NCW 2018 Season Awards Results

A big thanks to everyone who took their time to vote in this years 2018 Season Awards! 2018 was one of our best years ever, and we couldn’t have done it without the great support of you! The 2018 Awards will be presented to talent March 8th at NCW 2019 exclusively on the NCW Facebook page.

Without further adieu your 2018 winners are…

NCW 2018 Wrestler of the Year


“RIOT” Kellan Thomas – 20%

“The Masshole” Mike McCarthy – 16%
“The Ace” Mike Montero – 15%
Osirus – 10%


There are many within the New England who have just started to appreciate the talents of “RIOT” Kellan Thomas thanks to a banner year on the local scene, but NCW fans have known all along once again awarding Thomas the 2018 Wrestler of the Year after winning in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Thomas found himself winning the All-Star Ox Baker Memorial Cup at WrestleFest against the top former Heavyweight Champions in NCW while also engaging in a classic series of matches against his old rival “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy in Bristol, dazzling the fans with their grappling skills.

McCarthy’s return late in the summer didn’t stop him from garnering 16% of the vote in 2nd place, while the NCW New England Champion Mike Montero came in at 15%. Rounding out the top spots in voting was the new NCW Heavyweight Champion Osirus, who overcame a broken hand to win the 2018 Big City Rumble and defeat Todd Harris to become NCW Champion at WrestleFest.


NCW 2018 Women’s Wrestler of the Year


“Picture Perfect” Sierra – 28%

“The Suplex Sweetheart” Isana – 27%
The Platinum Hunnies – 16%
Delilah Hayden – 13%


The women of NCW kicked ass in 2018, returning to active competition for the first time since 2011 when Generation SLAM’s Amber battled Taeler Hendrix. The voting for NCW Women’s Wrestler of the Year was just as vicious as the fighting in the ring as “Picture Perfect” Sierra walked away with 28% of the vote, narrowly edging out Isana who earned 27%.

16% of the vote went to the explosive duo of Angel Sinclair and Ava Everett, while Delilah Hayden won 13% support sticking up for herself against the likes of THE UNCONTROLLED, Middlesex Express, and the alternate female version of Dr. Cobblepot.

NCW 2018 Tag Team of the Year


The Middlesex Express – 30%

The Little Giants – 23%
The Kool People – 11%
CrossFit – 10%


Coming in hot Steven Lust and Steven Broad, The Middlesex Express, took the surprising lead winning 30% of the vote to become the NCW 2018 Tag Team of the Year, edging out the new NCW Tag Team Champions The Little Giants in a big upset!

Two time NCW Tag Team Champions The Kool People had a dominant year as champions, earning 11% of the vote while the broken up CrossFit won 10% of the vote in the wake of Dan Terry turning on Vern Vicallo at WrestleFest.

NCW 2018 Match of the Year


“RIOT” Kellan Thomas vs. “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy (NCW FALLOUT 9/1/2018) – 33%

Triple Threat Match for the New England Title. (c) Mike Montero vs. Tomahawk vs. Perry Von Vicious (WrestleFest XIV 11/30/2018) – 15%
NCW Title Match. (c) Todd Harris vs. Osirus (WrestleFest XIV 11/30/2018) – 11%
10 on 10 Ultimate Elimination Match. The Uncontrolled Army vs. The Legion of Dick (NCW TOTAL ELIMINATION 10/5/2018) – 10%


The last time “RIOT” Kellan Thomas and “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy squared off in an NCW ring was 2013, and when McCarthy returned in August he was eager to step into the ring once more with Thomas, relishing the opportunity to grapple with a more seasoned and tenured “RIOT”. There match at NCW FALLOUT was an instant classic, proving how good both men still were.  On an amazing Bristol return filled with many great match ups this one completely stole the show.

“The Native American” Tomahawk and Perry Von Vicious had an epic rivalry throughout the 2018 Season, but adding the NCW New England Champion Mike Montero to the war at WrestleFest dialed the intensity up a notch, putting on a fantastic Triple Threat battle at NCW’s 2018 finale. Winning 11% of the vote was the NCW Heavyweight Title Match between Todd Harris and Osirus, giving Osirus the moment he’s waited years for to win the NCW Heavyweight Championship.

The 2018 Ultimate Elimination Match at NCW TOTAL ELIMINATION received 10% of the vote seeing THE UNCONTROLLED win his war against “Insane” Dick Lane before Lane would use the power of friendship to bring back “The Turtle”.


NCW 2018 Breakout Star of the Year


“The Suplex Sweetheart” Isana – 20%

“Picture Perfect” Sierra – 19%
The Platinum Hunnies – 19%
The Middlesex Express – 17%


The 2018 Breakout Star of the Year was a hotly contested award this year between the men and the women, but in the end “The Suplex Sweetheart” Isana won the Breakout Star of 2018 winning 20% and edging out Sierra, who beat HER for the Women’s Wrestler of the Year.

Tying with Sierra was The Platinum Hunnies, the package combo of Everett and Sinclair while the Tag Team of the Year The Middlesex Express rounded out the top votes with 17%.


NCW 2018 Manager of the Year


Doc Ozone – 55%

Kevin Castro – 23%
“Royalty” Ruy Batello – 11%
Dallas McCarthy – 11%


For the third year in a row the Mad Doctor himself Doc Ozone has won the 2018 Manager of the Year award, winning in a landslide against impressive competition. Leading The Party all over NCW, Doc has helped “Foxy” Calvin Campbell develop this year as a tremendous star on the rise, while also helping his nephew Osirus finally win the NCW Championship.

Kevin Castro saw his debut in NCW mainly revolve around his exploits in attaining power from NCW President Dean “The Beast” Livsley, but Castro was able to reveal his allegiance to “Sensational” Scott Levesque while officially signing an NCW contract to manage talent heading into the 2019 Season.

“Royalty” Ruy Batello and Dallas McCarthy tied at 11% as both men struggled in the back half of the Season with Batello losing his Royal Court while Dally walked out on Tim Lennox at WrestleFest, seemingly ending his alliance with The Underground Anarchy.


NCW 2018 Best Non Wrestling Personality


Loren Petisce – 24%

Shane Daly – 17%
Redd Roche – 15%
Craig Cailler – 14%


Not only did the women kick ass inside the ring this year, they also kicked ass outside the ring as Loren Petisce joined the NCW announce team winning over the NCW fans with 24% of the vote. Coming in second place with 17% is the everyman ring announcer of NCW Shane Daly, never meeting a short sleeve button up he didn’t like.

The zebras also delivered in votes this Season, with Redd Roche winning 15% and new NCW referee Craig Cailler nipping at his heels with 14%,


NCW 2018 Feud of the Year


“Insane” Dick Lane vs. THE UNCONTROLLED – 28%

“RIOT” Kellan Thomas vs. “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy – 21%
The Lumberjake vs. Mike Montero – 13%
Frank the Crank vs. The Underground Anarchy – 11%


The story of “Insane” Dick Lane and THE UNCONTROLLED/Steve “The Turtle” Weiner has gone on far longer than this Season, dating back to their first encounter with one another in 2015 and leading up to Dick and Delilah’s wedding last year that saw Weiner betray his friends and embrace the darkness inside him. 2018 has seen the very worst of THE UNCONTROLLED, but it was the love and friendship of Dick Lane that perhaps saved “The Turtle”, resurrecting him at WrestleFest and hopefully squashing the evil inside him once and for all.. We hope.

The 1-1 series between “RIOT” Kellan Thomas and “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy may not be over in the eyes of both athletes, with athleticism and sportsmanship keeping this ‘rivalry’ going to see who the very best is.

“The Ace” Mike Montero and Lumberjake found themselves in a brutal battle throughout the first half of 2018, with Lumberjake barely retaining his NCW Title against “The New Showoff of NCW”. Frank the Crank’s war with The Underground Anarchy was a simple one of revenge after The Anarchy and Tim Lennox brutally injured Casey Courageous and shaving him bald, all while holding his locks of hair hostage from being donated to charity.


NCW 2018 Stable of the Year


The Upperclass – 28%

Mike Montero & Detox – 27%
The Party – 23%
The Turtles in Time – 15%


Todd Harris was patient.

Waiting for his opportunity to cash in his guaranteed Ox Baker Memorial Cup title opportunity, Harris waited for his chance using Ruy Batello and his hatred for Lumberjake to get his chance and become Heavyweight Champion of NCW. Harris and Channing Thomas then took the opportunity to dump Batello, calling him old and out of touch and not prepared for the next generation of talent to take over. The duo then recruited an even bigger piece of their puzzle by bringing “Picture Perfect” Sierra into their Triple Threat, showing how dominant this trio could be. While Harris lost the NCW title at WrestleFest, The Upperclass is poised to continue their dominance into the 2019 Season.

“The Ace” Mike Montero was quick to recruit his former tag team partner Jason Devine and upstart Ricky Mederios into the fold as he went after the NCW New England Championship, watching his back and assuring “The New Showoff” would win gold (and retain it) against all comers.

The Party (Osirus, “Foxy” Calvin Campbell, and Doc Ozone) won 23% of the vote, while the splintered Turtles in Time rounded off the top votes with 15%.


NCW 2018’s Most Popular


“Insane” Dick Lane – 20%

“The Masshole” Mike McCarthy – 18%
“RIOT” Kellan Thomas – 14%
Frank the Crank – 9%


For the second year in a row “Insane” Dick Lane led the pack, winning the NCW Most Popular award with 20% of the vote. With so many amazing contenders up for the Award, many voters were split leaving “The Masshole” with 18% and “RIOT” Kellan Thomas nipping at his heels with 14% of the vote. Rounding out the list is venerable fan favorite Frank the Crank, returning home to Bristol and receiving 9% of the vote.


NCW 2018’s Most Hated


“The Ace” Mike Montero – 16%

Todd Harris – 14%
Sierra – 12%
Channing Thomas – 9%


After challenging the Lumberjake and then ending the reign of Tomahawk “The Ace” Mike Montero ended the year your 2018 Most Hated with 16% of the vote. Impressively all three members of The Upperclass rounded out the remaining top three rankings for your most hated competitors in NCW.


NCW 2018 Holy $#!T Moment of the Year


Chris Venom Returns to NCW against “Retro” AG! – 30%

Todd Harris cashes in the Ox Baker Memorial Cup to win the NCW Title! – 23%
Tim Lennox gets his hair shaved! – 11%
Steve “The Turtle” Weiner returns at WrestleFest! – 10%


Chris Venom was only supposed to come to NCW FALLOUT to accept his award as the first honoree for NCW HONORS, but “Retro” Anthony Greene had other plans, goading Venom into his first pro wrestling match since 2011 and reigniting  a spark in him that has seen “The Revolution” return to New England wrestling with a new fire inside him.

Winning 23% of the vote was Todd Harris using his Ox Baker Memorial Cup to cash in on a tired and exhausted Lumberjake, winning the NCW Heavyweight Championship. 11% voted for “Slamdance” Tim Lennox finally getting his hair shaved at WrestleFest, while 10% believed that Steve Weiner’s shocking return at WrestleFest was their Holy $#!t Moment of 2018.

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