This Friday night FALLOUT comes to the Norwood Lodge of Elks for another blockbuster night of NCW action. While this Press Release goes over the basics, in this preview we’ll take a look at some of the announced matches for the fall classic and see the stories that are beginning to form for WrestleFest XI.


September 25th, 2015 will make “RIOT” Kellan Thomas595th day as the NCW Heavyweight Champion, the second longest reigning Heavyweight Champion in NCW history. Six days after FALLOUT Thomas will become the longest reigning, eclipsing “Ruthless” Ruy Batello’s massive 600 day streak. But while Thomas celebrates, the 2015 Big City Rumble winner Lumberjake has only one goal in mind– winning his first NCW Heavyweight Title and beginning a streak of his own.

After Ruy Batello turned on Jake at the 17 year REUNION last year Lumberjake seemed prime to break out as a singles competitor, co-winning the 2014 Rumble with GA West (scratch, Osirus)  and heading to the Main Event of WrestleFest X. Unfortunately Jake hit the brick wall known as “Ruthless” Ruy Batello during that Heavyweight Title encounter, and as Batello said that night “It’s not over till I say it’s over.” The 2015 Season has seen Jake and his BFF “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva continue to wage war with Batello and The Underground Anarchy (combined together to form the ultimate Destructicon Ruthless Anarchy), as “RIOT” dealt with the conniving onslaught of Triplelicious and his bodyguard Frank, who did their best to steal possession of Kellan’s Heavyweight Title belt.

Their past behind them both Champion and Challenger look toward the future at FALLOUT the only way they know how, wrestling.


Christian Casanova won the New England Championship in a fantastic match at NCW Aftermath, defeating Triplelicious with a picture perfect frogsplash off the top rope. Casanova’s title reign was immediately derailed by the shenanigans of Triplelicious & Frank, eliminating Casanova from their scheduled tag match in July at Red, White, & Bruised. Because of this incident Christian’s momentum as Champion has stalled, and unfortunately for him he’s going to have the toughest match of his young career on September 25th when he defends the New England Title against two of the Northeast’s very best in “Sensational” Scott Levesque and Osirus.

Even if we sidestep the intense rivalry building between Osirus and Levesque over the last two months, “The Sensational One” has become one of the most decorated Champions in New England, holding the WCW Heavyweight Championship, the SPW Heavyweight Championship, and the NECW Television Championship. Thanks to his partnership with “High Class” Rich Bass and The High Class Cartel Levesque has quickly risen through the singles ranks here in NCW since returning in March, impressing even the most stringent critic.

With his Uncle the mad Doctor Ozone by his side Osirus has shown a renewed fire in NCW that we haven’t seen in years, and after picking up a much needed victory over “Dastardly” Doug Summers at the 2015 Big City Rumble Osirus seems poised to regain the New England Championship he forfeited back in 2013, a title he never lost inside the ring.

With this Championship Match being fought under Elimination Rules, whoever walks out of this match the Champion will have earned their stripes since they will have to beat both opponents to win.


When it comes to The Loomis Brothers, honor in competition has always been one of the driving forces for the duo, instilled in them by their father whether they were wrestling in amateur competition or professional, playing Hockey, or racing cars. Even when Davey Loomis was at his angriest (adopted father, big afro) while feuding with Eddie, he pushed his younger brother to be the best he could be and become a better wrestler in the process. Since joining forces at the end of 2012 Season David & Eddie Loomis have become THE tag team to beat in NCW, winning two Tag Team Titles and dominating all challengers.

Sure they like to kick people in the face, but who doesn’t?

Crossfit, specifically “The Fittest Man” Dan Terry, doesn’t. After being on the receiving end of multiple bicycle kicks over the last few months, Terry took it upon himself to use this as an advantage, crying foul and claiming the need to wear a mask to protect his face after their Tag Team Championship Match at Red, White, & Bruised. With the mask in play, “The Fittest (and Smartest) Man” placed an illegal object inside his mask allowing his headbutt off the top rope to knock Davey Loomis down long enough to steal the three count and the Tag Team Titles.

And while The Loomis Brothers are granted their rematch this Friday night in Norwood, they now have to contend with the TRIO of Crossfit trainers as Terry and “The Prettiest Man” Derek Andrews officially welcome their newest member “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo into the fold. Holding the NCW Tag Team Titles under Crossfit rules, the honorable Loomis Brothers are going to need to dig deep to overcome this 3-2 deficit.


Over the last two months “The Native American” Tomahawk has found himself embroiled in a bitter war with “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo, ending his NCW undefeated streak and overcoming his finishing maneuver ‘The ScreenShot’. While Vicallo (and Crossfit) have promised to take care of Tomahawk, “The Native American” will have to focus all his energy at FALLOUT against “The Mastodon” Brick Mastone, one of the most impressive rookies to come to NCW in some time. And while some may not remember, it should also be noted that Mastone has competed alongside Crossfit in the past, creating another level of concern for the Mohawk grappler.


Over the last year The Heavy Hitters (Frank Champion & Shay Cash) have emerged as one of the most popular tag teams in NCW, earning their stripes and the respect of the Norwood fans after COLLISION COURSE earlier this year when Crossfit injured Shay Cash and then sent Frank Champion crashing out of the ring after breaking the top rope off the ring. Somehow Champion & Cash finished the match, and cemented themselves as a premiere team in NCW.

While The Influence (Mike Montero & Jason Devine) doesn’t have as much NCW experience under their belt as The Hitters having only debuted at the 18 year REUNION, the innovative high-flying duo have plied their trade all over the New England wrestling scene the last couple years, crossing paths with The Heavy Hitters on many occasions on their road to tag team glory.

September 25th at NCW FALLOUT these two teams will battle once more as they look to become #1 Contenders for the NCW Tag Team Championship. And while all four men respect one another for what they can do, they have no problem beating the hell out of each other either if means a shot at the gold.


The former NCW Tag Team Champion returns home this Friday night as “All Good” Anthony Greene returns to NCW action for the first time since May when he competes at FALLOUT. Greene has become one of New England’s hottest prospects, competing all over the country in singles and tag team action with tag team partner Cam Zagami. While his career grows bigger and bigger AG wanted to have a little fun, and knew exactly where to go to have it.


While nothing has been officially announced yet, we know a lot of other talent will be on hand for FALLOUT this Friday night looking to make an impact heading into WrestleFest XI. The combined forces of “Ruthless” Ruy Batello and The Underground Anarchy still have their eye on “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva, and the 2014 Ox Baker Memorial Cup Winner Triplelicious has also promised to be on hand, still reeling from his loss to Kellan Thomas at the Big City Rumble.

As always, card is subject to change.

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