REUNION of CHAOS: Results from Norwood

Photo credit Kelz Marie
Photo credit Kelz Marie

Northeast Championship Wrestling celebrated our seventeen year REUNION this past Friday night at the Elks Lodge in Norwood, MA headlined by the Heavyweight Champion “RIOT” Kellan Thomas defending his NCW title against the returning “Dastardly” Doug Summers in what turned out to be one of the most frenzied and chaotic event in NCW’s long history.

Venue: Norwood Elks Lodge
Ring Announcer: Shane “Sipowicz” Daly
Commentators: Buddy Romano & Tim Kilgore
Referees: Redd Roche, Dan Tanaka, & David Montenaro

Photo credit courtesy of Picture Dave Photography and NCW fan Kelz Marie as noted. Check out Dave Rodrigues’ full photo album from REUNION here. NCW would also like to thank Brad Cole (@BradColeWrites) of the Norwood Transcript for attending REUNION and getting an inside look into the history of Northeast Championship Wrestling. Be on the lookout in the Norwood Transcript for NCW’s feature article.

Before the action kicked off, Ring Announcer Shane Daly once again announced that Deputy Commissioner Pacifico had pulled #1 contender “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy from his scheduled Heavyweight Championship Match, and banned him from the building. Pacifico was promised to appear later on to announce “RIOT” Kellan Thomas‘ new opponent.

– In the night’s opener with both of their tag team partners suspended for using steel chairs at the Friday Night Fights, Eddie Loomis defeated “Bam” Brandon Behm in singled action.

Photo credit Kelz Marie

– In the NCW Tag Team Invitational the Underground Anarchy (Tim Lennox & Dominic Delano) w/ the birthday boy “Black Magic” Sean Feeney d. the Hard Rock Shellraisers (“The Hard Rock Hellraiser” Todd Sople & Steve “The Turtle” Weiner) and Sexy but Silent (GLAM’s Dan Terry & fill in replacement Justin Silence) to become #1 contenders to the NCW Tag Team Championship after Lennox pinned Weiner. Despite the upset loss, the Norwood fans continued to cheer their support for Sople & “The Turtle”.

“The Native American” Tomahawk d. “The Maine Event” Scotty Vegas via disqualification when he refused to break a vicious choke hold on Tomahawk, forcing referee David Montenaro to call for the bell. A furious Scotty Vegas continued his assault on the 2013 Rookie of the Year until commentator Buddy Romano stepped in, causing a huge brawl between Romano and Vegas. An enraged Tomahawk returned from the back, also looking for a piece of Vegas, resulting in a wild brawl from all sides.

Deputy Commissioner Richard Pacifico came out to ringside, along with the mysterious woman who arrived last month at the Friday Night Fights to announce Kellan’s challenger for the NCW Heavyweight Championship. A dejected Pacifico stated that this decision was out of his hands based off the contents of the manilla envelope he received, but before he could announce anything “RIOT” came to the ring looking for answers. With his back turned, “Dastardly” Doug Summers shockingly returned to the promotion making his first appearance since WrestleFest IX, blindsiding the NCW Champion and laying him out with multiple ‘beautiful disasters’. It was then revealed that Doug orchestrated himself back into NCW with the help of Pacifico, taking the Heavyweight title shot and guaranteeing himself a brand new NCW contract. Summers then introduced his new manager Ashley Vox, the woman manipulating Pacifico.

Photo credit Dave Rodrigues
Photo credit Dave Rodrigues

– NCW New England Champion Rob “The Giant” Araujo d. Triplelicious in a fantastic championship encounter, with both competitors pulling out all the stops en route to Araujo’s dominating victory.

Following intermission Tomahawk returned to the ring, looking to challenge Scotty Vegas to a rematch right there and now. Before Tomahawk could finish his challenge, Buddy Romano returned to the scene looking for a piece of Vegas himself. Just as the fans began chanting “triple threat” Vegas arrived back on scene with two referees in toe, eager to cause pain and suffering to both men and accepting the challenge for a Triple Threat Match July 18th at NCW Red, White, & Bruised rather than tonight.

Paiva’s tag partner AG at Prom

– What started as fun and friendly exhibition match between NCW Tag Team Champion “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva and the Lumberjake¬†(while Paiva’s tag team partner Anthony Greene attended prom) turned into one of the sickest displays of violence seen in sometime when Ruy Batello attacked referee Redd Roche, Paiva, and finally his tag team partner Lumberjake when Batello became increasingly frustrated with Lumberjake’s fun loving ways instead of focusing on the match. Before Paiva could upset Lumberjake with a small package pin Ruy pulled Redd Roche out of the ring and stormed in between the two competitors. After seemingly cooling down “The Portuguese Sensation” LBJ went to check on Redd only to have Ruy hit a brutal Samoan Drop on Paiva after turning his back on his longtime rival. Jake then shoved Ruy, trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with him only to have Batello hit his own tag team partner nailing him with a vicious Samoan Drop as well.


Photo credit Dave Rodrigues

– NCW Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley defeated Deputy Commissioner Richard Pacifico with a massive spear, finally teaching the Deputy Commish a lesson in humility. A dejected Pacifico, still worn down from Doug Summers’ verbal assault left quietly following the match.

– NCW Heavyweight Champion “RIOT” Kellan Thomas w/ Kepler d. “Dastardly” Doug Summers w/ Ashley Vox to retain the NCW Championship after Dan Tanaka was knocked out cold by an errant elbow from Thomas, allowing Summers to use the Heavyweight belt. After taking “RIOT” down Pacifico returned (in his referee shirt) to count a huge nearfall, with Thomas barely kicking out. Summers railed against Pacifico for not counting the three leading to Summers grabbing the timekeepers bell only to have Pacifico take it back from him and accidentally knocking the bell right into Doug’s skull busting him wide open into a bloody mess. Thomas then scored the pinfall, retaining the gold in a very physical brawl.

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