A Finale to Remember: NCW WrestleFest XIV Results

Northeast Championship Wrestling held it’s 2018 Season finale this past Friday night from the Jacob Jones VFW Post in Dedham, MA. A huge thank you to all of our fans for making WrestleFest XIV one of the best events of 2018. NCW returns in March for NCW 2019.

Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Commentators: Atlee Greene & Derek Simonetti
Referees: Redd Roche, Rob Greer, Rob Teutel, & Craig Callier
Ringside Photography: Phil Kelly & Dave Rodrigues

“Picture Perfect” Sierra w/  NCW Heavyweight Champion Todd Harris and Channing Thomas defeated “The Suplex Sweetheart” Isana after The Upperclass helped Sierra in stealing a win.

– NCW New England Champion “The Ace” Mike Montero w/ Detox d. “The Native American” Tomahawk and Perry Von Vicious in a Triple Threat Match.

Following the match Jason Devine and Ricky Medeiros continued attacking Tomahawk and PVV, as Montero promised that at 63 days as New England Champion, he would surpass Mike Paiva as the longest reigning New England Champion in NCW history.

The Abominable CPA defeated “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy in a huge upset as CPA was able to sneak out a surprise pinfall over “The Masshole”.

Frank the Crank d. The Underground Anarchy in the Hair for Hair Gauntlet, pinning “Slamdance” Tim Lennox to win the match getting back Casey Courageous’ hair AND Tim Lennox’s hair.


  1. Frank the Crank d. Ike the Bite
  2. Frank the Crank defeated “Undead” Tim Davidson via Disqualification when Davidson became frustrated with being unable to put away Crank.
  3. Frank the Crank d. Dallas McCarthy by count out when Dally walked out on Lennox, leaving him high and dry to get eliminated by Frank.

NCW President Dean “The Beast” Livsley brought out Kevin Castro, prepared to offer him a new NCW contract after spending the last two months suspended and working through sensitivity training. Castro immediately swooped in to sign the contract, prepared to take the job as NCW Commissioner as he boasted about playing him like a fiddle and gaining power in NCW. After signing, Livsley told him that what he signed was actually an NCW managers contract, which included a provisional stipulations about injuries on the job, Livsley then knocked out Castro with one punch.

“The Dan Ram” Danny Ramirez defeated “The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash in a Falls Count Anywhere Match after Ramirez wailed on Cash with a steel chair, ensuring “The Heavy Hitter” couldn’t return to the ring for the 10 count.

– NCW Tag Team Champions The Little Giants defeated The Kool People to win the NCW Tag Team Championship in the Tag Team Gauntlet.


  1. CrossFit (“DTF” Dan Terry & “BGV” Vern Vicallo) defeated The Middlesex Express (Steven Lust & Steven Broad) in the first elimination.
  2. The Little Giants (Robbie “The Giant” Araujo & Bullet Grinvalsky) d. CrossFit in a surprise upset. Post match a frustrated Dan Terry attacked not only The Giants, but also his tag team partner Vern Vicallo ending CrossFit once and for all.
  3. The Little Giants d. DJ AC and Sammy Deleon, with both “The Giant” and Bullet showing great tenacity to survive the assault by The Kool People.

“RIOT” Kellan Thomas won the NCW 2018 Ox Baker Memorial Cup, eliminating “Revolution” Chris Venom to win the All-Star Match.


  1. The Lumberjake eliminated “Royalty” Ruy Batello after leveling him with a brutal kick to the groin.
  2. “Sensational” Scott Levesque w/ Kevin Castro eliminated by “RIOT” Kellan Thomas.
  3. Triplelicious eliminated by The Lumberjake.
  4. The Lumberjake eliminated by “Revolution” Chris Venom when Venom faked a leg injury, hiding on the outside and sneaking back in to toss Lumberjake.
  5. Chris Venom eliminated “RIOT” Kellan Thomas via pin fall to win the Ox Cup.

– Channing Thomas w/ Sierra d. “Foxy” Calvin Campbell w/ Doc Ozone after Thomas and Sierra continued their cheating ways, and allowing Thomas to finish Campbell off with a piledriver.

The Turtles in Time (“Insane” Dick Lane, Curry Boy, & Delilah Hayden) defeated THE UNCONTROLLED ARMY (THE UNCONTROLLED, Dark Curry Boy, & Dr. Cobblepot) when THE UNCONTROLLED brawled with “The Turtle” to the back, and when “The Turtle” returned he unmasked to show Steve “The Turtle” Weiner Prime WITH the power glove, helping Lane defeat Dark Curry Boy and reunite with The Turtles.

Osirus w/ Doc Ozone defeated NCW Heavyweight Champion Todd Harris w/ Sierra to win the NCW Title, tapping Harris out after an insane match seeing both The Party and The Upperclass involving themselves in match after Harris attempted to count himself out and get himself disqualified.

Northeast Championship Wrestling returns for its 2019 Season on Friday March 8th in Dedham, Massachusetts.

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