Wright wrecap: behind closed doors ep. 16

Hello everyone! Davis Wright is back with your Wrecaps for NCW Behind Closed Doors! My apologies for being away for a couple of weeks. Things happen from time to time, and my attention was needed elsewhere, but I am back to take a look at this episode of BCD! Let’s go to the ring!

Armani Kayos (w/Paris Van Dale) def Randy Rivera

Randy Rivera is making his NCW debut tonight, and can someone tell me what gym he worked out at during the pandemic? When everyone gained the proverbial “Covid 19″pounds, this guy has ate, drank, and slept workouts. Armani Kayos clearly has his work cut out for him here.

Randy clearly has the talent in the ring to go with the physique, as he shows off his athletic ability early in this one. Then, for some reason, PVD gets into the ring! At the risk of getting Kayos DQ’ed, she does manage to cause the distraction for Kayos to gain the advantage.

Rivera does manage to fight off the two-on-one disadvantage, and hits a beautiful springboard clothesline, nearly picking up the win. Kayos regains the upper hand (with help from Van Dale of course) and is able to lock in a version of a Triangle choke, forcing Rivera to tap out. A big victory for Kayos, but an impressive debut by Randy Rivera in NCW!

Davey Cash (w/ Shay Cash and Kevin Castro) def. Foxy Calvin Campbell

With Doc Ozone out of commission, this virtually turned into a 3-on-1 handicap match! Castro got himself many times, causing distractions for Shay and Davey to double team Foxy. Needless to say if Doc was in the house, Castro would be wishing he was back in The Poconos. Davey and Shay nearly went to well once too often as Foxy was able to avoid contact and hit The Kiss that Don’t Miss. As the referee’s hand was coming down for 3, Castro pulled him out of the ring, informing him that his shoe was untied. This gives Shay the chance to roll in the ring, and hit a wicked Black Hole Slam, pulls his uncle over for the cover and the win!

Shay Cash (w/ Davey Cash and Kevin Castro) def Nick Diamond

Next up in this episode filled with unofficial handicap matches, Shay Cash gets his turn in the ring. Before the bell can ring, Kevin Castro offers $400 to Diamond to lay down and take the loss. Diamond smacks the money out of Castro’s grimy hands sending Cold Hard Cash diving for the cold hard cash! Diamond was able to garner several near falls on his larger opponent early on, but the numbers game caught up to Diamond as once again Kevin Castro causes the distraction allowing Davey and Shay to hit a double team leg drop for Shay to pick up the victory. You may not like them, but the team of Cold Hard Cash have found that winning formula.

NCW Tag Team Champion Traevon Jordan def. Ricky Smokes

In a potential preview of a future tag title match, these two young lions lock it up. Smokes laid in the heavy body shots and uppercuts to Traevon, followed one of the best dropkicks in the business! Jordan and Smokes then played “you counter my move and I’ll counter yours” as both men looked to put the other away. Traevon finally was able to hit the big Chokeslam after about 6 or 7 escapes from Smokes. Jordan covers for the win and keeping momentum on the side of Waves and Curls!

Don’t forget on August 1st, NCW returns to iPPV with Don’t Stop Believin, and guess what? It’s FREE! You’ll be able to tune in on YouTube and watch the last iPPV before fans return for The Big City Rumble.

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JUST ANNOUNCED! NCW Returns With Fans August 20th in Dedham!

Announced earlier tonight on NCW BEHIND CLOSED DOORS after nearly 18 months away Northeast Championship Wrestling will return to Dedham, MA on Friday night August 20th with live fans in attendance when NCW presents the 2021 BIG CITY RUMBLE!

Keep checking back here on theNCW.com and our Upcoming Events page for all updates regarding our NCW return with our amazing fans!

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This Sunday night Northeast Championship Wrestling’s 2021 Season continues in the virtual environment with NCW SHOOTS AND LADDERS live on iPPV with NCW Heavyweight Champion “DELICIOUSLY VICIOUS” VERN VICALLO defends the NCW title against “THE NATURAL” CHANNING THOMAS in a Ladder Match!

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On Sunday night May 23rd Northeast Championship Wrestling returns to iPPV for a huge night of professional wrestling action presenting NCW SHOOTS AND LADDERS, featuring NCW Heavyweight Champion “DELICIOUSLY VICIOUS” VERN VICALLO defending the NCW title against “THE NATURAL” CHANNING THOMAS in a Ladder Match! Please visit theNCW.com/iPPV to get your virtual tickets today!

Wright Wrecap: Behind Closed Doors Episode #6

Click here to check out photos from NCW BEHIND CLOSED DOORS courtesy of Picture Dave Rodrigues!

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