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Wright Wrecap: NCW Behind Closed Doors Episode #11

Before I get into my Wrecap, I would like to make an announcement. Many of you loyal readers of my column are probably wondering why the Wrecap goes up, seemingly at random during the week. Long story short: Life happens. Some weeks it happens less, and some more. Lately it has been more. However, this is no excuse for me to continue to publish my Wrecap on a Monday one week, and a Wednesday the next. So here is the announcement:

Beginning with this week’s Episode 12 of Behind Closed Doors on Thursday, you will be able to read my Wrecap the NEXT DAY! That’s right (or Wright), I am placing a schedule on the release of the Wrecap. If you missed an episode of BCD, you can read my column Friday night! Now onto Episode 11!

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The Sun Chronicle Talks Kids Day and NCW!

Click here to read the article from Monday’s Sun Chronicle!

A big thanks to everyone who made NCW’s first appearance at Kids Day! North Attleboro a smashing success, and a big thank you to Judee Cosentino for entering the world of pro wrestling and reporting on us first hand.


Welcome to thencw.com!

Welcome to our new home for Northeast Championship Wrestling on the web– http://thencw.com!

In light of the recent technical issues with our old home http://thencwonline.com over the last two and a half months, NCW officials have decided that it was time to move things over to a new site and server after much deliberation. With a fresh start in mind, we’ve also decided to take advantage of a new domain name as well.  First and foremost we would like to take a moment and thank Rob Logan for his years of assistance as the unofficial web guru for NCW, and allowing us to piggyback off of his server and hosting site. We will continue to support Rob as he continues with The Geek Generation, a pop culture grab bag that has been growing leaps and bounds over the last year.

We’ll be working on this site over the next couple of weeks as begin to transfer files over to the best of our ability. Any comments or suggestions on what you’d like to see on NCW’s new home would also be greatly appreciated, and finally if anyone is interested in becoming a contributor for theNCW.com please e-mail thencwonline@gmail.com for more details!

The NCW Dot Com from NCW Wrestling on Vimeo.