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Totally Eliminated: NCW Total Elimination Results

NCW returned to the Dedham VFW Post on Friday October 12th for TOTAL ELIMINATION, featuring the return of the 10 on 10 Ultimate Elimination Match as well as the 1st ever Wild Card Total Elimination Battle.

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Showdown in Dedham: NCW FACE/OFF Results!

This past Friday Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to our home at the Jacob Jones VFW Post for NCW FACE/OFF headlined by NCW Heavyweight Champion Todd Harris defending the NCW Title against “Foxy” Calvin Campbell w/ Doc Ozone. A huge thanks to all our fans who came out and supported us for another great night of NCW action.

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After “Retro” Anthony Greene pushed “Revolution” Chris Venom out of retirement back into the ring at NCW FALLOUT the two time former NCW Heavyweight Champion and future New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer has decided to return to the squared circle for his ‘Back to Reality’ tour, bringing his brand of powerful suplex throwing grappling to promotions all throughout New England this fall.

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NCW FACE/OFF Comes to Dedham September 28th!

DEDHAM—On Friday night September 28th Northeast Championship Wrestling returns to our home in Dedham, Massachusetts love from the Jacob Jones VFW Post (84 Eastern Avenue) for NCW FACE/OFF! Doors open at 7pm with a 7:30pm bell time. All tickets are $10 at the door, however discounted tickets are available online at theNCW.com/tickets!

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NCW’s FALLOUT in Bristol Results

Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to the Bristol VFW Post in Bristol, RI for the FALLOUT from the NCW Big City Rumble. A huge thanks to all our fans who came out and made this a standing room only event!

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NCW Honors “Revolution” Chris Venom September 1st!

On Saturday night September 1st when Northeast Championship Wrestling returns to Bristol, RI for NCW FALLOUT we will present NCW HONORS, recognizing some of the trailblazers who have been a part of NCW over the years. Our first every Honoree will be the two time former NCW Heavyweight Champion “Revolution” Chris Venom!

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WHAT IF?? NCW Moments That Never Were

whatifGrowing up as a kid reading comic books, one of the best comics out there was Marvel’s WHAT IF? series, chronicling your favorite Marvel characters (Captain America, Spiderman, the X-Men) placed in various tales of adventure through time travel, happenstance, or just choosing the wrong door to exit. With 16 plus years of history there have been a lot of “what if” scenarios here in Northeast Championship Wrestling. Here are some of our favorites…

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NCW 2012 Season Award Results

And the winners are…


GA West – 33%

“The Juice” JT Dunn – 32%
“RIOT” Kellan Thomas – 17%
Scotty “By GOD” Vegas – 7%

In the biggest upset of Northeast Championship Wrestling’s 2012 Season Awards, “Simply the Best” GA West narrowly defeated the two time Heavyweight Champion JT Dunn to become the 2012 Wrestler of the Year, edging the champ out by only one percent of the vote. A flood of last minute votes propelled West to 1st place, shaking up the polls and defeating “The Juice”.

While Dunn can say he had the more memorable 2012 winning two Heavyweight titles in the process, “Simply the Best” wrestled a wide variety of competition this past Season, continuing to hone his craft as one of New England’s best wrestlers.

In 3rd place at 17% is the former NCW Tag Team Champion “RIOT” Kellan Thomas, coming off his first year as a singles competitor in NCW after his DUI tag team partner William Thorne moved to Florida in April. Kellan’s 2012 rival Scotty “By GOD” Vegas clawed his way into 4th place despite quitting the company at WrestleFest VII, defying the odds as NCW ushered in a new era of main event competitors.


The BLT – 33%

Destruction Under Impact – 28%
The Super Rad – 8%
The World’s Most Hated Tag Team – 8%

This past year gave way to many of NCW’s best and brightest tag teams breaking up or drifting apart, but 2012 will forever go down as the year of the Big Lovable Team thanks to the uniting of “The Portuguese Sensation” Ruy Batello and LumberjakeThe BLT! Coming together at NCW NO FEAR, Batello & Lumberjake immediately captured the hearts of NCW fans AND the vacant Tag Team Championship in short order.

Their only competition in the voting  came from a team no longer together, but still one of NCW’s most ensduring tandems in the 2010 and 2011 Tag Team of the Year, Destruction Under Impact. “RIOT” and William Thorne dominated the tag team ranks in the first half of 2012, until falling to the Unequaled Destroyers at NCW’s 15 year REUNION.

Though “Dynamite” Doug Summers turned his back on longtime friend Steve “The Turtle” Weiner at WrestleFest, the Super Rad still managed to win 8% of the vote more likely due to Steve Weiner’s popularity rather than Doug Summers’ treachery.

Christopher James & Michael Tootsie Esquire won 8% of the vote. Let that sink in for a moment…


I Quit Match – 24%

GA West vs. David Loomis – 23%
Mike Paiva vs. The Lumberjake – 16%
Scotty Vegas vs. “RIOT” Kellan Thomas – 13%

If one match signifies what NCW was all about in 2012, it was Buddy Romano defending his NCW Heavyweight Championship against “The Juice” JT Dunn in an I Quit Match at WrestleFest VIII. These two bitter rivals spent nearly the entire year at one another’s throat, each encounter building to this final showdown in Norwood, MA.  In the end it wasn’t just Romano putting his NCW title on the line against the former champion, it was Romano putting everything on the line to prove himself as being NCW’s best. Zero Tolerance. JC Marxxx. His place in NCW history. Everything was put on the table when Dunn & Romano collided at WrestleFest, and they did not disappoint. After forcing Romano to tap out to the ‘Lion Tamer’, “The Juice” thanked the fans for supporting him through it all, and signified a brand new world going forward for Northeast Championship Wrestling.


Anthony Greene – 63%

“The Twisted Hatter” Alex Creed – 14%
Scotty Slade – 13%
Hunter Ward – 6%

At the beginning of each Season, it’s tough to determine who will break out as the next big thing. 2009 was the first year NCW recognized a Rookie of the Year, and since then each rookie has made a significant impact on the NCW landscape. The 2012 Rookie of the Year first arrived in NCW back at the beginning of the 2011 Season. But wait, how does that work? Well that’s because your 2012 Rookie of the Year is NCW referee Anthony Greene, winning in a landslide with 63% of the vote. It wasn’t until July in Foxboro that “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger challenged AG to a wrestling match, furious over his officiating capabilities. Thanks to a timely assist from “The Juice” JT Dunn, Greene upset Krueger and the rest is history. Since the summer AG has trained harder and harder to become a full time wrestler in New England, looking for an opportunity to prove himself as an in-ring competitor. In 2013 he’ll have his chance.

NCW’s 2012 Most Popular

Anthony Greene – 29%

“The Juice” JT Dunn – 21%
“RIOT” Kellan Thomas – 16%
The Lumberjake – 13%

The overwhelming support for underdog Anthony Greene is evident in the 2012 Season Awards, with AG taking the 2012 Most Popular award as well, just surpassing the NCW Heavyweight Champion in the voting.

NCW’s 2012 Most Hated

Christopher James – 28%

“Simply the Best” GA West – 25%
Scotty “By GOD” Vegas – 11%
Zero Tolerance – 9%

Uncle Joe’s favorite wrestler has finally won something! Unfortunately for Christopher James, his victory comes in the form of NCW’s Most Hated Wrestler, a dubious distinction for many of NCW’s most vile rulebreakers.

NCW’s 2012 Holy $#!T Moment

Referee AG wrestles Jack Krueger – 47%

Loomis bicycle kicks his adopted father – 26%
Doug Summers turns on Steve Weiner – 15%
Kevin Perry is a mole against ZT – 9%

2012 was a year of shocking moments, but this year the fans truly believed that “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger coaxing referee Anthony Greene into the ring at SUMMER MELTDOWN was our 2012 Holy $#!T Moment of the Year.

Taking 26% of the vote was David Loomis finally breaking away from his adopted father JC Marxxx, courtesy of a bicycle kick right to the face, while “Dynamite” Doug Summers violent turn on his longtime friend Steve Weiner rocked 15% of the vote.

NCW’s 2012 Best Inanimate Object

“RIOT” Kepler Thomas – 42%

Alex Creed – 15%
Gordon the 2×4 – 14%
“The Portuguese Flotation” Buoy Ratello – 11%

It’s tough to call any of these nominees inanimate, especially when they get the crowd reactions that they do, but 2012 saw Kepler, the wild haired puppet who loves soccer emerge as NCW’s favorite inanimate object of 2012. The trusty mascot of “RIOT” Kellan Thomas, Kepler even competed in the 2012 Big City Rumble before getting eliminated by Scotty “By GOD” Vegas.

NCW’s 2012 Blast from the Past

“Revolution” Chris Venom – 46%

Evan “Hawkeye” Hunter – 14%
“The Celtic” Conner Murphy – 14%
“Jiving” Jimmy Capone – 14%

2012 was a year of special comebacks and surprises, no more so than NCW Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley bringing back “Revolution” Chris Venom to host NCW’s 15 year REUNION, and oversee the epic night of action.

In a three way tie for 2nd place, the returns of former New England Champion Evan “Hawkeye” Hunter, “Celtic” Conner Murphy, & “Jiving” Jimmy Capone prove that you can in fact come home again.

NCW’s 2012 Best Non Wrestling Personality

Doc Ozone – 28%

Santa Claus – 23%
Dan Tanaka – 13%
“Mr. Clean” Mark Quinn – 9%

This year’s Best Non Wrestling Personality Award came down to one grudge match, Santa Claus vs. Doc Ozone. No other nominee came close to touching this back and forth race between these two fantastical myths come to life. In the end it was Doc O taking the win,standing by his 2012 Wrestler of the Year GA West, while Santa returned to the North Pole empty handed.

Until next year of course…

NCW’s Favorite Northeats Championship Wrestling Character

Souffle [Too Shay] – 24%

JT Well Dunn – 14%
“Simply the Best” GA Chicken Breast – 10%
Bready & Gravy Loomis – 10%

From West Philadelphia he was born and raised, but he’s also your favorite Northeats Championship Wrestling character– He’s Souffle!!

Rivalries: “The Juice” JT Dunn versus Buddy Romano

On April 27th, 2012 at NCW’s 15 year REUNION, JT Dunn pinned Buddy Romano in the finals of the Heavyweight Championship Tournament, cementing himself as a true main event player and becoming the twelfth man to win the NCW Championship since its inception in 1999. Nothing can be taken away from Romano however, a former Tag Team Champion who won the 2011 Big City Rumble last Season to win his first Heavyweight Title, albeit in controversial fashion. The burgeoning rivalry brewing between these two young guns mirror some of NCW’s biggest rivalries of the last 15 years, and recognizing what’s come before may help us look at what’s ahead for these two rising stars.

The Original Rivalry

While NCW was founded in 1997, its formative years found the promotion in flux, floating around without direction or purpose. When “Revolution” Chris Venom struck out on his own alongside his main squeeze Gina Marie, “The Revolution” promised to lead Northeast Championship Wrestling into a new era, an era led by him. By that time Venom was already a former NCW Tag Team Champion with his PYCW running mate Dave Champion, but Venom’s sights were set on the Heavyweight Title, held by Big Poppa Drunk Sean O’Callahan. At Silence the Violence II (March 5th, 2000) Venom called out Big Poppa Drunk, and nearly walked out the NCW Heavyweight Champion in his first attempt. Due to interference by the Damned (Mad Dog Matt Storm & Draven), manager Sean Gorman, and Zero Tolerance (JC Marxxx, Ruy Batello, & Triplelicious) the match was thrown out by Commissioner Scotty Angel resulting in a giant locker room melee. During the ruckus Chris and Gina Marie bolted from ringside, stealing the Heavyweight Title belt. Shortly after Silence the Violence O’Callahan decided to walk out of NCW, forfeiting the Championship he no longer possessed. Venom took full credit for the walkout, but Commissioner Angel decided to punish “Revolution” by taking him out of the upcoming Title Scramble at NCW Meltdown (April 7th, 2000) and making him the guest referee instead. It was on this night in Seekonk, MA that the landscape drastically changed for the promotion and would help define the next year for the company when Triplelicious broke away from JC Marxxx and Zero Tolerance, winning his third NCW Title after eliminating his ZT partner Ruy Batello. Following the match Venom presented the NCW Championship right to the skull of Trip, firing the first shot and putting the new Champion on notice.

What followed was a yearlong back and forth with these two up and comers, wrestling up and down the east coast with Venom finally defeating Trip for the Heavyweight Championship on November 26th, 2000 in Plainfield, CT thanks to assistance from his newly minted Divine Legacy (“Primetime” Randy J & “The Main Event” Matt Burns). The dysfunctional relationship escalated further, bleeding into other promotions (ICCW, EWA) until their brutal No Disqualifications Match at NCW WrestleFest II (May 27th, 2001) where a battered and bloody Venom went down to a vicious ‘H-Cube’ onto the Heavyweight Championship, giving Triplelicious his fourth title win. While their rivalry eventually led to a partnership between the two, there’s no denying that their feud made both men better wrestlers, and helped define what NCW would become because of it.

The Next Generation

Another feud that shows similarities for the potential a Buddy Romano/JT Dunn rivalry brings us to 2007 when “Dynamite” Doug Summers defeated three men in one night to win the vacant Heavyweight Championship, after “The Portuguese Sensation” Ruy Batello retired as Champion during the summer of 2006. It was at Silence the Violence VI (January 19th, 2007) where Summers defeated “The Monster” Cenobite and Triplelicious en route to facing his friend Davey Loomis in the finals for the vacated title. Both Loomis and Summers had debuted when NCW returned in 2005, and in the two years since both men had grown to be two of the cornerstones of the ‘new’ NCW, especially in the wake of Batello’s retirement. After a tremendous back and forth match, Doug was able to defeat Davey following a brutal ‘beautiful disaster’ knee crusher to win his first Heavyweight Championship. The two friends embraced following the match, and Davey would continue to watch Doug’s back until Loomis was put on the disabled list by Dean “The Beast” Livsley, keeping him out of action for nearly ten months.

When Loomis returned to action at the 2008 Big City Rumble (March 22nd, 2008), he returned to a world he no longer knew. During his time away Dean had made amends for the crimes he had committed and had become one of NCW’s most popular competitors, even teaming with Doug Summers himself. While Loomis tried to put the past behind him, emotions began to flare leading to a heated war between Livsley and himself. This didn’t stop Davey from winning the 2008 Big City Rumble however, earning another title opportunity against Doug at NCW’s 11 year REUNION (April 12th, 2008). Before Loomis would get his title match however, he would have to face “The Beast” one on one while Summers would have to defend his Championship against Tim Kilgore, forcing both challenger and champion to wrestle twice in one night. Summers was able to retain against Kilgore, but Loomis took things too far against Livsley, nearly destroying his knee in the process. Out for blood, a more intense Loomis singled in on an exhausted Summers, dissecting him and brutalizing him like never before. When Dean returned to ringside to distract Davey, Doug took the advantage and got the win in a huge upset. Unlike their first encounter a year earlier, there was no embrace following the match. Loomis assaulted Summers, nearly crippling him with a ‘kryptonite crunch’ and forcing the entire locker room to pour out to break up the brawl.

The next month at Silence the Violence VII (May 23rd, 2008) Loomis arrived in Dedham, MA with a new attitude and a new manager, as he aligned himself with JC Marxxx following the events of REUNION. Realizing that his alleged friends turned their backs on him, Loomis decided he would follow a man who never lied to him even when he was trying to end his career. The new attitude for Loomis pushed his persona over the edge, leading to psychological warfare with the NCW Champion. Thanks to JC’s managerial assistance, David was able to utilize his Luck of the Draw title opportunity against Doug the same night he won it (August 22nd, 2008) after Summers had already wrestled his title match against Evan “Hawkeye” Hunter. A tired and weary Summers was barely able to put up a fight, as Loomis dispatched “Dynamite”, ending his record breaking eighteen month title reign.

The New Era

Let’s not mistake the fact that JT Dunn and Buddy Romano are nothing like their counterparts. The Venom/Trip and Loomis/Summers feuds are unique to themselves, and hold no actual bearing on the career paths of the current champion and challenger. There is something to be said for the parallels however, and what may spawn over the next few months with the Heavyweight Title situation. Both men have slowly risen through the ranks since debuting in 2009, and while Buddy’s transformation from happy-go-lucky Slamtech graduate into the sick individual he’s become has been shocking and jarring, no one can deny the talent he possesses especially after his banner year in 2011 thanks to his Best of 7 Series with Doug Summers, his alliance with the reformed Zero Tolerance, and his victory for the NCW Heavyweight Championship.

For Dunn it’s always been about proving himself, clawing his way into NCW after first appearing at the 2009 Big City Rumble and eventually earning a contract along with tag team partner Vincenzo Abruzzi after months of battling the veterans of NCW (David Loomis, Chris Venom & William King, etc…) for respect. Respect came at a slow pace, though ultimately he gained high regard from his peers after a brilliant series of matches with “Simply the Best” GA West and David Loomis during the 2011 Season. Dunn’s stock only grew, gaining notoriety in promotions all over New England while making huge waves in PWF-Northeast as their Lightning Cup Champion.

This year has been all about proving his critics wrong, and though Romano would never want to admit it he’s always done the same since joining NCW and wrestling in general. At NCW’s 15 year REUNION both men let it all hang out, and had an amazing match in the process. And while Dunn picked up the victory in Dedham, neither man is truly a loser in this first chapter. It’s what happens next that will define the legacy of both men.