The Little Giants



Rob “The Giant” Araujo & Bullet Grinvalsky

Hometown: Bristol, RI (Rob “The Giant” Araujo) Providence, RI (Bullet Joe Grinvalsky)

NCW Debut: November 11th, 2007 (Rob “The Giant” Araujo- NCW COLLISION COURSE); July 20th, 2018 (Bullet Grinvalsky-NCW Kids Day)

Career Highlights: 2x NCW Tag Team Champions


After training under the tutelage of Ring of Honor’s Matt Taven and WWE’s Mike Bennett young Bullet Joe Grinvalsky joined forces with one of the best ‘Small Style’ competitors wrestling today when Rob “The Giant” Araujo took Bullet under his wing and brought him to NCW as The Little Giants. Aruajo & Grinvalsky quickly captured the imagination of the NCW audience becoming huge fan favorites to the crowd.

By the end of the NCW 2018 Season the rookie would soon find himself winning his first wrestling Championship when The Giants defeated The Kool People to become NCW Tag Team Champions in the Tag Team Invitational at WrestleFest XIV. Becoming Champions proved to be easier then remaining Champions however as The Little Giants found themselves the underdogs once more trading the titles back and forth with The Middlesex Express.

Robbie “The Giant” has made a career defying the odds and overcoming everything thrown in his way, and it looks as if Bullet Joe will be cut from the very same cloth.