NCW’s 18 year REUNION Results


This past Friday night Northeast Championship Wrestling celebrated our 18 year REUNION event at the Elks Lodge in Norwood, Massachusetts. It was an amazing night of wrestling action to celebrate 18 years of NCW, and we thank our great Norwood fans for their continued support.

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A Thief in the Night: Results from NCW’s March Madness!

Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to our home at the Norwood Elks Lodge this past Friday night for NCW’s March Madness, an event that saw the Ox Baker Memorial Cup Winner Triplelicious steal the NCW Heavyweight Title from “RIOT” Kellan Thomas during their Championship Match.

trip stolen beltRing Announcer: Shane Daly
Referees: Redd Roche & Rob Greer
Commentators: “Toxic” Tom Warren & Tim Kilgore
Ringside Photography: “Picture” Dave Rodrigues

Click Here for pictures from NCW’s March Madness courtesy of Dave Rodrigues.

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The FALLOUT of FALLOUT: Results from NCW Fan Appreciation Night

Northeast Championship Wrestling celebrated its two year anniversary of hosting events at the Norwood Elks Lodge this past Friday night, presenting NCW FALLOUT and Fan Appreciation Night. During the event we learned that “Simply God’s Best” GA West’s car broke down on his way to the building coming from Connecticut, resulting in “Dastardly” Doug Summers being named the #1 contender for the New England Championship for the night.

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PRESS RELEASE: NCW’s 2014 Big City Rumble

BIGCITYRUMBLENORWOOD On Friday night August 8th Northeast Championship Wrestling’s 2014 Season continues when we return to the Elks Lodge in Norwood, Massachusetts for our Big City Rumble spectacular!

The Big City Rumble, our homage to the WWE’s classic Royal Rumble event, has been an integral staple of NCW for the last fourteen years with the 2014 over-the-top battle royal guaranteeing it’s winner an NCW Heavyweight Championship this November at our season finale WrestleFest X. Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley has gone one step further with this year’s Rumble, offering an open invitation to any wrestler in New England to compete making the 2014 Big City Rumble the biggest Rumble in NCW history.

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WHAT A SCOOP: Big City Rumble Breakdown


 With NCW Red, White, & Bruised behind us our esteemed Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley made a proclamation for the upcoming 2014 Big City Rumble, offering up an open invitation to the wrestlers of New England, guaranteeing that the 2014 Rumble will go down as the BIGGEST Rumble in NCW history. With such a wide number of potential competitors in this years Rumble, Livsley has ensured that anyone could leave the Norwood Elks Lodge on August 8th the #1 contender heading into WrestleFest X.

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New NCW Magazine!

The new edition of @NCW TV will be up shortly as we wait for NPATV to catch up on their airings of the recent episodes. While we wait here’s a preview of the new NCW Magazine, available next Friday night in Norwood at Red, White, & Bruised featuring a look at the upcoming 2014 Big City Rumble!

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