Tim Kilgore





Hometown: Salem, MA

NCW Debut: November 24th, 1999 [NCW MaximuM Carnage]

Career Highlights: 2x NCW Heavyweight Champion, 2x NCW New England Champion, NCW 2000 Big City Rumble Winner, NCW 2007-2008 Season Cup Winner, NCW 2011 Wrestler of the Year, NCW Play by Play Commentator, After retiring in 2011 competed in his first match in 5 years in the 2016 Big City Rumble

Favorite Moves: ‘The Clean Sweep’, ‘The Anal Kick of DOOM!’


For years “The Antisocial Anarchist” Tim Kilgore fought against the system. His 2000 breakout year alongside fellow anarchist Sean Gorman helped send Kilgore to the top of New England wrestling, going up the best independent wrestling had to offer.

12 years and multiple championships later the two time NCW Heavyweight Champion retired in 2011 as Champion after defeating Buddy Romano to win his second Heavyweight Title. Surprisingly returned to the NCW world at NCW’s 17 year REUNION, joining the NCW commentary team for our television debut. The knowledge possessed by the veteran was invaluable as Kilgore dropped knowledge bombs on play-by-play man and partner Tom Warren.

On August 26th, 2016 at the Big City Rumble (Kilgore’s signature event) Tim made a shocking appearance entering the Rumble Match at #1, a surprise performance for his two young children in the crowd who happen to be huge NCW fans. Despite getting eliminated by “Slamdance” Tim Lennox, Kilgore never looked better.


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