collisionflyersThis past Friday night Northeast Championship Wrestling kicked off our 2015 Season with an amazing show at the Norwood Elks Lodge, setting the pace for what’s sure to be an intense year of NCW action.

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Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Commentators: “Toxic” Tom Warren & “Black Magic” Sean Feeney
Referees: Redd Roche, Mike Dubie, & David Montenaro

– In the night’s opener, Crossfit (“The Fittest Man” Dan Terry & “The Prettiest Man” Derek Andrews) defeated The Heavy Hitters (Frank Champion & Shay Cash). This match was brought to another level when Crossfit first attacked Shay Cash, injuring him and forcing him to the back to get looked at by Officials. Following this Terry & Andrews whipped Frank Champion into the ropes only to have the top rope snap off the buckle sending Champion crashing to the floor. After making it back in the ring by the skin of his teeth, Shay returned against the wishes of the Officials to help his tag team partner only to have Derek Andrews pin Cash with a handful of tights out of view of the referee to give Crossfit the victory.

While Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley and NCW Officials scrambled to fix the broken ring rope “Beautiful” Buddy Romano took it upon himself to come to ringside, ripping on the fans and demanding another opportunity at Rob “The Giant” Araujo’s New England Championship. Romano blamed his loss at WrestleFest X to a ruptured ear drum which threw off his equilibrium and made him less than 100% for action. Unfortunately for Romano, his COLLISION COURSE opponent was newcomer Matt Louden.

– Matt Louden defeated “Beautiful” Buddy Romano after Buddy accidentally turned on Louden’s megaphone, blaring the siren into his ruptured ear drum and allowing the Louden to roll Romano up for the pin.

– NCW New England Champion Rob “The Giant” Araujo d. Ian Griffin to retain the NCW New England Title in a very hard fought match with Araujo barely squeaking a victory out over Griffin.

“Ruthless” Ruy Batello d. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner via forfeit, when Weiner was unable to make it to the ring by the ten count. NCW Officials informed Shane Daly and David Montenaro that Weiner was attacked in the back as Batello proudly stood on. After getting his “victory”, Batello stated he wasn’t done,  blindsiding young NCW camera man Juan Acevedo and destroying him with an array of vicious maneuvers. Finally the Lumberjake and Mike Paiva arrived on scene to help Acevedo, only to have Batello flee the ring from attack. With their backs turned, the Underground Anarchy assaulted the BFF’s, with a scheming Batello shaking hands with Sean Feeney on commentary.

Photo Courtesy of the Wrestling Professor
Photo Courtesy of the Wrestling Professor

Dean “The Beast” Livsley was out next to present the NCW 2014 Season Awards to the winners, giving everyone a chance in the back to check on Steve Weiner and Juan the Camera Guy. Livsley announced that the Underground Anarchy would take on the BFF’s later on in tag team action. The final presentation went to “Dastardly” Doug Summers and Ashley Vox, who were collecting Manager of the Year, 2014 Most Hated, Holy $#!T Moment of the Year, and Match of the Year. A cocky Summers took his awards from Livsley and also took the awards for Richard Pacifico, stating that he earned these trophies after retiring Pacifico at WrestleFest. Summers was then interrupted by co-holder of the NCW Tag Team Championship David Loomis, who challenged Doug to a match since his brother Eddie wasn’t in Norwood for the night due to prior commitments. A reluctant Summers agreed.

– David Loomis d. “Dastardly” Doug Summers w/ Ashley Vox in a hard hitting battle between two former NCW Champions in controversial fashion as referee Mike Dubie was accidentally laid out by an errant boot of Davey Loomis, allowing Summers to hit ‘Beautiful Distaster’ on Loomis. Summers then planned on using Pacifico’s Match of the Year Award on Davey, only to see Pacifico shockingly show up at ringside to snatch the award away from Doug, startling Summers right into a bicycle kick from Loomis. With the referee incapacitated, and the former Deputy Commissioner of NCW having his trusty referee shirt handy, Pacifico was able to count the three for the NCW Tag Team Champion.

– The NCW 2014 Rookie of the Year Christian Casanova defeated Triplelicious in a huge upset, avenging his loss to Trip in the Ox Baker Memorial Cup back at WrestleFest.

– “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva and the Lumberjake d. The Underground Anarchy (“Slamdance” Tim Lennox & “Bam” Brandon Behm) when Paiva pinned Behm after a rocket launcher off the top rope. Jake and Paiva then attempted to get their hands on Feeney, who bailed from ringside commentary.

– NCW Heavyweight Champion “RIOT” Kellan Thomas d. “Simply God’s Best” GA West w/ Doc Ozone to retain the Heavyweight title in a fantastic back and forth battle with Thomas pinning West after a brutal ‘Kryptonite Krunch’ off the top rope!

Following the match as Kellan began to close the show out with the customary celebration of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, Triplelicious appeared out of nowhere jumping “RIOT” and laying him out in the middle of the ring. Trip then issued a challenge for March 20th in Norwood, utilizing his guaranteed title shot after winning the Ox Baker Memorial Cup at WrestleFest X.

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