NCW returned to Dedham, Massachusetts this past Friday night for MANIA, kicking off WrestleMania weekend for those who couldn’t make it to New York/New Jersey. A big thanks to those who came out and supported us as we head toward NCW’s 2019 REUNION!

Ring Announcer: Shane Daly & Loren Petisce
Commentators: Derek Simonetti & Ryan Melanaphy
Referees: Redd Roche, Rob Greer, Rob Teutel, & Craig Cailler
Ringside Photography: Dave Rodrigues & Phil Kelly

For photos from NCW MANIA visit Picture Dave’s album here.

Dan Terry defeated Curry Boy w/ Delilah Hayden with a vicious Polish Hammer as Curry Boy came off the second rope for one of his patented ariel maneuvers.

After the match a frustrated Terry tried to remove Curry Boy’s mask, with Terry believing a supposed ‘wrestler’ like Curry Boy is beneath him.

A furious “Foxy” Calvin Campbell and Doc Ozone came out to ringside, pissed over the attack on Osirus at the Bristol Bash, and him not being cleared for tag team action at MANIA. The former Todd Harris Brett Ryan Gosselin and “The Natural” Channing Thomas came out next to interrupt, bragging about their assault on the NCW Champion and their promise to do the same to Campbell. “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy then came in to even the odds, offering his services to team with Campbell tonight in Dedham.

“The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash w/ Kevin Castro d. Steven Lust and the debuting Darley Desamot in a Triple Threat Match when Desamot hit Lust with a big flapjack, but Kevin Castro distracted the referee from making the pinfall, and allowing Cash to sneak in and steal the win.

Before the NCW Tag Team Title Match Dallas McCarthy literally stole a child’s birthday cake, promising this would be a celebration cake for when Ike and Tim Davidson won the NCW Tag Team Titles.

– NCW Tag Team Champions The Little Giants (Robbie “The Giant” Araujo & Bullet Grinvalsky) d. The Mass Transit Incident (Ike the Bite & Tim Davidson) w/ Dallas McCarthy to retain the titles. Post match Dallas attempted to leave with the birthday cake for young fan Hunter, but The Giants smashed the cake in Ike’s face.

The Lumberjake and “Insane” Dick Lane then came out with a special NCW wrestling ring birthday cake to celebrate with Hunter and his friends singing him Happy Birthday!

“Revolution” Chris Venom d. The Lumberjake via Disqualification in the Loser Eats Dog Food Match when Jake hit Venom in the head with the can of dog food after already technically winning the match before Kevin Castro put Venom’s foot on the rope, forcing referee Rob Greer to restart the match.

Venom then gloated while Jake took his loss like a man, actually eating the dog food in the middle of the ring. Jake shockingly said it didn’t taste so bad which only upset Venom further, but when Jake tried to give “Revolution” a mouth full himself he ducked out of the way giving Castro a giant taste of Alpo. Venom used this opportunity to attack Jake with his leather belt, whipping Lumberjake with vicious and brutal shots while Shay Cash returned to ringside to help hold Jake down.

– NCW New England Champion (and PG Heavyweight Champion) “The Ace” Mike Montero defeated “Insane” Dick Lane to retain his titles after hitting double knees off the top rope onto a prone Dick Lane to retain the title. Earlier in the match The Turtles in Time and Detox both brawled their way out of ringside, giving the match the opportunity to go one on one.

Post match while Montero continued to celebrate the Ox Baker Memorial Cup holder “RIOT” Kellan Thomas came out to ringside, informing “The Showoff of NCW” that he would be cashing in his guaranteed title opportunity May 3rd at REUNION to challenge Montero for the New England Title.

– “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy & “Foxy” Calvin Campbell w/ Doc Ozone defeated Brett Ryan Gosselin & “The Natural” Channing Thomas when McCarthy pinned Thomas following his flying DDT.

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