This Friday night FALLOUT comes to the Norwood Lodge of Elks for another blockbuster night of NCW action. While this Press Release goes over the basics, in this preview we’ll take a look at some of the announced matches for the fall classic and see the stories that are beginning to form for WrestleFest XI.

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What a Scoop! September 25th a Record is Born!

RIOTchampOn Friday night September 25th Northeast Championship Wrestling enters the homestretch of its 2015 Season when NCW FALLOUT comes to the Norwood Lodge of Elks in Norwood, Massachusetts, and this reporter can’t wait to see what’s going to happen as the road to WrestleFest XI begins in earnest September 25th.

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PRESS RELEASE: FALLOUT From the Big City Rumble Comes to Norwood September 25th

FALLOUT FLYER 1NORWOOD– On Friday night September 25th Northeast Championship Wrestling continues the 2015 Season when we return to the Elks Lodge in Norwood, Massachusetts (152 Winslow Avenue) for the FALLOUT from the NCW 2015 Big City Rumble. Doors open at 7:30 with an 8pm start time, tickets will be available at the door $10 for adults and $5 for kids twelve and under.

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PRESS RELEASE: NCW Fan Appreciation Night September 5th!

FALLOUTFLYERNORWOOD, MASSACHUSETTS– On Friday night September 5th Northeast Championship Wrestling’s 2014 Season continues when we return to the Elks Lodge in Norwood (152 Winslow Avenue) for NCW FALLOUT, our NCW Fan Appreciation Night!

As a thank you to our amazing fans while celebrating our two year anniversary of hosting NCW events at the Norwood Lodge of Elks all tickets for FALLOUT will be $5 general admission for kids and adults. Tickets will be available at the door, as doors opening at 7:30 with an 8pm bell time.

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NCW Returns to RI September 28th & 29th!

This weekend Northeast Championship Wrestling presents a huge weekend of wrestling action, kicking off on Saturday night September 28th in Riverside, RI and continues into Sunday afternoon September 29th in Woonsocket, RI as we head towards the finale of the 2013 Season.

For more information on these huge shows head over to our Upcoming Events section and check out a little bit of what you missed over the last couple of shows.

View this video on Vimeo as well!

PRESS RELEASE: NCW FALLOUT Benefits Woonsocket Students September 29th

falloutimageWOONSOCKET– Northeast Championship Wrestling’s 2013 season continues with a huge benefit event at Woonsocket High School [777 Cass Avenue] on Sunday afternoon September 29th for NCW FALLOUT! Competing in a seasonal format from February through November, for sixteen years NCW has presented a unique night of entertainment for fans bringing forth our larger than life characters, dynamic storylines, and incredible athleticism all while providing a unique experience for fans of all ages.

With proceeds benefiting Woonsocket Middle School students, NCW makes its first appearance in Woonsocket with a bang when the reigning NCW Heavyweight Champion “The Maine Event” Scotty Vegas steps into the ring September 29th taking on his WrestleFest IX opponent “RIOT” Kellan Thomas. Back on September 6th Thomas eliminated Mike McCarthy to win the 2013 Big City Rumble, becoming the #1 contender for the Heavyweight Championship and guaranteeing him a title match December 14th at WrestleFest. Before that however, the cocky and impetuous Vegas has challenged “RIOT” to a match September 29th as NCW’s first triple crown winner looks to continue to build momentum toward the finale of the NCW Season.

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NCW FALLOUT Results from Riverside

Venue: Riverside American Legion
Ring Announcer: Gary Low
Referees: Dan Tanaka, Redd Roche, & Mark Quinn

For exclusive pictures from NCW FALLOUT check out the gallery here from Picture Dave!

– NCW Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley kicked off NCW FALLOUT, celebrating the birthday of the 2012 Big City Rumble winner Steve “The Turtle” Weiner, as Weiner prepared to challenge Buddy Romano for the NCW Heavyweight Championship. Livsley was then interrupted by JC Marxxx and David Marxxx-Loomis. JC wanted to ensure that his adopted son would continue to back up Zero Tolerance, especially after the tumultuous past few months between Loomis and Romano. David agreed to back ZT, on the condition that he gets to become Heavyweight Champion again, not Buddy. Marxxx relented, but only if David defeated his little brother Eddie Loomis tonight in Riverside.

– David Marxxx-Loomis w/ JC Marxxx d. Eddie Loomis, though at several points during the match, David hesitated against his younger brother before finally putting him away.

The BLT (Big Lovable Team) of “The Portuguese Sensation” Ruy Batello & Lumberjake d. Christopher James & Michael Tootsie Esquire in tag team action, defeating them with the ‘cold cut combo’, an in-stereo ‘ruination’/’log ride’ combo.

“The Heater” Kevin Perry w/ Mike Paiva d. Rob the Giant to become the #1 contender for the NCW New England Championship. Before their scheduled Triple Threat Match for the NE Championship, “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva decided that he would not participate the in 2 on 1 beatdown on the Giant, feeling it was an unfair fight. Livsley then came out to ringside and told Paiva that if he wasn’t wrestling tonight then the match would then become a #1 contenders match.

“The Juice” JT Dunn & Anthony “AG” Greene defeated “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger & “The Twisted Hatter” Alex Creed when Dunn knocked Creed out cold, and forced him to submit while AG prevented Krueger from making the save.

“Dynamite” Doug Summers d. Too Shay with the ‘beautiful disaster’ in brutal fashion, after a dejected Summers talked about how his best friend was wrestling for the Heavyweight Championship, and he was definitely not bitter by having to wrestle right after intermission. Despite his insistence, Doug took his frustrations out on Shay and despite Shay’s best efforts “Dynamite” was victorious.

“The RIOT” Kellan Thomas d. Scotty “By GOD” Vegas in a hard fought match which saw both men brawl all over the Riverside Legion Hall. Following the match an enraged Vegas promised that this wasn’t over with.

– One half of the NCW Tag Team Champions “The Unequaled One” Todd Sople & his interim partner Pacifico d. Triplelicious & “The Barrington Bulldozer” John Munroe after Dean “The Beast” Livsley forced Sople to defend his championship even with partner Gunar Rowe was unable to appear. Sople picked up the victory after blind-tagging into the ring, and blindsiding an unknowing Triplelicious.

– NCW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Romano w/ JC Marxxx d. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner w/ “Dynamite” Doug Summers to retain the Heavyweight Championship, hitting his own version of ‘kingdom hearts’ on Weiner. Romano almost lost the Championship twice after official Dan Tanaka was knocked out from an errant splash by “Turtle”. Summers then went to assist his partner (we think), hitting Romano with a foreign object. After Weiner hit ‘kingdom hearts’ on Buddy, Livsley called out “The Juice” JT Dunn as the referee, going back to when Livsley deputized Dunn back in July at Summer Meltdown. Dunn nearly counted the three only for Romano to barely get his shoulder up. “Turtle” then hit a second ‘kingdom hearts’, which seemed to keep Romano down save for a foot barely making the ropes as Dunn counted three. While JT missed the foot, on the outside Tanaka didn’t. As Steve began celebrating with the championship Tanaka returned to the ring to restart the match. Buddy then threw Weiner right into Dunn, allowing him to hit Weiner’s own move on him for the tainted win.

Following the show, JT and the entire NCW locker room sang Steve Happy Birthday, with Steve following it up himself with a rousing rendition of Journey’s “Lights”.