NCW 2020 Season Awards

With Northeast Championship Wrestling’s 2020 Season cut down just as it was getting started due to COVID-19 pandemic our 2020 Kickoff Event ended up being our only live event of the year. We’re grateful that our friends, family, talent, and especially our fans have remained safe during these trying times but we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t heartbreaking to miss out on performing for everyone and putting on the weird and wild shows NCW prides itself on putting on.

Without a typical Season to commemorate we’ve decided to present some unconventional 2020 Season Awards celebrating our one and only show of the calendar year while lamenting what could have been. Join us, won’t you?

NCW 2020 Wrestler of the Year
“Deliciously Vicious” Vern Vicallo


The reigning NCW Heavyweight Champion “Deliciously Vicious” Vern Vicallo had to fight his way out of WrestleFest with an injured arm to win the title from Brett Ryan Gosselin, and headed into the 2020 Kickoff with domination on his mind as he put his newly won title on the line against BRG’s best bud and running mate “The Natural” Channing Thomas in the night’s Main Event. Knowing that an angry and volatile Osirus was waiting in the wings, that BRG was waiting for his title rematch, and that Thomas had something to prove against his former CrossFit mentor Vicallo had the deck stacked against him when the damn fire alarm went off during the main event, causing a frenzy amongst the fans and wrestlers alike and disorientating both competitors in the ring. Ever the pros Vicallo was able to take advantage of the chaos and plant “The Natural” down for the 1, 2, 3 and retain the NCW Championship. 

Despite only one show “Deliciously Vicious” proved why he became the NCW Heavyweight Champion and what he will do when he gets the opportunity to defend it again in 2021. 

NCW 2020 Tag Team of the Year


With the 2020 Season placed into carbonite the NCW Tag Team Champions Jason Devine and Ricky Medeiros have continued to dominate the tag team division by being the whole damn division in 2020. 

The tag team division was in a state of flux after the 2019 year and many new teams were preparing to enter the NCW fray in 2020 and challenge for tag team gold and against The Dirt City Murder Crew’s only remaining title holders. Would Detox survive the onslaught? We’ll have to wait and see when NCW returns but I wouldn’t bet against the DCMC these days.

NCW 2020 Woman Women of the Year
The Scrunchie Squad


When Little Mean Kathleen, Basic Becca, Paris VanDale, and Armani Kayos joined forces at NCW’s 2020 Kickoff in the Ballroom Blitz they made a statement to everyone in NCW that the ‘Era of the Scrunchie’ was here and everyone was now put on notice. 

Refusing to win the match alone, LMK and Basic Becca opted to take the victory together after “The Suplex Sweetheart” Isana was eliminated and promising to change NCW’s women division in their own image. Whether they get the opportunity in 2021 remains to be seen, but this crew is definitely one to watch when wrestling returns to norm. 

NCW 2020 Match of the Year
Vern Vicallo vs. Channing Thomas


Check out the 2020 Kickoff for free here!

With so many matches to choose from this Season (all 8 of them) we had to give the nod to “Deliciously Vicious” Vern Vicallo defending the NCW Championship against “The Natural” Channing Thomas leading to the explosive finale in the Main Event when the fire alarm went off nearly costing Vicallo the Championship! 

NCW 2020 Stable of the Year
The 1927 New York Yankees


I mean seriously, what a murderer’s row. 

NCW 2020 Stable of the Year
The Dirt City Murder Crew

The former NCW New England Champion “The Ace” Mike Montero and the reigning NCW Tag Team Champions Detox took advantage of the NCW 2020 Kickoff picking up a big victory against the trio of Swilly O’Brien, AJP, and the new folk hero to the people Ike the Bite. Getting the win over a noble soul like Ike clearly set The Dirt City Murder Crew on a path toward Dick Lane’s New England Championship but unfortunately for them the Season was cut short before they really got started. 

NCW 2020 Most Popular
“Insane” Dick Lane
The Lumberjake
“RIOT” Kellan Thomas


Since we can pretty much do whatever the hell we’d like after only having one live event this Season (see: 1927 NY Yankees) we can confidently say that the NCW New England Champion “Insane” Dick Lane, The Lumberjake, and “RIOT” Kellan Thomas were the three most popular competitors of 2020, and left the year with a ton of promise for what could have been. 

NCW 2020 Most Hated
Kevin Castro & Shay Cash


After picking up the shocking win over Lumberjake at WrestleFest 2019 “The Life of the Party” Kevin Castro was poised to make 2020 his year alongside his client “The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash and his assorted collection of pals he’s acquired over the years like “Sensational” Scott Levesque, Davey Cash, Frank Champion, and Steve the Bartender (as long as the checks clear). 

Shay left the 2020 Kickoff undefeated after defeating “RIOT” Kellan Thomas, but unfortunately for Cash he found his Pro Wrestling Tees store hacked with a brand new shirt being uploaded for sale against his wishes. Be sure to buy yours today!

NCW 2020 Feud of the Year
Osirus vs. Foxy Calvin Campbell


“Foxy” Calvin Campbell desperately wanted a piece of Osirus for what happened at WrestleFest after Osirus lost his opportunity to regain the NCW Championship and took his frustrations out on Vern Vicallo, Campbell, and Osirus’ Uncle and longtime manager Doc Ozone.

NCW’s 2020 Kickoff saw only the briefest flashes of the rivalry that was meant to be, and despite 2020 getting called a wash “Foxy” hasn’t forgotten about the disrespect and promising a receipt for Osirus’ betrayal. 

NCW 2020 Best Non Wrestling Personality
Atlee Greene


“Mean” Atlee Greene has become a pacifist as his wrestling career subsided for his foray into play by play commentary, but when push comes to shove don’t touch the big man without getting his hands– which Osirus found out first hand at NCW’s 2020 Kickoff when Greene pushed back against Osirus’ vicious attitude. Atlee did go down, but not without a fight.

NCW 2020 Manager of the Year
Kevin Castro
Doc Ozone
H. Dallas McCarthy


These three managers were off to a great start in 2020 with Kevin Castro leading his man Shay Cash to an undefeated streak in the Season, Doc Ozone helping “Foxy” Calvin Campbell pick up a win against the veteran Doctor Heresy, and Generalissimo Dallas McCarthy acquiring the talent of Zachary Pierre Beaulieu after getting fired by Ike the Bite. 

NCW 2020 Holy $#IT Moment of the Year
The fire alarm goes off during the Main Event
COVID shuts down the 2020 Season


It’s a definite toss up between the fire alarm mysteriously going off during the main event of the NCW Championship Match between Vern Vicallo and Channing Thomas and the Corona Virus shutting down the entire 2020 Season and putting the world through the worst pandemic of modern times. 

We can only hope that 2021 will see us eventually get back to some kind of normalcy and get to host some events for the 2021 Season when it’s safe for all to enjoy. 

Until then– be safe, wash your hands, and wear a mask in public. 

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