Red, White, & Previewed: A Look at July 18th

GAISCOMING (2)On July 18th NCW Red, White, & Bruised comes to the Norwood Elks Lodge, an event that will help define the second half of the NCW 2014 Season and set the stage for the Big City Rumble August 8th and our huge 2014 finale WrestleFest X in November.

At Red, White, & Bruised “Simply God’s Best” GA West returns to Northeast Championship Wrestling after a tenth month absence when he officially challenges the reigning NCW New England Champion Rob “The Giant” Araujo, as West believes he is still the rightful holder of the New England Championship having held the title before his self-imposed exile last September.

Even when “The Giant” won the vacated championship at the 2013 Big City Rumble, West looked on from afar even commenting on the new champion following his victory late last year.

But here’s the thing; you [Rob Araujo] never beat the last man to hold this title in a title match.  This title has been sitting on my mantle for months now, only taken down to be defended, and then immediately returned to it’s rightful place.  I have never lost a match where this belt has been on the line.  You have no idea what this title has meant to me.  “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva has held this title for over THREE YEARS before losing it to Kevin Perry.  In my opinion, THIS, should be the most coveted piece of gold in the entire landscape of professional wrestling.  CM Punk, considered by many to be the greatest wrestler of this generation, held the WWE Championship for almost 100 days more than a year.  That still doesn’t compare to the amazing feat of Mike Paiva’s championship run.

He lost the title to a hungry Kevin Perry.  And although he was never pinned for the title, I took this belt in a hard fought triple threat match involving then champion Kevin Perry.  I then defended the belt against any and all comers, and ALWAYS walked away successfully when the title was on the line.

Rob, enjoy the title while you can.  I hope that you beat everyone that steps up to the plate, as that will only make my impending victory all the sweeter.  I WILL BE returning to NCW with two goals in mind, and one of those goals is to recapture that which I have never been beaten for.  Having faced you in battle before (and having been beaten by you), I know that you are the real deal.  You are not to be underestimated by anyone!  However, I now have the tools necessary to beat you, and any other NCW Superstar that wants to get in my way.

The fifty seventh verse in the fifteenth chapter of the first book of Corinthians has promised it to me, and I will make it manifest.  To whomever is the champion when I return, prepare for loss.  I’m not just coming to retain my title; I’m returning to prove the law of the jungle.  And that law is all about Survival of the Fittest.

– “Simply God’s Best” G.A. West

Red, White, & Bruised will be without a doubt the toughest challenge to date in the NCW career for the two time New England Champion. Is “The Giant” up for the task?


While the New England Champion awaits his ultimate challenge July 18th the reigning NCW Heavyweight Champion “RIOT” Kellan Thomas prepares for his own war in Norwood when he finally goes one on one with the #1 contender for the NCW title “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy. As if McCarthy didn’t already have a chip on his shoulder, “The Masshole” has been an even bigger jerk since being banned from the 17 year REUNION and booted from his scheduled Heavyweight Championship Match against Thomas in favor of the returning “Dastardly” Doug Summers.

“RIOT” and “The Masshole” are no strangers to one another, with Thomas playing the foil to McCarthy’s shenanigans in their series of matches during the 2013 Season, leading to both men vying for the 2013 Wrestler of the Year award earlier this year which came down to the wire with less than 20 votes between them (“RIOT” won). While REUNION was supposed to be a showcase for these two NCW stalwarts art their peak McCarthy has let it be known that July 18th will be a reckoning for the Champ and all his fans, and that he will leave nothing but tears in their eyes when he becomes the new NCW Champion at Red, White, & Bruised.

A reckoning is something that Ruy Batello had promised for a long time coming prior to REUNION. Frustrated over the lack of opportunity for the BLT (and specifically himself) Batello took matters into his own hands on May 2nd when he turned his back on Lumberjake, delivering a massive ‘Portuguese Drop’ on his tag team partner and friend after taking out “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva following Paiva and Jake’s friendly “exhibition match”.

With Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley demanding answers from “The Portuguese Sensation”, Batello has refused to enter the Norwood Elks Lodge as long as the Lumberjake is still in the building. Livsley has arranged for Jake to wrestle on the first half of Red, White, & Bruised and following intermission he will be escorted out of the Elks. After he’s gone Batello has agreed to enter the building and explain himself to Dean and to all of the Norwood fans face to face.

For “The Maine Event” Scotty Vegas, being suspended at the beginning of the 2014 Season was the catalyst needed to catapult himself into the new year and survive his loss of the NCW Heavyweight Championship at WrestleFest IX. NCW’s first (and only) Triple Crown Champion believed he was in danger of becoming a ship lost at sea, a treasure without its map. The suspension snapped Vegas into focus, giving him only one true goal– vengeance against everyone around him. Vegas’ mission was clear at REUNION when he violently got himself disqualified against the 2013 Rookie of the Year Tomahawk and picking a fight with commentator Buddy Romano throughout the evening.

dougbloodMaking too many enemies can backfire however, and on the 18th Vegas will have to wrestle both men in the highly anticipated Triple Threat Match with bragging rights on the line. Whoever walks away the victor in this contest could propel themselves right into title contention heading into the Big City Rumble match August 8th in Norwood.

Finally, Richard Pacifico will have to answer for his sins as the Deputy Commissioner and his “boss” Doug Summers confront each other in the wake of their fallout at REUNION with Pacifico inadvertently striking Summers in the head with the ring bell and making him a bloody mess. After their heated exchange on @NCW TV (episode #2!) the mysterious Ashley Vox will have her work cut out for her if she expects to keep the former members of Team Dynamite united.

Card subject to change. For more information on NCW Red, White, & Bruised visit our Upcoming Events page.

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