NCW’s WrestleFest Memories

Everyone loves a marquee “big time” show and from the very beginnings of Northeast Championship Wrestling WrestleFest has been that event. Starting in 1999 while being filmed for Seekonk Cable Access NCW WrestleFest has evolved as the Season Finale and featuring some incredible moments for the last 23 years since the inaugural event. As WrestleFest XVII arrives on December 2nd in Dedham, MA we take a look back at our previous WrestleFest events and chronicle some of the biggest matches and moments from each event.

NCW WrestleFest
May 1st 1999- Seekonk, MA

Zero Tolerance Death Match
NCW Heavyweight Championship Match
(c) Triplelicious w/ JC Marx vs. Richmond Black

The first Main Event of NCW WrestleFest saw the OG himself Triplelicious (aka Trigga the OG) defend his newly won NCW Championship against his old partner and rival Richmond Black in a Zero Tolerance Death Match. Where the hell did they find a Stop Sign? For legal reasons we don’t want to know. Black won the NCW title from Trips, and while this was during NCW’s earliest days you could immediately see the potential Triplelicious had in every thing he did.

OTHER NOTABLES: Triplelicious had won the NCW Championship earlier in the night defeating his OTHER rival Pacifico in the first of two Heavyweight Title Matches that took place at the event… Making his NCW debut at WrestleFest was also a young Ruy Batello, winning the NCW Tag Team Championship with partner “High Impact” Kevin D against the Cheese World Order!

NCW WrestleFest II
May 27th, 2001- Natick, MA

Last Man Standing for the NCW New England Championship
(c) Tim Kilgore w/ Sean Gorman vs. KL Murphy

The second WrestleFest that went down in Natick, MA was an exceptional event that began to show NCW’s evolution as a company with tons of incredible talent stepping up and gaining their confidence in the ring. One of the featured matches of WrestleFest II was the Last Man Standing Match for the NCW New England Championship between Champion Tim Kilgore (w/ Sean Gorman) and challenger KL Murphy. Kilgore and Murphy had been feuding over the New England Title since the previous December and the LMS Match was the pinnacle of their rivalry with KL regaining the Championship for a second time after piledriving Kilgore onto a chair and laying Kilgore out for the 10 count while an exhausted KL collapsed to the chair.

OTHER NOTABLES: When we say this was a stacked show we weren’t kidding. Future WWE superstars Kenny Dykstra (“Broadway” Kenn Phoenix) and Palmer Cannon (“Big League” Brian Black) both competed on the show with Kenny making his NCW debut alongside his brother Mike Phoenix and winning a tag team battle royal… The vacant NCW Tag Team Titles were decided when The Damned (“Mad Dog” Matt Storm & Draven) defeated Mind & Matter (Dr. Reginald Heresy & Don Juan DeSanto) to win the Championship, and Triplelicious regained the NCW Heavyweight Championship for the 4th time battling “Revolution” Chris Venom in a bloody brawl in the night’s main event.

NCW WrestleFest III
May 18th, 2002- Bristol, RI

NCW Heavyweight Championship Match
(c) Tim Kilgore w/ JC Marx vs. “The Portuguese Sensation” Ruy Batello

Tim Kilgore had won the NCW Championship joining JC Marx, Triplelicious, and “Revolution” Chris Venom in Zero Tolerance and sacrificing “The Portuguese Sensation” Ruy Batello and his own brother MTE in his efforts to control the NCW Heavyweight Title at any and all costs. At NCW WrestleFest III Batello shocked the Bristol fans and himself when he hit Kilgore with a giant ‘Ruination’ off the top rope to pin Kilgore and win his first Heavyweight Title in NCW.

OTHER NOTABLES: The high impact tag team of Emerald Fuzion (Jason Blade & Mike Paiva) w/ Mercedez took Bristol by storm when they debuted in 2002, and at WrestleFest III Fuzion would win the NCW Tag Team Championship from The Elements of Suicide (Cinna & Onyx) as Paiva & Blade ascended as one of NCW’s premiere tag teams.

NCW WrestleFest IV
November 7th, 2008- Dedham, MA

NCW Tag Team Championship match
(c) The Airdevils vs. Generation SLAM

When NCW held its first WrestleFest in Dedham, MA with WrestleFest IV the NCW Tag Team Championship was up for grabs when the reigning Champions The Airdevils (“The Devils Reject” Brandon Webb & Anthony Stone) defended the Tag Team Titles against the former Tag Team Champions Generation SLAM (“The Average Guy” Tim Pittman & “Dynamic” Jon Thornhill). Gen SLAM had been the dominant tag team in NCW from 2005-2007, but WrestleFest saw a real passing of the torch when Webb and Stone got the victory over Pittman and Thornhill, resulting in a mutual show of respect between both teams post-match.

OTHER NOTABLES: 2007-2008 was the first time NCW ran events in a Seasonal format and officially moved WrestleFest from the middle of the year to the end of the NCW year to cap off the Season. The first Season Cup Match took place at WrestleFest IV when Tim Kilgore won the inaugural Cup against Scotty Vegas (Alexander Lee), Johnny Torres, and “The Dirt Dawg” Jeremy Leary… In the night’s Main Event the NCW Heavyweight Champion Davey Loomis was able to retain the NCW Championship over “Dynamite” Doug Summers as Summers was unsuccessful in his bid to regain the NCW title.

NCW WrestleFest V
December 11th, 2009- West Warwick, RI

2 Out of 3 Falls Match
“The Portuguese Sensation” Ruy Batello
vs. “Dynamite” Doug Summers

One of the marquee matches at the fifth WrestleFest would see two former NCW Heavyweight Champions collide when the old guard (Batello) collided with the new guard (Summers) in a heated battle for respect. While both competitors were fan favorites, a frustrated Summers believed Ruy Batello’s return to full-time action took away from the current crop of NCW stars while pushing himself into the spotlight. In the end Summers won the Match two falls to one, but Batello also showed he wasn’t going anywhere in his current stint in the ring.

OTHER NOTABLES: After “The Devils Reject” Brandon Webb lost to The BerZerker in the “Soul on a Pole” Match at WrestleFest V and regained the mysterious bag holding the “soul” of “The Monster” Cenobite (his mask) the personalities of Mike Volpe and Cenobite merged back together in his war with The Schillar Park Posse and resurrected the monster and untied Cenobite and BerZerker together as Heaven’s Fury.

NCW WrestleFest VI
November 13th, 2010- West Warwick RI

NCW Heavyweight Title
(c) David Marxxx-Loomis w/ jc marxxx vs. “the portuguese sensation” ruy batello

WrestleFest VI’s return to West Warwick, RI would see the reigning NCW Heavyweight Champion David Marxxx-Loomis (now adopted by manager/father JC Marxxx) defend the NCW Championship against the 2010 Big City Rumble winner Ruy Batello in the night’s main event. Loomis’ stranglehold on the Championship would come to an end at WrestleFest with Batello’s comeback bringing him back to the top of the mountain by defeating NCW’s greatest villain.

OTHER NOTABLES: The 6 Man Tag Team Match heard round the world took place at WrestleFest VI aka “the chandelier incident” when Destruction Under Impact (“RIOT” Kellan Thomas & William Thorne) and Johnny Trendy took on The Baker Boys & Brickhouse Baker with Trendy colliding into the chandelier during the match and shattering it into a hundred pieces. Memories!

NCW WrestleFest VII
November 19th, 2011- Dedham, MA

the Boston Massacre II
Pacifico vs. “the mosnter” Cenobite w/ valkyrie

In the 2nd ever Boston Massacre Match the psychotic monster Pacifico took “The Monster” Cenobite to the ultimate threshold of pain in his hardcore brawl in Dedham, MA with a desperate Cenobite threw his body into Pacifico’s with a vicious spear out of the ring through a table out on the floor at ringside. Referee Redd Roche made the executive decision to call the match on the outside awarding Cenobite the victory with Pacifico unable to return to the ring.

OTHER NOTABLES: Tim Kilgore would challenge the NCW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Romano in the night’s Main Event with Kilgore promising to retire win, lose, or draw in his challenge against the Zero Tolerance Kingpin. In a huge upset after eliminating the Zero Tolerance cohorts from the match Kilgore was able to hit his clean sweep on Romano and win the Championship sending himself into retirement as Champion.

NCW WrestleFest VIII
November 30th, 2012- Norwood, MA

David Marxxx-Loomis w/ jc marxxx vs. Eddie Loomis

The day Zero Tolerance fell to pieces David Loomis battled his younger brother Eddie Loomis in a match defined by respect, but in the end Davey would rebel against his adopted father and manager after Eddie finally defeated Davey resulting in the elder Loomis bicycle kicking Marxxx out of his boots and Davey finally uniting with Eddie as The Loomis Brothers!

OTHER NOTABLES: “The Juice” JT Dunn would defeat Buddy Romano in the Main Event of WrestleFest VIII to win the NCW Championship and end Zero Tolerance once and for all… The BLT (Ruy Batello & Lumberjake) would win the NCW Tag Team Championship to give Lumberjake his first title in NCW while Anthony Greene’s in-ring career would be on the rise after trading in his stripes for boots when he competed in his first WrestleFest match against Jack Krueger.

NCW WrestleFest IX
February 7th, 2014- Norwood MA

NCW heavyweight championship match
(c) Scotty Vegas vs. “RIOT” Kellan Thomas

After winning the 2013 Big City Rumble “RIOT” Kellan Thomas would challenge the NCW Heavyweight Champion Scotty Vegas (Alexander Lee) in a match that was originally scheduled to take place in December 2013 but was postponed due to a snowstorm that shut down the state of Massachusetts. Unfortunately for Kellan, Vegas had ALSO kidnapped Kepler and was able to hold Kepler hostage for an additional two months until WrestleFest IX was able to take place in Norwood, MA weeks before the 2014 Season officially kicked off. Kellan was able to finally climb to the top of the NCW mountain to win the NCW Championship.

OTHER NOTABLES: WrestleFest IX would also see the Emperor of NCW “Dastardly” Doug Summers battle Dean “The Beast” Livsley for the Presidency of NCW with Livsley regaining power in NCW and send Summers into a spiral after losing all of his power. Plus as previously mentioned, snow. Tons and tons of snow.

NCW WrestleFest X
November 28th, 2014- Norwood MA

Triple Threat Match for the NCW Heavyweight Title
(c) “RIOT” Kellan Thomas vs. GA West w/ Doc Ozone vs. the Lumberjake

When both Lumberjake and GA West (Osirus) were crowned the winners of the 2014 Big City Rumble when both men went over the top rope and to the floor at the exact same time both men were given the opportunity to challenge for the NCW Heavyweight Championship in the Main Event of WrestleFest X. “RIOT” Kellan Thomas was happy for the challenge and was in the midst of his own rivalry with former NCW Champion Scotty Vegas, but the Triple Threat at WrestleFest would be a huge test for Kellan as Champion as he continued his epic reign as Heavyweight Champion.

OTHER NOTABLES: Santa Claus would make an appearance at WrestleFest X defeating “Black Magic” Sean Feeney in singles competition while Pacifico would also wrestle his final match in NCW in a losing effort to “Dastardly” Doug Summers in the Boston Massacre III ending Pacifico’s career.

NCW WrestleFest XI
November 20th, 2015- Norwood, MA

The Masked Man vs. “RIOT” kellan thomas

The Masked Man had caused so much misery for “RIOT” Kellan Thomas over the 2015 Season, costing him the NCW Heavyweight Championship, smashing him in the skull with a pumpkin, and generally making his life a living hell. But who was The Masked Man? We wouldn’t find out until the closing moments of their WrestleFest XI match when Thomas finally unmasked the scoundrel to reveal himself to be “All Good” Anthony Greene! It was a shocking match, and a shocking betrayal but AG who had won the Ox Baker Memorial Cup earlier in the night went low on Thomas and stole the victory kicking off a new era for Greene in NCW.

OTHER NOTABLES: WrestleFest XI was one of NCW’s biggest events in Norwood, MA with The Lumberjake colliding with his former friend and tag team partner “Ruthless” Ruy Batello for the NCW Heavyweight Championship in the night’s Main Event with Jake finally winning the NCW title for the first time… WrestleFest would also see the longest match in NCW history take place when Steve “The Turtle” Weiner battled “Insane” Dick Lane after 35 days of wrestling one another.

NCW WrestleFest XII
November 18th, 2016- Norwood, MA

Dog Collar Match for the NCW Heavyweight Title
(c) The LumberJake vs. “Sensational” scott Levesque w/ Rich bass

War came to NCW at WrestleFest XII in the closing moments of the Dog Collar Match between the NCW Heavyweight Champion Lumberjake and the 2016 Big City Rumble winner “Sensational” Scott Levesque. With Rich Bass and Beau Douglas both still furious over losing the 2016 election to Dean “The Beast” Livsley the Uprising of NCW villains rushed the ring just moments after Jake successfully defeated Levesque causing a massive amount of chaos and ending the 2016 Season on a shocking finale the likes we had never seen before.

OTHER NOTABLES: As mentioned the 2016 Election saw Dean “The Beast” Livsley win the majority of the vote over both Beau Douglas and Rich Bass to keep Dean in office while Tim Kilgore found himself coming out of retirement for the first time since 2011 to challenge “Slamdance” Tim Lennox for the New England Championship in an Anarchy Rules Match.

NCW WrestleFest XIII
November 10th, 2017- Norwood, MA

Triple Threat Match for the NCW Tag Team Titles
(c) msp vs. the Kool People w/ Rich Bass vs. The Heavy Hitters

Three of New England’s best tag teams tore it up at NCW’s last WrestleFest to take place in Norwood, MA as the NCW WAR took it’s final stand at WrestleFest XIII with the The Kool People (Sammy Deleon & DJ AC) picked up the NCW Tag Team Championship in a fantastic Triple Threat against fellow Uprising conspirators MSP (Dangerkid & Aiden Aggro) and former NCW Tag Team Champions The Heavy Hitters (Frank Champion & Shay Cash).

OTHER NOTABLES: With the cocky and arrogant Timmy Thunder (Channing Thomas) driving a wedge between CrossFit members Vern Vicallo and Dan Terry WrestleFest XIII saw CrossFit explode with Vicallo and Terry colliding with Thunder as the referee, and ending with both men coming to their senses and beating the hell out of Timmy… The Lumberjake was able to regain the NCW Heavyweight Championship from “Sensational” Scott Levesque in the night’s Main Event sending The Uprising spiraling and finally ending the NCW WAR.

NCW WrestleFest XIV
November 30th, 2018- Dedham, MA

NCW Heavyweight Championship Match
(c) Todd Harris w/ Sierra vs. Osirus w/ Doc Ozone

NCW WrestleFest XIV saw WrestleFest return to the Dedham VFW Post for the first time in six years as the 2018 Big City Rumble winner Osirus collided with the reigning NCW Champion Todd Harris (Brett Ryan Gosselin) who had his own Triple Threat backing him up in Sierra and “The Natural” Channing Thomas in a high-stakes Championship Match that saw Osirus finally win his first NCW title and bring all the Dedham fans into the ring to celebrate with the new Champion in an emotional celebration to close out the 2018 Season.

OTHER NOTABLES: After Steve “The Turtle” Weiner shockingly turned on “Insane” Dick Lane and Delilah Hayden and transformed into THE UNCONTROLLED the Six Person Tag Match at WrestleFest would see THE UNCONTROLLED and “Turtle” merge back into one after the spectre of Weiner’s former personality was willed back into existence by the power of love… Frank the Crank also took on the entire Underground Anarchy in Dedham with Tim Lennox getting his hair cut after The Anarchy walked out on Lennox and leaving him for dead.

NCW WrestleFest XV
November 15th, 2019- Dedham, MA

NCW New England Championship Match
(c) “The Ace” Mike Montero vs. “Insane” Dick Lane

Mike Montero had already retained the New England Championship earlier in the night at WrestleFest XV when he was placed into a straightjacket for the NCW Tag Team Championship Match between The Dirt City Murder Crue and MAD to prevent Montero from interfering in the match… While The DCMC were able to retain the titles they were laid out by Perry Von Vicious and Rip Byson leaving Montero alone in the ring still in the straightjacket, bringing the Ox Baker Memorial Cup holder “Insane” Dick Lane out to cash in his title opportunity right then and there on Montero. One boot later and Mike Montero’s epic title reign had ended while an elated Dick Lane celebrated his shocking victory with The Turtles in Time!

OTHER NOTABLES: Two NCW Heavyweight Championship Matches would take place at WrestleFest XV mirroring the original WrestleFest in 1999 with Osirus challenging BRG in the first title match which led to Gosselin beating Osirus and a frustrated Osirus assaulted Foxy Calvin Campbell, fellow #1 Contender Vern Vicallo, and his own uncle Doc Ozone to the shock of the Dedham fans… An injured Vern Vicallo would return later in the night to challenge BRG for the title, with President Dean “The Beast” Livsley making the three count and awarding Vicallo the NCW Championship!

NCW WrestleFest XVI
November 12th, 2021- Dedham, MA

NCW Women’s Championship Match
(c) B3cca vs. Little Mean Kathleen

The NCW Women’s Championship was created during the pandemic era of NCW’s 2021 Season with B3CCA being crowned the first ever Women’s Champion while her Scrunchie Squad teammate LMK struggled with the reign since she was repeatedly backstabbed by B3CCA leading up to the title victory as the inaugural champion. WrestleFest XVI would see these two incredibly talented women fight it out for the Women’s Title in a fantastic match that highlighted just how good they were with Kathleen picking up the huge victory and finally becoming NCW Women’s Champion.

OTHER NOTABLES: “The Victorious” Brett Ryan Gosselin shocked the NCW world in the closing moments of WrestleFest XVI as BRG paid off referee Rob Greer to assist in defeating Lumberjake for the NCW Championship after a masked man interfered in the match, revealing himself to be a returning Osirus. BRG then did the unthinkable when he trashed the NCW Heavyweight Championship and debuted his own version of the title- the Victorious Championship!

What’s been your favorite WrestleFest moment? What will be the big moment for NCW WrestleFest XVII? Join us December 2nd in Dedham MA for our NCW 2022 Season Finale live in Dedham!


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