@NCW Comes to Norwood TV!


As NCW continues to integrate itself into the Norwood Community this Season we’re proud to announce that coming to Norwood Public Access Television this March is @NCW, our indepth look into the world of Northeast Championship Wrestling as we feature exclusive interviews, matches, and segments with your favorite NCW personalities.

Hosted by “Toxic” Tom Warren, Shane “Sipowicz” Daly, and the whole cast of NCW’s larger than life personalities @NCW will air on NPATV with episodes also being made available online via our @NCW Vimeo Page (http://www.vimeo.com/thencw). We will be filming exclusive footage for @NCW during NCW COLLISION COURSE including our NCW 2013 Season Awards presentations, so be sure to be there live March 7th for your chance to get on TV!

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