Rob “The Giant” Araujo

Rob "The Giant" Araujo

From: Warren, RI

NCW Debut: November 11th, 2007 [COLLISION COURSE 2007]

Career Highlights: 2x NCW New England Champion, NCW 2012 Season Cup winner, has appeared on WWE Monday Night RAW and PPV as JB-Elf, and has competed for Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling. Currently touring with Midget Wrestling Warriors all throughout Canada

Allies: The Lumberjake, Mike Paiva, Dean “The Beast” Livsley, Kepler

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Rob “The Giant” Araujo has defied the odds since joining NCW in 2007, winning two New England titles en route to becoming one of NCW’s most popular competitors. Starting in the tag ranks with his childhood friend Ian Conley, the Slamtech alumni continued his learning thanks to Short Sleeve Sampson, a relationship that has seen “Giant” appear all over North America as well as on WWE PPV as the infamous JB-Elf. His biggest accomplishment to date in NCW is defeating GA West in a grueling half hour Iron Man Match to retain the New England Championship, cementing himself as one of NCW’s greats.



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