Wright Wrecap: NCW Behind Closed Doors Episode #11

Before I get into my Wrecap, I would like to make an announcement. Many of you loyal readers of my column are probably wondering why the Wrecap goes up, seemingly at random during the week. Long story short: Life happens. Some weeks it happens less, and some more. Lately it has been more. However, this is no excuse for me to continue to publish my Wrecap on a Monday one week, and a Wednesday the next. So here is the announcement:

Beginning with this week’s Episode 12 of Behind Closed Doors on Thursday, you will be able to read my Wrecap the NEXT DAY! That’s right (or Wright), I am placing a schedule on the release of the Wrecap. If you missed an episode of BCD, you can read my column Friday night! Now onto Episode 11!

Zachary Pierre Beaulieu (w/ Dallas McCarthy) def Bullet Joe Barreto

In a battle of NCW veterans, ZPB was able to pick up a strong victory, nearly taking Bullet’s head off with a monster of a Lariat for the 3 count. After the match, Dallas McCarthy struggled to find a microphone, much to the delight of LumberJake, who was filling in for Dallas on color commentary. After FINALLY securing a stick, McCarthy laid out a challenge to Alexander Lee on behalf of ZPB. The challenge has been set for NCW Match Game for a “Throw in the Towel” match! Simply put, the man whose corner man throws in the towel, will lose the match! Will Lee accept? And if so, who will his corner man be?

Outside, we see Shay and Davey Cash talking with (ugh) Kevin Castro via FaceTime. Castro is concerned that when Davey and friends jumped Dick Lane after Shoots and Ladders, that Dick didn’t have any of the money he got back during the Total Elimination match. Davey Cash was QUICK to assure Castro, that Dick didn’t have anything on him. Castro also asked if Shay and Davey if they got the wire transfer he sent, stating that it was signed for by D. Cash. Davey was QUICK to state that he knew nothing about any wire transfer. As Davey walks away, Castro informs Shay that there was a little extra in his bag. Shay pulls out some crisp Benjamin Franklins, which Davey was QUICK once again to “borrow” it from Shay.

Foxy Calvin Campbell (w/Doc Ozone) def Steven Lust

Another match featuring NCW vets, Campbell survived an onslaught from The Right Stuff before a distraction from Doc Ozone had Lust take his eye of the proverbial ball, turning right into The Kiss that Don’t Miss, securing the victory for the the Diamond of Dorchester.


Brett Ryan Gosselin will take on Love, Doug in a Love Connection Lumberjack Match!

The Natural Channing Thomas will compete in the Blind Date challenge, choosing his opponent from 3 possibilities!

The Ace Mike Montero will defend the NCW New England Title in The NEXT Open Challenge

Back outside, Brett Ryan Gosselin explains why he stole the NCW Championship at Shoots and Ladders, and I have to be honest, a lot of what he says…is true! He was the NCW Champion for the better part of a year, holding it 3 times. He defeated a who’s who of NCW talent to either win or retain that championship. He even defeated Anthony Green to regain the title a mere hour after he lost it to AG. Call him what you will. Call him a prick, a thief, a crybaby…the fact is BRG made a name for himself in NCW, and he isn’t ready to let go just yet.

Angel Sinclair (w/ Savannah Lords) def Big Juicy

As quickly as the success of the Women’s Division grows in NCW, so does the stardom of FAFO. This week Angel Sinclair is victorious over another bright young star, Big Juicy, securing the victory with a hellacious spear from the corner. After the 3 count, Savannah Lords comes in and FAFO execute a double chokeslam on Big Juicy, and dedicate it to LumberJake. Jake leaves his broadcast position to return the sunglasses to the ladies, and as the camera fades to black, we are left wondering what the relationship is between FAFO and Jake. I guess we will just have to Find Out.

Check out pictures from Episode #11 of NCW BEHIND CLOSED DOORS here courtesy of Picture Dave Rodrigues!


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