Wright Wrecap: Behind Closed Doors Episode #6

Click here to check out photos from NCW BEHIND CLOSED DOORS courtesy of Picture Dave Rodrigues!

Shoots and Ladders is rapidly approaching, and the card is getting larger and larger. This looks to be one of the biggest iPPVs in NCW history headlined by the first Ladder Match in years! Speaking of which…(that’s what we call a segue in the business, folks)

We open Episode 6 of BCD with The Natural Channing Thomas, but he’s not in the ring. He is outside of the venue on a ladder. He explains how he started at the very bottom of NCW when he first started (Timmy Thunder anyone?). He worked his way up, and thought he had a friend in Brett Ryan Gosselin, stating that BRG held him down, but Thomas kept fighting. As he ascends the ladder of success, he says he will ascend to become the NCW Champion at Shoots and Ladders

Waves and Curls successfully defend the NCW Tag Titles against The Little Giants

We start off hot in the ring with the first defense of the Tag Team gold by Traevon and Jaylyn as they take on former NCW Tag Team champions, The Little Giants. However before they do the wrestles…we have ourselves a little dance party! Robbie and Bullet show off their moves, and not to be outdone, the champs try to show the Giants how it’s done. Now, they may be the champs, but Waves and Curls are still relative newcomers to NCW, and Bullet and Robbie the Giant let them know “we are here for the gold!” as they eject Traevon from the ring and Bullet gets a quick roll up on Jaylyn for a 2 count!

Order is restored and we get things started as Traevon uses his size advantage to control Robbie in the early going. Jaylyn tags in and sends Robbie right into the arms of Traevon for a vicious Sidewalk Slam! Jaylyn becomes victim of a double team soon after as Bullet makes a blind tag and we see classic Little Giants doubleteaming.

Little Giants throw everything in their arsenal at the champions, but are only able to garner a 2 count on several occasions. They go to the proverbial well once too often though as the powerful Traevon catches BOTH of the challengers in mid air! Jaylyn comes in and dispatches Robbie before hitting a double team on Bullet Joe for the 3 count to retain their titles!

So in their first three matches in NCW, Waves and Curls have pinned a former 3 time Heavyweight champion to earn a shot at the titles, then they win the straps defeating two of the most decorated tag team wrestlers in New England, and they retain their titles against former 2-time NCW Tag Team Champs. Impressive is an understatement.

NCW President Dean The Beast Livsley addresses Kevin Castro, announces 8-man Total Elimination Match for Shoots and Ladders

Via Skype, we see the NCW President Dean Livsley getting ready for a ride when he is asked about what Kevin Castro has been up to in recent weeks. The Beast states that he has had enough of Castro’s shenanigans and announces that at Shoots and Ladders on May 23rd there will be an 8-man Total Elimination match pitting Team LumberJake vs Team Castro. Here’s the catch. Kevin Castro will only have to find 3 members for his team, because the 4th member of Team Castro…will be Kevin Castro himself!

Zachary Pierre Beaulieu (w/Dallas McCarthy) defeats Insane Dick Lane (w/Steve “The Turtle” Weiner)

Fresh off losing the NCW New England title to The Ace Mike Montero, Insane Dick Lane looks to get back on track as he takes on ZPB, who is flanked by Dallas McCarthy. Early on in this one, Dick attempts to show off his super human strength, but Beaulieu is having none of it. Is wine Dick Lane’s kryptonite? Dick counter with several variations of an armdrag before hitting a spinning neckbreaker, sending ZPB outside looking for his liquid courage.

ZPB gains the advantage with an amazing pumphandle fallaway slam, but Dick quickly recovers to hit a deadly combination of knees into a snap mare driver. Dallas McCarthy gets himself involved as he slips ZPB the wine bottle, then distracts the referee as Beaulieu takes a swig and spits it right in the eyes of Dick Lane! This is followed by one of the hardest clotheslines you’ll ever see and ZPB picks up the victory, continuing the losing streak of Dick Lane!

Backstage we see Kevin Castro chatting with Shay and Davey Cash. Castro begins to gloat that he is 2-0 in NCW, which prompts Davey to challenge Castro to put “the streak” on the line tonight. Castro says he will wrestle the next person that walks through the door. Enter Cool Guy Pete with Syd. Davey Cash begins to laugh, but Castro is a master at finding a loophole. He says that they are two people and he specifically said “person”. He also said that wasn’t the door he meant. He points to the door he was talking about just as Blaze Bazuco walks through it. Not only does Castro say he will go 3-0 against Bazuco tonight, he will do it blindfolded!

Tim Kilgore, once again scheduled to compete against Billy Wennkar, is still looking at himself in the mirror as NCW Management comes in and says it’s time for his match. Once again, Kilgore says he is not ready, and demands that the air conditioning in the building be adjusted, as well as a bottle of water.

Blaze Bazuco defeats Kevin Castro (w/Davey Cash)…with an assist

Kevin Castro looks ready for action, dressed in his full suit, Davey Cash reminds him that he said he would wrestle blindfolded. So Castro pulls a blindfold out of his facemask and covers his eyes. Suddenly, LumberJake emerges from the curtain and enters the ring. He then pulls referee Mac Madness’ mask over his eyes so now the ref is blind! Castro is feeling around and thinks he’s got his hands on Bazuco, but nope…its LumberJake, who wraps his hand around Castro’s neck. Bazuco joins in and they hit a double chokeslam on Castro, casuing him to lose his shoes! Blaze puts a foot on Castro, LumberJake unmasks the referee who counts to 3 and Blaze Bazuco becomes the 1 in 2-1!

Tim Kilgore still flexing in the mirror when his water bottle arrives, but there’s a problem. He specifically asked for Fiji water. Once again, we will not see this match on Behind Closed Doors.

Isana defeats Armani Kayos (w/the Scrunchie Squad) in a NCW Women’s Championship Tournament Quarterfinal match

Yes, we know Armani Kayos is not a woman. Yes we know it’s a Women’s Title tournament. Trust me, you’ll like the outcome of this one. Armani dominated the beginning portion of this matchup as Isana struggled to get out of the gates. However, Kayos may have taken his early success for granted as he did a little too much celebrating with The Scrunchie Squad on the outside.

After a little bit more showboating, Kayos went for a springboard moonsault from the outside. The pool was empty, however, as The Suplex Sweetheart rolled out of the way. Isana took advantage of the miscue and began hitting a variety of suplexes, including the T-Bone for the victory! Isana now advances to Shoots and Ladders on May 23rd as she will take on the winner of Sara Teller and a member of F.A.F.O.

Stay tuned to Behind Closed Doors every Thursday night on YouTube to catch the final two First Round matches in this exciting tournament to crown the first ever NCW Women’s Champion!


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