Wright Wrecap: Behind Closed Doors Episode #5

NCW Reunion is in the rear view mirror. New Champions were crowned, a brand new title is going to be introduced, and the NCW Heavyweight Champion left Reunion with the gold in tow. Who will be Vern Vicallo’s next challenger when NCW returns to iPPV in May? Well we wouldn’t have to wait long.

NCW founder JC Marxxx opened this episode of BCD with the announcement of a Beat The Clock challenge! Channing Thomas and Brett Ryan Gosselin would both be up against it as they try to secure another opportunity at the NCW title! Not only that…the winner of the challenge gets to pick the stipulation of the title match.

The Natural Channing Thomas defeated Ricky Smokes in 7:07 in a Beat the Clock Challenge match

The Natural was given what some would say the unfavorable position of setting the time for the challenge as he took on a member of BRG’s new crew, Ricky Smokes. Both of these men were quick to show off their superior athletic ability as Thomas nearly decapitated Smokes with a Thunderous clothesline out of the corner, but a few moments later, Smokes hit a spot on dropkick to the face of The Natural. The clock continued to climb as Thomas gave Smokes the tour of the ring, stopping at all turnbuckles in the process. Smokes looked to have the upper hand as he went for an STF, only to be countered by Thomas into an STF of his own. Smokes trapped in the middle of the ring, was forced to tap out. The mark was set. Could BRG defeat his opponent in faster than 7:07?

RIOT Kellan Thomas and LumberJake defeated The Middlesex Express in tag team action

The Middlesex Express is reunited and it feels so…well we don’t know actually. Pimp Daddy Apple Cinnamon has a good memory, and he remembers what his “pahtnah” did to him to slip into the Tag Title match at Reunion. Steven Lust s trying to make peace with PDAC, but Ya Boi is not having it. Just before it looked like they may come to blows, Jake and RIOT enter fresh off their victory at Reunion over Cold Hard Cash.

PDAC and RIOT start things off in this one as they exchange holds. Pimp Daddy grabs the leg, but RIOT counters out of it into a beautiful armdrag. Kellan tags in the big man, and this is where PDAC kind of forgot how big he was. After a few attempts at a shoulder tackle, Pimp Daddy is run over by Jake. Jake is having his way with PDAC, until Lust makes a blind tag and takes over with a great looking bulldog.

Jake is taking a beating in this one as the Express seem to be back on the same page for the time being. Jake finally gets the tag to RIOT, and Thomas is cleaning house! A beautiful monkey flip on PDAC onto Lust, followed by a moonsault from RIOT for a two count. Jake hits a muscle buster on Steven Lust, followed by a great looking frog splash from RIOT, and they get the 3-count! With new Tag Team Champs crowned at Reunion, Jake and Kellan are looking to perhaps earn a shot at the gold in the future.

NCW Women’s Championship Tournament brackets revealed

As announced at Reunion, NCW will crown its first Women’s Champion at the next iPPV. This week, the 8 women competing in the tournament were announced, along with the first round matchups.

Co-Winners of the 2021 Ballroom Blitz, Becca and Little Mean Kathleen will be pitted against each other.

Isana was originally slated to take on PVD, however PVD is on a European Holiday, so instead, The Suplex Sweetheart will battle Armani Kayos!

Sara Teller eliminated both members of F.A.F.O. in the Ballroom Blitz, but this time, she will only have to wrestle one of them. But which one will it be?

And the final match in the first round…

Davienne defeated Big Juicy in the first round of the NCW Women’s Championship Tournament

Big Juicy controlled this contest, hitting Polish Hammers and Avalanche splashes onto Not America’s Sweetheart before hitting an impressive Samoan Drop for a 2 count. As Juicy went to finish her opponent off with the Full Nelson Bomb, Davienne countered with a back elbow, then a snap mare to the corner. Davienne followed it up with a running baseball slide kick, driving the air out of the lungs of Juicy to pick up the win and advance to the Semi-finals of the tournament.

Stay tuned to NCW: Behind Closed Doors as the other three first round matches will take place in the coming weeks. The Semi-finals and Finals will take place at the next iPPV on May 23rd.

We see Tim Kilgore warming up…his voice? The Badass of Broadway was slated to be in action this week, however he informs NCW management that he will be ready ONLY when he has his face on.

Brett Ryan Gosselin fails to defeat Love, Doug in 7:07, Channing Thomas announces stipulation for the next iPPV

The Victorious BRG was unable to be victorious in this one, even though he controlled most of the action. Even an assist from Chaz Cashew and Ricky Smokes wasn’t enough as the Little Giants came out with pipes in hand chase off the cronies. Love Doug tossed BRG to the outside with mere seconds remaining on the clock. A quick schoolboy from BRG couldn’t seal it as the clock hit triple zeros.

The Natural, who was on commentary along side Derek Simonetti, then grabbed the microphone as BRG throws a tantrum in the ring. Channing announces that on Sunday Night, May 23rd at the next iPPV, appropriately named Shoots and Ladders, he will challenge Vern Vicallo for the NCW Heavyweight Title… IN A LADDER MATCH!


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