NCW WrestleFest IX: The Videos


On Saturday night December 14th Northeast Championship Wrestling returns to the Norwood Elks Lodge for WrestleFest IX, our final event of the NCW 2013 Season. Headlined by a huge double main event, Emperor “Dastardly” Doug Summers puts NCW ownership on the line when he finally faces off with former Commissioner Dean Livsley in a rematch from REUNION while Heavyweight Champion “The Maine Event” Scotty Vegas defends his NCW title against the 2013 Big City Rumble winner “RIOT” Kellan Thomas.

With WrestleFest IX shaping up to be one of the biggest nights in NCW history, we take an exclusive look at some of the highlighted matches going down December 14th in Norwood. For up to date information on this event be sure to follow us on Twitter @theNCWtweets and like us on Facebook as we prepare for the incredible finale of the 2013 Season.

All videos are also available on YouTube at

From the very beginning of the NCW 2013 Season, Doug Summers was playing Commissioner Dean Livsley. After months of dodging “The Beast”, Summers finally got Dean to put his job on the line at NCW’s 16 year REUNION, resulting in one of the biggest screw jobs in NCW history thanks to “Dastardly” Doug Summers’ Inglorious Dastards. Since April NCW has been under the Reign of Summers, but thanks to the Best of 7 Series September 28th Livsley will get one final chance to win his job back at WrestleFest IX.

NCW’s first Triple Crown Champion “The Maine Event” Scotty Vegas defends his NCW Heavyweight Championship against the 2013 Big City Rumble winner “RIOT” Kellan Thomas. Normally Thomas has his trusty puppet Kepler by his side, but Vegas has ensured that Kepler won’t play a role in Wrestlefest.

After months of unspoken animosity between the Big Lovable Team of Ruy Batello and the Lumberjake and the Loomis Brothers, tensions boiled over at NCW NO FEAR when Eddie Loomis nearly kicked his partner Ruy Batello during the Final Countdown. Frustrated, “The Portuguese Sensation” finally took action. At WrestleFest these two premiere teams square off to finally settle their differences.

October 5th, 2012 was the last time “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva won a match. Since losing the NCW New England title at WrestleFest VIII last year Paiva has hit rock bottom, culminating in his loss to “All Good” Anthony Greene at SummersSlam. At NCW NO FEAR Paiva was interrupted by “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger and Maniacally Twisted, with Krueger suggesting Paiva quit wrestling to make way for his motley crew. At WrestleFest IX Paiva will step into the mouth of madness when he enters the 2013 Season Cup.

Buddy Romano returned to NCW after seven months, being courted by “Dastardly” Doug Summers to join Team Dynamite. When the two time former Heavyweight Champion refused, Summers put a bounty on Buddy’s head, a task accepted by the vicious Richard Pacifico. At WrestleFest, these two will square off in a Submissions Match where both men will be put to the ultimate test.

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