NCW’s 2019 Kickoff Results

Northeast Championship Wrestling kicked off its 2019 Season this past Friday night in Dedham before a packed house at the Jacob Jones VFW Post. A huge thanks to all who came out and supported us with our 2019 return!

Ring Announcers: Shane Daly & Loren Petisce
Commentary: Derek Simonetti & Ryan Melanaphy
Referees: Rob Greer, Redd Roche, Craig Cailler, Nate Grist, & Rob Teutel
Ringside Photography: Philip Kelly & Dave Rodrigues

Check out photographs from NCW 2019 courtesy of “Picture” Dave Rodrigues!

Before the show could begin Shane Daly and Loren Petisce were interrupted by an irate Lumberjake, carrying a steel chair and wanting a piece of “Revolution” Chris Venom right away. President Dean “The Beast” Livsley informed Jake that Venom wasn’t in the building yet, but would get his promised match later.

“Deliciously Vicious” Vern Vicallo d. Dan Terry in the night’s opener, getting some revenge on Terry for the CrossFit betrayal at WrestleFest.

The Son of All defeated Cicero the Clown as the man formerly known as Cam Zagami took the young Cicero to the limit after throwing everyone inside the VFW Post off with an elaborate entrance with The Son surrounded by his worshipers.

“Foxy” Calvin Campbell w/ Doc Ozone d. The Abominable CPA after Ozone got dragged into the ring by a frustrated CPA, who knocked Doc down to the mat. With Redd Roche distracted with Ozone CPA tried to use a chair on Campbell only to have “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy arrive on scene to prevent CPA from using the chair and allowing “Foxy” to roll up CPA for the three.

After celebrating with Ozone and Campbell, McCarthy was interrupted by Kevin Castro, with Castro boasting about diversifying his portfolio during the off-season and bringing new clients into his Camp now that he is a manager of record in NCW. Castro then brought out his newest charge– “The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash!

– “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy defeated “The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash after Doc Ozone returned to the ring to return the favor of helping McCarthy defuse Castro, allowing “The Masshole” to force Cash to submit.

NCW ‘s 2018 Breakout Star of the Year “The Suplex Sweetheart” Isana joined the commentary team as the NCW 2018 Women’s Wrestler of the Year Sierra came out for her Exhibition of Perfection, issuing an open challenge to any wrestler willing to fight her.

– “Picture Perfect” Sierra d. Nakoma Tala, as the NCW newcomer came at Sierra hard but perhaps underestimated the smaller Sierra, who was able to roll up the warrior with a handful of tights to pick up the win.

– Sierra defeated Delilah Hayden as Hayden rushed the ring after Sierra issued another challenge, bringing the fight to the Women’s Wrestler of the Year and had her number until Sierra took out Delilah’s knee, allowing her to get the pin with her feet on the ropes as leverage. Sierra continued attacking Hayden after the bell, bringing Isana out of her chair to back Sierra off.

Sierra demanded that she be handed her 2018 Season Awards, and when Isana happily gave her the awards, Sierra brutally smashed her award over Isana’s head, laying her out.

NCW President Dean “The Beast” Livsley came out next, welcoming the Ox Baker Memorial Cup holder “RIOT” Kellan Thomas to the ring so that he could be presented with a brand new Season Cup that Livsley had commissioned during the off-season after WrestleFest.

“Revolution” Chris Venom and Triplelicious showed up at ringside, with Venom still hot about losing the Ox Baker Cup to “RIOT”, and wanting the Cup for himself. A furious Lumberjake returned to the scene with officials doing their best to keep him back, as Dean opted to make the original singles match between Jake and Venom a tag team match adding Thomas and Trip to the fracas.

– “Revolution” Chris Venom & Triplelicious d. The Lumberjake and “RIOT” Kellan Thomas when Trip caught Lumberjake while attempting to suplex Venom, allowing Venom to keep Jake’s shoulders down long enough to get the pin.

NCW New England Champion “The Ace” Mike Montero and Detox (Ricky Mederios & Jason Devine)  arrived at ringside with Montero bragging about his reign as New England Champion. With his scheduled opponent “Insane” Dick Lane injured and out of action, Montero believed he would have the night off.

He was interrupted by The Turtles in Time (Dick Lane, Curry Boy, Steve “The Turtle” Weiner, & Delilah Hayden)

– NCW New England Champion “The Ace” Mike Montero (w/ Detox)  and Curry Boy (w/ The Turtles in Time) went to a No Contest when both Detox and The Turtles in Time got involved in the match leading to a giant brawl.

The Middlesex Express (Steven Lust & Steven Broad) d. NCW Tag Team Champions The Little Giants (Robbie “The Giant” Araujo & Bullet Grinvalsky) to win the NCW Tag Team Championship after using a pair of brass knuckles on The Giants to steal the Titles.

– NCW Heavyweight Champion Osirus w/ Doc Ozone defeated  The Maine State Posse’s Alexander Lee via submission to retain the NCW Championship in a brutal match between the two in their first ever encounter one on one.


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