he impersonated Curry Boy and won the Big City Rumble!

“The Masshole” Mike McCarthy took a chair to the side of Alexander Lee’s head at NCW Ring of Thrones busting his skull wide open, while Osirus shockingly snapped on Vern Vicallo, “Foxy” Calvin Campbell, AND his uncle/manager Doc Ozone at WrestleFest!

And with Mike Montero trapped in a straightjacket following the Tag Team Title Match Wiome cashed in his Ox Baker Cup to defeat Mike Montero to become the new NCW New England Champion!

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