Red, White, Bruised, & Results!


Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to the Elks Lodge in Norwood, MA this past Friday night for our patriotic powerhouse Red, White, & Bruised! A big thanks to all the fans who came out and celebrated with us for our big return to Norwood.

redwhiteblueVenue: Norwood Elks Lodge
Ring Announcer: Brian Moore
Referees: Redd Roche, David Montenaro, & Mike Dubie
Commentators: “Toxic” Tom Warren & Tim Kilgore

Before the event began, footage from @NCWTV was shown of “All Good” Anthony Greene getting attacked by Ruy Batello while filming a television segment for TV. Tom Warren and Tim Kilgore then announced that AG would not be there tonight, but would be defending his Tag Team Championship August 8th at the Big City Rumble.

– NCW Tag Team Champion “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva d. “The One Man Moshpit” Tim Lennox w/ Sean Feeney after a miscommunication with Feeney and Lennox allowed Paiva to hit a codebreaker for the three. The Underground Anarchy was without their partner Dominic Delano, who left them high and dry for this match-up.

The Lumberjake d. Michelle Mullet in a vicious match, with Jake calling out his former tag team partner Ruy Batello following the match.

“The Maine Event” Scotty Vegas appeared on the video screen, announcing to the Norwood Elks Lodge and his scheduled opponents Buddy Romano and Tomahawk that he would not be competing in the Triple Threat Match, and would instead let both men fight it out with the winner getting a shot at him at the Big City Rumble.

– “The Native American” Tomahawk and Buddy Romano wrestled to a double disqualification when both men laid their hands on the referee. As officials poured out to break the melee up, Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley came out and tried to calm both competitors, promising that if Scotty Vegas didn’t compete August 8th at the Rumble he would be fired from NCW.

“Dastardly” Doug Summers, Deputy Commissioner Pacifico, and Ashley Vox made their way to the ring, with Summers finally cooling down after the miscommunication at NCW REUNION which left Summers a bloody mess. Everyone is back to being on the same page, with Doug finally looking to check a name off of his revenge hit list. Commissioner Livsley then interrupted the two, reminding Pacifico that while he is Deputy Commissioner, he’s still on probation until further notice.

The Hard Rock Shellraisers (“The Hard Rock Hellraiser” Todd Sople & Steve “The Turtle” Weiner) d. Deputy Commissioner Pacifico & “Dastardly” Doug Summers w/ Ashley Vox after Pacifico restarted the match. With the referee’s back turned, Summers hit a low blow on “The Turtle” followed up with Ashley Vox getting involved and nailing Weiner with her own version of the ‘beautiful disaster’. With Dean watching from the wings, a frustrated Pacifico restarted the match allowing the Shellraisers to hit a ‘double whammy bar’ for the proper victory.

Following the match Vox and Summers nearly came to blows with the Deputy Commissioner, who found himself in the surprising position of being cheered by the Norwood fans.

As intermission came to a close Lumberjake was forced to leave the Elks Lodge by NCW officials and Dean “The Beast” Livsley, as Ruy Batello refused to enter the building as long as Lumberjake was still there.

“Bam” Brandon Behm d. Eddie Loomis in a huge upset after Sean Feeney surprisingly showed up at ringside to provide a distraction, allowing Behm to hit a spear for the win.

Commissioner Livsley called out Ruy Batello, who finally arrived in the building to answer the fans on what took place at NCW’s 17 year REUNION. In the end Batello said what he did was for his legacy. As he prepares to get married and start a family he wants to go down in history as the most decorated champion in NCW history. While Lumberjake wanted to make friends with the man he hates most in this world Mike Paiva, Batello just wanted to win championships. Mike Paiva then arrived on scene, and while the fans wanted to chant for Paiva, Ruy knows that when it’s all said and done the fans will forgive him in the end. Paiva got back in Batello’s face, leading him to attack “The Original Showoff”. Before he could hit his ‘Portuguese Drop’ on Paiva, Lumberjake returned to the building illegally, running Ruy out of the ring.

– NCW New England Champion Rob “The Giant” Araujo and the returning “Simply God’s Best” GA West w/ Doc Ozone went to a time limit draw in a 10 Minute Challenge as West nearly had Araujo beat when the time limit expired. Giant offered a rematch to West, but a frustrated West walked out.

– NCW Heavyweight Champion “RIOT” Kellan Thomas w/ Kepler d. “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy in a tremendous Main Event to retain the NCW Championship. Both men pulled out all the stops, but in the end Thomas successfully defended his gold.

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