NCW 2013 Big City Results!


This past Friday night Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to the Elks Lodge in Norwood, MA for the 2013 Big City Rumble, with the winner earning the right to wrestle for the NCW Heavyweight Championship December 14th at WrestleFest IX.

Venue: Norwood Elks Lodge
Ring Announcer: Shane “Sipowicz” Daly
Commentator: “Toxic” Tom Warren
Referees: Redd Roche, Kevin Quinn, & David Montonaro
Ringside Photography: Mike Sjolin

“The Juice” JT Dunn, “RIOT” Kellan Thomas, & Steve “The Turtle” Weiner d. Maniacally Twisted (“The Maniacal” Jack Krueger, “Twisted Hatter” Alex Creed, & the Shadow) w/ “Black Magic” Sean Feeney in six man tag team action.

– NCW Emperor “Dastardly” Doug Summers came to the ring along with Pacifico, Rocco Abruzzi, and the NCW Tag Team Champions Brandon Behm & Tony Caruso. Promising to prove what a great competitor he was, Summers offered to enter himself #1 into the Big City Rumble, while also formally announcing that GA West had forfeited the New England Championship. Dean Livsley and the Loomis Brothers then stormed ringside, as David & Eddie Loomis wanted a rematch for the NCW Tag Team titles. The Commissioner stated that since the BLT were also contenders for the gold, he was going to split the title defense up and teaming David Loomis and Ruy Batello together against the Dastards while Eddie Loomis competes against Pacifico.

– Pacifico d. Eddie Loomis with the ‘Cobra Clutch Slam’ after Doug Summers distracted Loomis long enough for Pacifico to strike. After the match Pacifico locked in his crossface chickenwing, until Livsley, David Loomis, and Buddy Romano chased Summers and Pacifico from ringside.

Rob “The Giant” Araujo d. “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy w/ Doc Ozone, Buddy Romano, and Rocco Abruzzi in a Four Corners Match under sudden death rules to become the new NCW New England Champion when Araujo upset McCarthy for the win.

– NCW Tag Team Champions the Inglorious Dastards (“Terrible” Tony Caruso & “The Beast” Brandon Behm) d. David Loomis & “The Portuguese Sensation” Ruy Batello to retain the NCW Tag Team titles after miscommunication between Loomis and Batello.

“The Maine Event” Scotty Vegas d. the Lumberjake to retain the NCW Heavyweight Championship in a great back and forth match, with Lumberjake nearly winning the title on several occasions.

– “RIOT” Kellan Thomas won the NCW 2013 Big City Rumble, eliminating Mike McCarthy from the match to become #1 contender to the NCW Heavyweight Championship. The order of entrants were as followed;

  1. “Dastardly” Doug Summers
  2. “The Beast” Brandon Behm
  3. “Terrible” Tony Caruso
  4. Rob “The Giant” Araujo
  5. The Shadow
  6. Masky Estrada
  7. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner
  8. Pacifico
  9. Buddy Romano
  10. Michael Tootsie Esquire
  11. Eddie Loomis
  12. “Black Magic” Sean Feeney
  13. Dean Livsley
  14. Rocco Abruzzi
  15. “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger
  16. “Twisted Hatter” Alex Creed
  17. “RIOT” Kellan Thomas
  18. “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy
  19. Frank the Crank
  20. Slash Sullivan
  21. Big Bully Rezner
  22. The Lumberjake
  23. “The Juice” JT Dunn
  24. David Loomis
  25. Christopher James
  26. “The Portuguese Sensation” Ruy Batello

Other Big City Rumble notes–

  • “Dastardly” Doug Summers used his entire unit of sympathizers to control the early parts of the Big City Rumble, with Behm, Caruso, and Pacifico helping Summers in controlling the ring. It wasn’t until Dean Livsley burst on the scene as entrant #13 that he was able to help clear the ring of Team Dynamite thanks to assistance from Eddie Loomis, Steve Weiner, & Buddy Romano.
  • Kepler was once again an unofficial entrant in this years Big City Rumble, and was “eliminated twice” during the match.
  • Lumberjake (still injured from his match with Vegas) attempted to enter the Rumble despite protests from NCW officials.
  • While Team Dynamite controlled the first half of the Rumble, Jack Krueger and Maniacally Twisted did their best to control the second half of the match, even causing Lumberjake’s elimination from the match thanks to their group effort.
  • Buddy Romano was the 2013 iron man, lasting the longest in the Rumble after entering at #9 (he was eliminated by McCarthy).
  • Only 26 men competed in this years Rumble Match (and one puppet). “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva and “All Good” Anthony Greene were scheduled to be in the Rumble, but were kept off due to injuries from their Last Man Standing Match at SummersSlam. “The Hard Rock Hellraiser” Todd Sople and “Simply God’s Best” GA West were the other scheduled participants that were unable to compete.
  • This years final four: “RIOT” Kellan Thomas, Ruy Batello, David Loomis, & “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy.

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