Wright Wrecap: NCW Behind Closed Doors Episode #12

LumberJake def Nick Diamond

We get right to the action this week in the ring. Nick Diamond, knowing that he is far outsized and out powered in this match by Jake, wrestles a smart match, trying to take out one of the tree trunk-like legs of Jake. Diamond executes a figure-four leglock, but gets caught trying to gain some extra leverage via the ropes. Jake is able to fight off the attack on his leg with raw power, hitting a Chokeslam on Diamond for the win!

Back in the dressing room, we see Jake being pampered by FAFO. Jake now has pink streamers…excuse me, tassles on his arm, he is doused with cotton candy scented perfume, and getting his hair and beard sprayed with hair spray. Seriously, what the hell is going on with these three?

Savannah Lords and Angel Sinclair say that they must have a mirror and send Jake to go fetch one. Jake does find one, but he is so smitten with FAFO, that he doesn’t realize he just STOLE the mirror of the Scrunchie Squad, as they were getting ready!

The Squad confront FAFO and Jake, saying they disrespected the NCW Women’s Champ, Becca by stealing the mirror. The one problem with that…Becca isn’t physically there. She is however being represented by a gold balloon (Nope, not kidding), which Angel quickly pops. Possibly committing a felony? Nah. Moving on. The Squad put their heads together and say they will avenge Becca, challenging FAFO and LumberJake to a match. This is still a balloon we are talking about, right?

The Little Giants def Cold Hard Cash in tag team action

If you pick one match to watch in this episode, this is the one. Solely for the beating Cold Hard Cash put on Bullet Joe Barreto. I mean, can we get a wellness check on Bullet? Kevin Castro is once again joining via video chat on Shay’s smart phone, and just when it looked like Davey and Shay Cash had things well under control, Davey went to the outside, and hung up on Castro! Shay became visibly angry, trying to get Castro back on screen when Robbie The Giant Arujo hit a Whoopie Cushion from the top, assisted with a schoolboy trip from Bullet for a BIG win for the former NCW Tag Champs!

Outside, Robbie The Giant tells Bullet that they won because of him. Baretto argues that he put the most weight on so he was more responsible. Robbie says he is the Jedi master, which makes Bullet…Spock? Kirk? Give him a break Robbie, he got his ass handed to him in that match.

More matches announced for NCW Match Game as FAFO and LumberJake accept the Scrunchie Squad’s challenge for a 6 person tag team match

Another challenge made official as Alexander Lee accepts ZPB’s challenge for a Throw in the Towel Flag Match!

Doc Ozone has been acting very strange lately. He was MIA for Foxy Calvin Campbell’s match against Channing Thomas, and even though he WAS present for Foxy’s win over Steven Lust, he just wasn’t right. He is seen going out the back door of the arena, but he continues to look behind him. Is he being followed? Is it Osirus? Osirus has not been seen, or even heard from since attacking Atlee Green at NCW 2020. Doc seems to be more at ease and is looking for a light. One is tossed to him, and he says “Thanks” then does a double take.

Next we see is Doc down and out with a section of a picket fence on top of him! A camera man alerts Foxy, who runs to Doc’s aid, but then he is attacked by…TIM LENNOX!?!?! Lennox has been gone from NCW for so long, that my on screen tenure with the company fits into the time of his absence! What a return!

The Higher Society def Davienne and Billy Wennkar

Armani Kayos and Paris Van Dale were able to pick up a big victory over the Not America’s Sweetheart, and Billy Wennkar after a devastating double double underhook brain buster on Wennkar putting him out for the count. After the bell Tim Kilgore and Derique come out looking to pick the bones of Wennkar, but Davienne comes to the aid of her partner taking both Kilgore and Derique out as the show goes off the air.


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