NCW 2019 Season Award Winners

The results are in! A huge thanks to all of our fans who took the time to vote in this years Northeast Championship Wrestling Season Awards with over 250 votes counted in each category!

And the winners are–

NCW 2019 Wrestler of the Year

“Insane” Dick Lane- 18%

“”The Masshole” Mike McCarthy- 14%
“RIOT” Kellan Thomas- 13%
“The Ace” Mike Montero- 11% (Tie)

Brett Ryan Gosselin- 11% (Tie)


Without question 2019 will go down as the Year of Dick! After a tumultuous 2018 feuding with THE UNCONTROLLED 2019 saw “Insane” Dick Lane buckle down with title aspirations, nearly winning defeating “The Ace” Mike Montero for the New England Championship at NCW MANIA in April. Lane then found himself in a bitter rivalry with “The American Hammer” Dan Terry and his war on the ‘cartoon characters’ of NCW with Lane finally silencing Terry at WrestleFest to win the Ox Baker Season Cup. In the end Lane used that Ox Baker Cup to cash in on a straight jacketed Montero at WrestleFest taking a page from those that wronged him to win his first singles title in NCW. With an incredible year in the books for “The Meta-Human Super-Villain” Lane was able to walk away with 18% of the vote to become the 2019 Wrestler of the Year.

“The Masshole” Mike McCarthy and “RIOT” Kellan Thomas continued their professional rivalry as two of the best wrestlers competing in NCW today, winning 14% (McCarthy) and 13% (Thomas) of the cote. Rounding out the top votes was a tie between the former NCW Heavyweight Champion BRG and former NCW New England Champion Mike Montero with both men earning 11% of the vote.


NCW 2019 Women’s Wrestler of the Year

“The Suplex Sweetheart” Isana- 50%

“Picture Perfect” Sierra- 17%
“The Platinum Queen” Angel Sinclair– 14%
Kennedi Copeland- 12%


The only true blowout in this years awards saw “The Suplex Sweetheart” Isana move on from her award winning breakout year of 2018 to become the 2019 Women’s Wrestler of the Year winning 50% of the vote. Some say Sierra stole the 2018 Women’s Wrestler Award leading to Sierra literally smashing it over Isana’s head at NCW 2019 bringing their rivalry to a new level throughout the 2019 Season.

“Picture Perfect” was able to garner 17% of the vote this year with “The Platinum Queen” Angel Sinclair right behind her with 14% for a strong 2nd half of 2019 with two big victories at Ring of Thrones and WrestleFest. Rounding out the top votes with 12% was Kennedi Copeland who arrived on scene this year to help Isana in her war against Sierra and her Mean Girls.

NCW 2019 Tag Team of the Year

Detox- 31%

The Little Giants- 30%
The Middlesex Express- 21%

Mutually Assured Destruction- 11%


For the second year in a row The Little Giants (Robbie “The Giant” Araujo and Bullet Joe) find themselves just votes away from becoming the Tag Team of the Year, only to see some conniving tag team swoop in to take their place. The 2019 Tag Team of the Year might be the most conniving however as Jason Devine and Ricky Medeiros have stolen the award with 31% of the vote, defeating The Little Giants by only 6 votes.

The former NCW Tag Team Champions and 2018 Tag Team of the Year The Middlesex Express earned 21% of the vote despite not teaming much in the second half of the year while the volatile tandem of Perry Von Vicious and “Iron” Rip Byson won 11% of the vote.

NCW 2019 Match of the Year

Bristol Street Fight for the NCW Title. (c) BRG vs. Robbie “The Giant” Araujo- 21%

Hardcore Match. Isana vs. Sierra- 16%
Lumberjack Match. The Lumberjake vs. “The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash- 15% (Tie)
NCW New England Championship. (c) Mike Montero vs. “RIOT” Kellan Thomas- 15% (Tie)
“The Masshole” Mike McCarthy vs. Channing Thomas- 14%


Moments after Robbie “The Giant” Araujo went to war with Brett Ryan Gosselin for the NCW Heavyweight Championship at NCW Saturday Night many in the back agreed it would be hard pressed to pick another match as 2019 Match of the Year. Both men absolutely destroyed each other in their Bristol Street Fight, earning every bit of their 21% vote.

The Hardcore Grudge Match between Isana and Sierra was also quite the spectacle between the women coming in at 16%. It was a dead lock tie between Lumberjake vs. Shay Cash (Lumberjack Match) and Mike Montero vs. “RIOT” Kellan Thomas (NCW New England Title Match) with both matches getting 15% of the vote while “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy and Channing ThomasREUNION battle earned 14% of the fan’s vote.


NCW 2019 Feud of the Year

The Lumberjake vs. Kevin Castro- 21%

Alexander Lee vs. “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy- 20%
“RIOT” Kellan Thomas vs. Mike Montero- 16%

“The American Hammer” Dan Terry vs. Dick Lane- 14%


While The Lumberjake could be considered the ‘King of the Gimmicks’ in 2019 competing in various specialty matches throughout the Season it was his ongoing war with Kevin Castro and Castro’s bounty that earned him the 2019 Feud of the Year. With the noose tightening for Castro and Shay Cash as Lumberjake got closer and closer to getting his match with the manager extraordinaire Castro enlisted help from Frank Champion, Davey Cash, and “Sensational” Scott Levesque to help against Lumberjake in the final events of the Season with Castro going 2-0 against Jake in 2019. Following the events of WrestleFest the miraculously healed Kevin Castro is going to need to watch his back as this feud with Jake is far from over.

Alexander Lee and Mike McCarthy’s blood feud brought them 20% of the vote with this rivalry far from over heading into 2020 while “RIOT” Kellan Thomas’ quest to dethrone Mike Montero’s New England Title reign garnered him 16% of the vote.  Dick Lane and “The American Hammer” Dan Terry rounded out the top votes winning 14% for the 2019 Season.

NCW 2019 Manager of the Year

Doc Ozone- 43%

Kevin Castro- 21%
Steve “The Turtle” Weiner- 17%

Delilah  Hayden- 15%


The Doctor is in the house! Winning his fourth Manager of the Year Award (and one Best Non Wrestling Personality) Doc Ozone is your 2019 Manager of the Year winning a massive 43% of the vote. Quickly disputing this victory is of course Kevin Castro, who came in 2nd at 21% of the vote. Rounding out the top managers of the year are both members of The Turtles in Time with Steve “The Turtle” Weiner earning 17% and Delilah Hayden earning 15% of the vote.

NCW 2019 Best Non Wrestling Personality

Redd Roche- 19%

Derek Simonetti- 18%
Shane Daly- 17%
Rob Greer- 14%


In your 2019 Best Non Wrestling Personality Award NCW’s senior official Redd Roche has returned to the top of the mountain, winning the 2019 award by a narrow margin of only three votes from color commentator Derek Simonetti who won 18% of the vote. Perennial bridesmaid Shane Daly came in 3rd with 17% while darkhorse Rob Greer rounded out the top votes with 14%.

NCW 2019 Cameo of the Year

Little Mean Kathleen- 31%

DL Hurst- 21%
The Perfect Gamble- 17%

Charlie Cashew- 16%


While this past year did not feature any breakout stars it did feature a variety of new faces who came into NCW for a one shot featured match and the question becomes who would you like to see more of heading into the 2020 year. Winning 31% of the match was Little Mean Kathleen, the protege of “Picture Perfect” Sierra who stepped in for Sierra at WrestleFest in the 6 Women’s Tag Team Match.

DL Hurst made his NCW debut at NCW FALLOUT this past September picking up a big victory over Alexander Lee and winning 21% of the vote while The Perfect Gamble made an impact when they challenged for the NCW Tag Team Championship in June. Newcomer Charlie Cashew made his first NCW appearances over the summer with the fans going nuts for him, giving him 16% of the vote. Hopefully we’ll see more of all these great competitors in the new Season.

NCW’s 2019 Most Popular

“Insane” Dick Lane- 22%

“The Masshole” Mike McCarthy- 17%
“RIOT” Kellan Thomas- 15%

The Lumberjake- 10% (Tie)
“The Suplex Sweetheart” Isana- 10% (Tie)


The year of Dick continued in the 2019 Awards as “Insane” Dick Lane won the 2019 Most Popular Award for the 2nd year in a row with 22% of the vote. “RIOT” Kellan Thomas chased “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy again by just a few votes for 2nd and 3rd while Lumberjake and “The Suplex Sweetheart” Isana tied each other with 10% of the vote each.

NCW’s 2019 Most Hated

Brett Ryan Gosselin- 26%

“The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash & Kevin Castro- 17%
The Dirt City Murder Crew- 10% (Tie)

Alexander Lee- 10% (Tie)
“The American Hammer” Dan Terry- 9%


Your 2019 Most Hated performer in NCW is without a doubt the three time former NCW Heavyweight Champion Brett Ryan Gosselin winning 26% of the vote all by himself. The combo of Kevin Castro & Shay Cash came in right behind BRG with 17% while The Dirt City Murder Crew and Alexander Lee tied with 10% of the vote. Rounding out the most vile and hated of 2019 is “The American Hammer” Dan Terry with 9% of the vote.

NCW 2019 Holy $#!T Moment of the Year

“Insane” Dick Lane cashes in the Ox Baker Memorial Cup at WrestleFest against a straightjacketed Mike Montero!- 34%

BRG wins the Big City Rumble AS Curry Boy!- 21%
Mike McCarthy busts Alexander Lee open with a steel chair at Ring of Thrones!- 19%
Osirus turns on Vern Vicallo, “Foxy” Calvin Campbell, & Doc Ozone at WrestleFest!- 14%


With 31% of the vote your 2019 Holy $#!T Moment of the Year saw “Insane” Dick Lane cash in the Ox Baker Memorial Cup at WrestleFest XV to defeat a straight jacketed Mike Montero for the NCW New England Championship. BRG shockingly winning the Big City Rumble dressed as Curry Boy won 21% of the vote, while Mike McCarthy bloodying up Alexander Lee at Ring of Thrones won 19%.

Rounding out the list saw the Holy $#!T Moment of Osirus violently turning his back on his Ring of Thrones co-winner “Deliciously Vicious” Vern Vicallo, “Foxy” Calvin Campbell, and Doc Ozone at WrestleFest.


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