NCW 2015 Season Awards: VOTING CLOSED

With the NCW 2015 Season behind us it’s that time of year again as we celebrate the year that was with the annual season end awards! 2015 was one of the best years in NCW history, featuring some amazing action and unforgettable moments. Please take a moment to recognize your favorite candidates and cast your vote today! Voting will be ongoing from December 1st, 2015 until end of day January 1st, 2016.

NCW 2015 Wrestler of the Year

Pound for pound the 2015 roster might be the best group of wrestlers NCW has ever had, with talent bursting at the seams. And with this crop of phenomenal candidates you have to start with “RIOT” Kellan Thomas, your 2013 and 2014 Wrestler of the Year who held the NCW Heavyweight Championship for 595 consecutive days. Becoming the second longest reigning Heavyweight Champion in NCW history is no small feat, and Thomas had wrestled one hell of a year until The Masked Man (we’ll get to him) brought everything crashing down.

 “Ruthless” Ruy Batello took his legacy to the next level this Season, winning his fourth Heavyweight Championship and dominating despite some setbacks against The BFFs. Ruy’s reign as Champion would last just a couple months however thanks to his former friend and tag team partner Lumberjake, who won his first ever singles title at WrestleFest XI by defeating Batello. And while “All Good” Anthony Greene returned to NCW this Season a conquering hero, the truth was revealed at WrestleFest when AG was unmasked as the attacker who had made Kellan Thomas’ a living hell since August.

The NCW New England Championship has seen a lot of play this year, with four men holding the title during the 2015 Season (Rob “The Giant” Araujo, Triplelicious, Christian Casanova, and “Sensational” Scott Levesque) while the former GA West Osirus has been chasing the belt he once gave up in 2013. The competition in this division has been fierce, and looks to get only tougher as the 2016 Season looms ahead.

“The Native American” Tomahawk and newcomer “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo brought their game to a whole other level this Season, with both men going to war with one another en route to their classic No Disqualifications Match at WrestleFest. Meanwhile the former NCW Tag Team and New England Champion “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva had a year of ups and downs, but notably sent “Black Magic” Sean Feeney packing from NCW in July at Red, White, & Bruised.

NCW 2015 Tag Team of the Year

Tag Team wrestling is a lost art, but here in NCW we’re happy to report a tag team renaissance that’s been led by David & Eddie Loomis for the last three years and counting. 2015 has possibly been the best year yet for the NCW Tag Team Division since the glory days of Generation SLAM and The Maine State Posse in 2005.

Forming as a team at WrestleFest X Crossfit (Derek Andrews & Dan Terry) has become the team to beat in NCW, winning the Tag Team Championship at the Big City Rumble and forming a three man team after inducting Vern Vicallo into the group in July. Competing under Crossfit Rules, the trio (with enforcer Brick Mastone) have dominated the competition. The Heavy Hitters are not ones to sit idly by however, claiming the #1 Contenders spot at NCW NO FEAR and are guaranteed a Title Match in the 2016 Season after chasing the titles all year.

Champion & Cash will have to watch out for The Influence (Mike Montero & Jason Devine) however, a highly skilled tandem that showed their true colors at WrestleFest XI after Mike Montero attacked The Heavy Hitters and got them eliminated from the Ox Baker Memorial Cup. Triplelicious & Frank wrestled more singles than tags this Season, but as a duo they were nearly unstoppable when push came to shove. And finally while the 2014 Tag Team of the Year The Underground Anarchy has suffered much loss in 2015, “Slamdance” Tim Lennox has tried to keep his group alive thanks to help from New England Wrestling Hall of Famer TJ Richter.

NCW 2015 Match of the Year

2015 featured some of the best rivalries NCW has seen in years, and when it comes to the matches there’s no shortage of standout selections to choose from in a year showcasing NCW’s first ever Ladder Match, two huge Heavyweight Title changes, and a month long Falls Count Anywhere Match.

What was your favorite match this year?

NCW 2015 Rookie of the Year

To be clear, being NCW Rookie of the Year doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a rookie in professional wrestling, and this years crop of nominees for NCW’s award has experience in spades.

“The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo had an incredibly impressive NCW Season this year, holding onto his undefeated streak until “The Native American” Tomahawk stopped him in his tracks at NCW Red, White, & Bruised. Vicallo then partnered up with Crossfit for the remainder of the year, working with his fellow Rookie candidate Brick Mastone- the intense Crossfit prospect who sliced his way through the competition.

The Influence had already established themselves as a fantastic tag team even before debuting this Season, their rivalry with The Heavy Hitters responsible for their change of heart at WrestleFest XI.

Frank arrived on the scene as Triplelicious’ bodyguard, but quickly gave notice to everyone in NCW that he was more than just back up for the former NCW Heavyweight Champion. Making your NCW debut against “All Good” Anthony Greene is a tough break, but Bryce Clayton showed why the young rookie has a ton of potential going forward. Meanwhile Drew Solo struggled in his first few appearance, but even every instance Solo refused to give up, an admirable trait.

NCW 2015 Manager of the Year

The growing animosity between “High Class” Rich Bass and the mad Doctor Ozone reached a fever pitch at NCW WrestleFest, with Ozone delivering a well-deserved shot right in Bass’ face after months of breaking the rules. With Bass still leading the NCW New England Champion into battle, does “High Class” edge out Doc O when it comes to his managerial skills?

Both “Black Magic” Sean Feeney and TJ Richter have guided “Slamdance” Tim Lennox this Season in The Underground Anarchy, and while Feeney was forced out of Norwood in July the New England Wrestling Hall of Famer Richter has become a dangerous mentor for Lennox.

NCW 2015 Best Non Wrestling Personality

There’s no personality like an NCW personality. Who was your favorite Best Non Wrestling Personality for 2015?

NCW’s 2015 Most Popular

Who did you love this year?

NCW’s 2015 Most Hated

Who did you loathe?

NCW 2015 Feud of the Year

As mentioned earlier 2015 saw some amazing rivalries take center stage. Some have been long running feuds, others have only just begun and others saw their culmination at WrestleFest. What was the standout feud for you this 2015 Season?

NCW 2015 Holy $#!T Moment of the Year

2015 was a shocking year for NCW, no doubt about it. Considering the opening match of the 2015 Season saw Frank Champion snap the top rope off the ring when Crossfit whipped him into it, things have gotten a bit chaotic. Things only escalated when “Black Magic” Sean Feeney lit Mike Paiva on fire with a fireball attack, and with Triplelicious & Frank stealing the NCW Heavyweight Championship from “RIOT” Kellan Thomas for four months we realized anything could happen this year.

The back half of the year saw just that as GA West became reborn as his former persona Osirus, chasing the NCW New England Championship with a newfound purpose while “All Good” Anthony Greene shocked the NCW world when he was unmasked as the Masked Man who had been torturing Kellan Thomas since August.

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