The FALLOUT of FALLOUT: Results from NCW Fan Appreciation Night

Northeast Championship Wrestling celebrated its two year anniversary of hosting events at the Norwood Elks Lodge this past Friday night, presenting NCW FALLOUT and Fan Appreciation Night. During the event we learned that “Simply God’s Best” GA West’s car broke down on his way to the building coming from Connecticut, resulting in “Dastardly” Doug Summers being named the #1 contender for the New England Championship for the night.

commentatorsRing Announcer: Shane Daly
“Toxic” Tom Warren, “RIOT” Kellan Thomas, & Sean Feeney
Referees: Redd Roche, Dan Tanaka, & Mike Dubie

– In the night’s opener “Pretty Boy” Derek Andrews d. “The Hard Rock Hellraiser” Todd Sople in a huge upset.

“The Native American” Tomahawk d. “The Fitness Man” Dan Terry.

Buddy Romano interrupted Shane Daly’s announcements, looking to address the fans on Fan Appreciation Night. A disgruntled and frustrated Romano then verbally attacked the NCW fans, calling them out on their lack of respect and knowledge of Buddy’s NCW career. Doing “whatever was best for the company”, Romano then looked to “RIOT” Kellan Thomas who was at ringside doing commentary, demanding a Heavyweight Championship opportunity. Both men were then interrupted by “Ruthless” Ruy Batello, who reminded everyone that he turned on Lumberjake for his legacy, and collecting titles is what he set out to do.

Lumberjake then burst through the curtain as “The Showoff” Mike Paiva, “All Good” Anthony Greene, and a slew of NCW officials attempted to hold back the co-winner of the 2014 Big City Rumble. Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley then pleaded with Jake, reminding him that the Championship Committee has promised to take away his WrestleFest X title shot if he laid a hand on Batello before their scheduled match September 26th. As Livsley tried to keep the peace AG requested a match with Batello, looking to get payback for what happened in July at the Emerald Square Mall. Livsley then told Buddy that he would have to earn a title shot, and granted a non-title match between Romano and Thomas for later in the night. As everyone began clearing the ring, a sneaky Buddy blindsided “RIOT” with his own NCW championship laying him out.

Photo Credit: Chet Stanciu

– NCW Tag Team Champions the Underground Anarchy (“Slamdance” Tim Lennox & “Bam” Brandon Behm) w/ Sean Feeney d. The Loomis Brothers to retain the NCW Tag Team Championship. Following the match a furious Davey Loomis ran the Anarchy out of the ring as they attempted to attack Eddie Loomis.

– “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva and the Lumberjake d. “The Flamboyant One” Kenny Roberts & Christian Casanova in tag team action, as Paiva was in need of a tag team partner for the evening. Following the match an irate Kenny Roberts tried to attack Casanova, only him to fight back and take out Roberts. Casanova then got down and danced himself right out of the ring along with Lumberjake and Paiva much to the fans delight.

– “Ruthless” Ruy Batello d. “All Good” Anthony Greene, as the underdog gave it his all against his ruthless aggressor. Following the match Batello continued his assault on Greene leading a sickening ‘vi-fu-did’ right to AG’s skull. Jake once again tried to get his hands on Batello despite the stipulations, and while everyone was tied up with Lumberjake Paiva opted to get his hands on Batello until he backed off.

“Dastardly” Doug Summers came out to the ring along with Ashley Vox, tickled over the events of the last month. After taking out Deputy Commissioner Pacifico permanently at the Big City Rumble, the misfortune of GA West being unable to make it to FALLOUT brings only opportunity for Doug Summers. With Pacifico gone, Doug Summers promised to walk out of Norwood with the New England Championship in hand.

The NCW New England Champion Rob “The Giant” Araujo came out next, and offered GA another match September 26th, barring him losing the title that night in Norwood. Araujo then threw everything out when he challenged West to an Iron Man Match at FACE/OFF.

– NCW New England Champion Rob “The Giant” Araujo and “Dastardly” Doug Summers wrestled to a No Contest when Pacifico emerged from the crowd, absolutely destroying his former employer with a vicious array of slaps, slams, and chops. As Summers attempted to escape, Dean “The Beast” blocked his exit and allowed Pacifico to toss Doug back in. Livsley then brought out another referee and informed Doug he would be pulling double duty tonight.

– Deputy Commissioner Pacifico d. “Dastardly” Doug Summers via count out when Summers an Vox left through the front door of the Elks after taking a hellacious beating. Livsley then came into the ring, thanking Pacifico for finally doing the right thing and assured him that as long as he wanted the job he would be Deputy Commissioner of NCW. After some encouragement from the fans, the duo hugged it out.

– NCW Heavyweight Champion “RIOT” Kellan Thomas w/ Kepler d. Buddy Romano in a non-title match. Despite suffering a shoulder injury during the match Romano went on, slipping up and getting pinned by the NCW Champion. Romano immediately attacked “RIOT” following the bell, leading to Ruy Batello returning to put some beat down on the champ as well. Lumberjake, Mike Paiva, and Rob Araujo all then came out sending both Romano and Batello out of the ring. As Paiva and Araujo singled in on  Batello, Ruy threw commentator Sean Feeney into the fray, sacrificing the manager of the Underground Anarchy as ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ hit the PA.

Photo Credit: Chet Stanciu

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