NCW VS. – Dick Lane vs. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner – Part Two

Airing exclusively at our YouTube channel ( NCW VS. looks back at some of Northeast Championship Wrestling’s greatest rivalries, matches, and stories that defined the company over the last two decades. The latest NCW VS series looks back on the tumultuous rivalry between “Insane” Dick Lane and Steve “The Turtle” Weiner!

Part Two – “The Turtles in Time”

Even from their first encounter at NCW FALLOUT STEVE “THE TURTLE” WEINER saw something in “INSANE” DICK LANE, and following their WrestleFest XI finale “The Meta-Human Super-Villain” was forced to join forces with “The Turtle” as a tag team for the 2016 Season. What Dick Lane could never imagine however was actually liking Steve and growing to love THE TURTLES IN TIME on his journey from villain to hero. After a year of becoming a partner and friend to Weiner, CURRY BOY, and DELILAH HAYDEN NCW’s 2017 REUNION would see Dick Lane put himself out there making the biggest proposal of his life to Hayden– setting the stage for the wedding of the year!

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