NCW 2017 Season Awards

2017 was an incredible year for Northeast Championship Wrestling, with  NCW at war with itself  against The Uprising all season. Now through Wednesday January 31st, 2018 you can cast your vote for your favorites from the NCW’s 2017 Season right here on!

NCW 2017 Wrestler of the Year

2017 was one helluva year for Northeast Championship Wrestling, with the promotion at war with itself and many new competitors taking center stage and ascending to the top of the NCW mountain.

For nine months “Sensational” Scott Levesque held the NCW Heavyweight Championship, defeating Lumberjake for the title at NCW’s March Madness (with help from Christian Casanova) before losing the title back to Jake at WrestleFest XIII.

The Underground Anarchy controlled the NCW New England Championship throughout the year, before “Slamdance” Tim Lennox lost the New England Title to “The Dan Ram” Danny Ramirez at REUNION. Depsite losing the title back to Lennox in September, Ramirez fought against any and all challengers. At WrestleFest Tomahawk won his first title in NCW, finally defeating Lennox to become New England Champion.

“The Ace” Mike Montero became the new showoff of NCW after defeating “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva at WrestleFest, with Paiva having a great year in-ring against Montero and “Sensational” Scott Levesque.

The three time former NCW New England Champion Osirus won the Ring of Thrones tournament this year and nearly won the NCW Championship, only to find himself entangled with a lengthy battle of respect with “Foxy” Calvin Campbell. “Royalty” Ruy Batello continued to build his kingdom in 2017, while “Old School Cool” Cory Michael worked his way up the ladder with some great showings against Alexander Lee and Mike Graca. Perry Von Vicious returned to NCW in the summer, and immediately made himself a player following matches against Tomahawk and The Abominable CPA.

NCW 2017 Tag Team of the Year

Three different teams held the NCW Tag Team Championship in 2017, with each team bringing something different to table with their reigns as champions. The Heavy Hitters (Frank Champion & Shay Cash) began the year as Tag Team Champions, finally getting the chance to defend the titles they worked so hard to win. At NCW’s REUNION it was The Maine State Posse (Aggro & DangerKid) that killed their reign short, leveraging help from Alexander Lee to win the belts and help The Uprising control all the championships in NCW.

In the end the harmony between The Uprising came crashing down when The Kool People (DJ AC & Sammy Deleon) attacked The MSP, challenging them not only for the titles but also for the bragging rights of being the top team in Rich Bass and Beau Douglas’ unholy union. At WrestleFest The Kool People defeated both The Posse and The Heavy Hitters to win the NCW Tag Team Titles, finally taking the top spot in the tag team ranks.

CrossFit spent the entire year searching for a replacement for Derek Andrews, but in the end “DTF” Dan Terry and “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo realized all they needed was each other before nearly ending their longtime friendship and partnership. The 2nd longest reigning NCW Tag Team Champions have promised to refocus in 2018 and prove that CrossFit has more to prove.

The Mack Attack came back to NCW with a vengeance this Season, while The Underground Anarchy (Ike & Tim Davidson) continued to showcase their never say die attitude. The Turtles in Time (Steve “The Turtle” Weiner & “Insane” Dick Lane) seemed poised to win the NCW Tag Team Titles in 2017, only to see Weiner destroy their team and friendship when he ruined Dick and Delilah’s wedding.

The Lumberparty (Mike Paiva & The Lumberjake) won the NCW Tag Team Championship from The Maine State Posse at Fenway Park, and won the Ring of Trios tournament with “RIOT” Kellan Thomas, making us wish we had gotten to see more of this powerhouse duo in tag team action in 2017. Todd Harris & JP O’Reilly also their partnership disintegrate this Season, but still put up a fight working for “Royalty” Ruy Batello in his Royal Court. Before Tomahawk’s ascension to the NCW New England Title he and his partner Zachary Pierre Beaulieu dominated as The Aristocrats, with their rise cut short by The Underground Anarchy.

NCW 2017 Match of the Year

The final event of the NCW Season always delivers, and WrestleFest XIII was no exception this year with four matches being nominated for Match of the Year. Over the last two years Lumberjake and “Sensational” Scott Levesque have battled back and forth, with WrestleFest being the culmination of their storied rivalry. “The Showoff” Mike Paiva battled “The New Showoff of NCW”, with Mike Montero finally defeating Paiva in one of the most unique matches in NCW history. The Triple Threat Match for the NCW Tag Team Championship saw three of the best teams competing today pull out all the stops, while “The Champ” Osirus went one on one with the young upstart “Foxy” Calvin Campbell, pushing Campbell to being the best version of himself.

Last years Match of the Year winner the ten on ten Ultimate Elimination Match returned this year, with The NCW Defenders colliding with The Uprising. The Anarchy Rules Match between “The Dan Ram” Danny Ramirez and “Slamdance” Tim Lennox, which saw Lennox regain the New England Title after Sean Feeney threw a fireball in “Dan Ram’s” face. “The Native American” Tomahawk and Perry Von Vicious found themselves in a very personal battle at NCW FALLOUT, showcasing the best of both talents.

NCW Ring of Thrones saw a fantastic Quarterfinal Match between Osirus and Triplelicious, showing just how far these two have come since their first match in NCW against each other in 2005.

NCW’s 20 year REUNION saw two big battles as The Lumberjake went up against Christian Casanova, while the NCW Champion “Sensational” Scott Levesque took on “RIOT” Kellan Thomas, nearly killing him after piledriving him onto the exposed ring.

NCW 2016 Wrestler of the Year “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo went up against the 2015 Wrestler of the Year “RIOT” Kellan Thomas at NCW’s March Madness, playing off their fantastic match at WrestleFest XII.

NCW 2017 Breakout Star of the Year

Who’s NCW Breakout Star of 2017?

Perhaps Timmy Thunder? He had a clash of personality this year, begging fans to call him Channing Thomas while pledging CrossFit while getting his ass kicked at every turn. The Abominable CPA? He broke out in a big way this Season, coming into NCW strong after tax season and never looking back.

The Mack Attack (Monster Mack and Trainee #1) only had one match in NCW back in 2015, but made every match count this Season nearly winning the NCW Tag Team Championship. Newcomers Casey Courageous and Kalvin Strange made small strides in establishing themselves this Season, and will hopefully get more opportunities in 2018 to shine.

NCW 2017 Stable of the Year

While not quite the Gang Warz some would hope, the wrestlers of NCW continued to unite in 2017 to help survive in the war between The Uprising and The NCW Defenders.

What was your favorite stable this Season?

NCW 2017 Manager of the Year

Along with Beau Douglas’ help in The Uprising “High Class” Rich Bass dominated NCW this year with his High Class Cartel, leading Scott Levesque to the NCW Championship while ending the year with The Kool People as NCW Tag Team Champions.

Managing his nephew Osirus, Doc Ozone found himself in the cross hairs of “Foxy” Calvin Campbell this past year seemingly coming to terms with the young upstart at WrestleFest and perhaps forging a new path in 2018.

Dally continued to embrace the beliefs of The Underground Anarchy in 2017, though it cost him his vision after “The Dan Ram” Danny Ramirez blinded him with cleaning fluid during Anarchy Rules for the New England Championship.

Thanks to the inspiration of Delilah Hayden, the Turtles in Time nearly won the NCW Tag Team Championship at the Big City Rumble this year, but will need to focus on Steve Weiner’s betrayal heading into 2018.

NCW 2017 Best Non Wrestling Personality

Who was your favorite Non Wrestling Personality in 2017?

NCW’s 2017 Most Popular

Who did you love?

NCW’s 2017 Most Hated

Who did you hate?

NCW Holy $#!T Moment of the Year

2017 had some crazy moments for Northeast Championship Wrestling, with Steve Weiner’s assault on Dick Lane and Delilah Hayden’s wedding being one of the most shocking moments in NCW history.

Equally crazy was “Sensational” Scott Levesque and Rich Bass destroying the ring at NCW’s REUNION, ripping up the canvas and mats and piledriving Kellan Thomas on the exposed ring.

NCW announcer Derek Simonetti had been bullied and pushed by Tim Lennox for months until Simonetti pushed back, leading to an Anarchy Rules Match at NCW Aftermath between the two with Simonetti pulling off a huge upset for the then-NCW New England Champion.

“Black Magic” Sean Feeney made a shocking return to Norwood at NCW FALLOUT, helping Tim Lennox regain the New England Title from Danny Ramirez after throwing a fireball directly into “The Dan Ram’s” face.

Christian Casanova was a hero to the fans of Norwood over the last few years, but after taking the High Class bounty from Rich Bass Casanova turned his back on the fans and helped cost Lumberjake the NCW Championship at NCW’s March Madness

Sometimes a feat of strength is a sight to be seen, and at WrestleFest XIII “The Punjabi Lion” Robo proved why he was one of the strongest competitors wrestling in New England today when he lifted the monstrous “Royalty” Ruy Batello onto his shoulders and delivered a devastating ‘Attitude Adjustment’ to the King of NCW.


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