A Sweet Return: NCW Sweet Victory Results

Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to Dedham, Massachusetts this past Friday night for NCW’s 2022 Season Kickoff with NCW SWEET VICTORY featuring the Victorious Champion “THE VICTORIOUS” BRETT RYAN GOSSELIN defending against the Ox Baker Cup holder “THE HUMAN MONSTER TRUCK” PERRY VON VICIOUS!


Friday March 4th, 2022
Jacon Jones VFW Post
Dedham, Massachusetts

Ring Announcers: Shane Daly & Colin Kaval
Ringside Photography: Dave Rodrigues, Max Bowen, & Jon Roy
Commentators: Derek Simonetti & Dallas McCarthy
Referees: Craig Cailler, Nic Nox, Scott Robinson, & TJ Richter

For photos from NCW Sweet Victory courtesy of Picture Dave Rodrigues please click here.

“CUTTER KOWALSKI” RICKY MEDEIROS defeated “THE ACE” MIKE MONTERO with a cutter followed by a moonsault kicking off the night with the DIRT CITY MURDER CRUE exploding in Dedham.

DA’ HOODZ (DAVEY CASH and KRIS PRYO) w/ KEVIN CASTRO, THE LEAGUE OF EXCELLENCE (STEVEN LUST and “FLAWLESS” NICK DIAMOND) w/ DALLAS MCCARTHY, & SAM RADCLIFFE defeated ROBBIE “THE GIANT” ARAUJO, DOCTOR HERESY, CPA, SEAN “VEGAN” KEEGAN, and AARON ACADAMIA in 10 Man Tag Team action when Steven Lust and “The Heat” Kris Pyro pinned Dr. Heresy after hitting him with a double superkick.

Post match as Da’ Hoodz and The League took turns pounding on Dr. Heresy “THE HEAVY HITTER” SHAY CASH made his way out to the ring to neutralize the situation, and post-match “The Giant” thanked Dr. Heresy and challenged him to be a better man this Season as the veteran of the locker room.

The Women’s Champion joins commentary for the Blitz

ISANA w/ Dallas McCarthy defeated “THE GIRL ON FIRE” JESSIE NOLAN via submission in the NCW Ballroom Blitz to become the #1 Contender to the NCW Women’s Championship.


  1. Delilah Hayden by Paris Van Dale
  2. PVD by Shannon Levangie
  3. Shannon Levangie by Elle Valentine
  4. Elle Valentine by Jessie Nolan
  5. Jessie Nolan by Elle Valentine

FOXY CALVIN CAMPBELL and DOC OZONE came out with Campbell presenting Ozone with his 2021 Manager of the Year Award. Both men were quickly interrupted by OSIRUS, who made his shocking return at WrestleFest XVI helping BRG win the NCW Heavyweight Championship. Osirus promised that his evolution brought him here, and that he would be calling his own shots from here on out, challenging his former partner to a match right now.

– Osirus defeated Foxy Calvin Campbell w/ Doc Ozone via submission. As Osirus refused to release the hold Ozone attempted to come in and talk his nephew down, but Osirus went to get right into Doc’s face. Before he could attack his Uncle THE LUMBERJAKE arrived on scene prompting Osirus to leave the ring.

The Victorious Champion BRETT RYAN GOSSELIN and the former NCW official ROB GREER, now calling himself BC PUTNAM showed up at ringside as Lumberjake stated that after what happened at WrestleFest someone was getting a beat down. BC tried to speak on behalf of BRG, who quickly informed Putnam what happened in November was a one time deal. Putnam then tried to speak for Osirus, who also declined a business relationship with the former referee. With both men leaving Putnam high and dry, Lumberjake delivered a brutal splash to Putnam turning him to dust.

Jake was then interrupted by Dallas McCarthy and The League of Excellence, who wanted to offer Lumberjake an opportunity to join The League as the 2021 Stable of the Year looks to expand their roster. Jake declined the offer, but “THE DWELLER OF THE DEEP” DYLAN NIX made it known if Jake said no, there would be hell to pay.

– The Lumberjake d. “The Dweller of the Deep” Dylan Nix w/ Dallas McCarthy with a giant muscle buster to put down The League of Excellence member.

– NCW Tag Team Champions “DELICIOUSLY VICIOUS” VERN VICALLO and “THE NATURAL” CHANNING THOMAS defeated MSP (AIDEN AGGRO and DANGERKID) to retain the NCW Tag Team Championship when Vicallo pinned Dangerkid after Channing Thomas sent Aggro colliding into DK allowing Vern to secure the pin after a sunset flip. The Champs struggled throughout the match to get on the same page, narrowly overcoming the odds to defeat the former NCW Tag Team Champions.

– NCW New England Champion “RIOT” KELLAN THOMAS defeated the former New England Champion “IRON” RIP BYSON to retain the New England Title in a hard hitting brawl that went all over the Dedham VFW.

Byson replaced TIM LENNOX in the match, who was arrested and kicked off a flight to Boston after attempting to smoke a cigarette in the airplane’s bathroom. Lennox has claimed that this was a conspiracy set up by NCW Human Resources to prevent him from getting his Championship Match, but we’d just call it a bad idea to smoke on a plane.

– NCW Women’s Champion LITTLE MEAN KATHLEEN d. “THE GOD QUEEN” DELMI EXO to retain the Women’s Title in a brutal match that pushed LMK to her limits from the cagey Exo after Delmi was DDT’ed onto the Championship belt she brought into the ring with LMK following up with a ‘Dudley Drop’ for the victory.

– The Victorious Champion “THE VICTORIOUS” BRETT RYAN GOSSELIN defeated the Ox Baker Memorial Cup holder “THE HUMAN MONSTER TRUCK” PERRY VON VICIOUS to retain the Championship after PVV seemingly won the belt himself after a vicious ‘Perry Go-Round’ that saw BRG manage to get his foot under the bottom rope as the ref counted three.

As referee CRAIG CAILLER restarted the match BRG attempted to bring the ring bell into the match, and as the ref went to put it back Gosselin used the ring hammer to smash PVV in the skull to retain his coveted title.

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