NCW 2021 Season Awards Results

The votes have been counted and your voice has been heard. THANK YOU to everyone who cast their vote in NCW’s 2021 Season Awards, and THANK YOU to everyone who supported Northeast Championship Wrestling during our 2021 Season, virtually or in person.

We cannot wait to kick off 25 years of NCW in Dedham, MA March 4th for NCW SWEET VICTORY, but before that…

Your Winners are-

NCW 2021 Wrestler of the Year

The Lumberjake – 18%

“RIOT” Kellan Thomas – 14%
“The Ace” Mike Montero – 12%
“The Victorious” BRG – 11%

The Lumberjake had a huge rebound in 2021 after finally squashing his beef with Kevin Castro at NCW Shoots and Ladders, ending a years long war with Camp Castro. Despite temptations from FAFO (Angel Sinclair & Savannah Lords) Jake was able to leverage his friendship with Blaze Bazuko and “RIOT” Kellan Thomas to refocus and recalibrate, winning the 2021 Big City Rumble (his third Big City Rumble victory) and winning the vacant NCW Championship for a third time. After a renewed war with Tim Lennox Lumberjake found himself on the wrong side of BRG, a returning Osirus, and corrupt NCW official Rob Greer at WrestleFest XVI losing the NCW Championship in heartbreaking fashion. But that loss cannot discount the incredible year Jake had in NCW, becoming the 2021 Wrestler of the Year.

“RIOT” Kellan Thomas and “The Ace” Mike Montero both let it all hang out this Season competing in some fantastic matches, notably their NCW New England Championship showcase at WrestleFest while the four-time NCW Heavyweight Champion and Victorious Champion Brett Ryan Gosselin rounded out the votes with 11% of the begrudging vote.

NCW 2021 Women’s Wrestler of the Year

Little Mean Kathleen – 29%

Becca – 28%
Big Juicy – 23%
Isana – 12%

*LOUD INDISTINGUISHABLE GRUNTING* At NCW WrestleFest XVI Little Mean Kathleen defeated Becca to become the new NCW Women’s Champion, cementing herself as the top dog in the Women’s Division and NCW’s most popular female grappler. LMK had a helluva year on her quest to become Women’s Champion and her rivalry with Becca, ending 2021 with a successful title defense against AVA at Lucky Pro Wrestling’s November to Remember.

It cannot be overstated how important Becca has been to this NCW Women’s Revolution, becoming NCW’s first Women’s Champion at Shoots and Ladders and showcasing her talents all over New England (and the world) while Big Juicy (23%) won over a huge portion of the vote while the former “Suplex Sweetheart” Isana seeks a new path after turning her back on the NCW fans this past Fall.

NCW 2021 Tag Team of the Year

Waves N’ Curls – 32%

The League of Excellence – 18%
Higher Society – 13%
The Big Boys – 12%

Though Waves N’ Curls (Traevon Jordan & Jaylyn Branden) were only around for half the year during the NCW 2021 Season, this dominant tag team not only won the NCW Tag Team Championship at NCW’s first iPPV but also blasted through 32% of the vote to become the NCW 2021 Tag Team of the Year.

Coming in with 18% of the vote is the tandem of Steven Lust and Nick Diamond representing The League of Excellence, while the egotistical combo of Paris Van Dale and her bestie Armani Kayos brough in 13%. Rounding out the tag team votes were The Big Boys of Chaz Cashew and Ricky Smokes, the former NCW Tag Team Champions who were fired by BRG at NCW’s Final Countdown last November.

NCW 2021 Match of the Year

NCW New England Title Match. Mike Montero vs. “RIOT” Kellan Thomas (WrestleFest XVI) – 37%

NCW Title Ladder Match. Vern Vicallo vs. Channing Thomas – 15%
NCW Women’s Title Match. Becca vs. Little Mean Kathleen – 13%
NCW 2021 Big City Rumble Match – 9%

“RIOT” Kellan Thomas had waited 19 years for this moment, and at NCW WrestleFest XVI he put everything on the line when he challenged “The Ace” Mike Montero for the NCW New England Championship. It was an epic showdown and in the closing moments when Ricky Medeiros neutralized Jason Devine to give Thomas his final chance to dethrone Montero to become New England Champion and the second man to become NCW Triple Crown people were calling it a Match of the Year contender. In a landslide at 37% the majority agreed- this was THE match.

The epic Ladder Match between “The Natural” Channing Thomas and NCW Champion Vern Vicallo, only the second Ladder Match in NCW history came in at 15% while the NCW Women’s Championship classic from WrestleFest earned 13% of the vote. Rounding out the list was the entire NCW roster showcasing their talents in the Big City Rumble Match to crown a new Champion following Vicallo’s forceful forfeiture.

NCW 2021 Breakout Star of the Year

Blaze Bazuko – 18%

Big Juicy – 15%
Nick Diamond – 13%
Love, Doug – 12%

The NCW Breakout Star of the Year Award evolved from the NCW Rookie of the Year Award as the Award grew to showcase those that made a huge impact in NCW throughout the year, breaking out in NCW in a big way throughout the Season.

Blasting her way in a glitterbomb straight out of Studio 54 (wait, Studio 54. Is she a time traveler? IS TIME TRAVEL INVOLED?) winning 18% of the vote is the NCW FULL EVENT CHAMPION (the NCW Full Event Championship is not a recognized title- it’s not a thing) and BFF to Lumberjake Blaze Bazuko!

Big Juicy came in runner-up with 15% of the vote while “Flawless” Nick Diamond swooped in with 13% for The League of Excellence. Loving his way into 12% of the vote was Love, Doug, breaking out into the hearts of the NCW fans.

NCW 2021 Manager of the Year

Doc Ozone – 30%

Dallas McCarthy – 24%
Steve “The Turtle” Weiner – 19%
Kevin Castro – 18%

The four time winner of the Manager of the Year Award the party himself Doc Ozone has won Manager of the Year for an unprecedented fifth time, holding back a very aggressive challenge from Dallas McCarthy, who shockingly won 24% of the vote.

Steve “The Turtle” Weiner was able to scoop up 19% of the vote despite hosting an underground gambling ring, enabling Kevin Castro to perfect his shenanigans and earn 18% of the vote.

NCW 2021 Feud of the Year

BRG vs. Channing Thomas vs. Vern Vicallo – 27%

Becca vs. Little Mean Kathleen – 20%
Ricky Medeiros vs. Mike Montero – 13%
Kevin Castro vs. Davey Cash vs. Shay Cash – 12%

The twists and turns of the three way war between “The Victorious” BRG, “The Natural” Channing Thomas, and “Deliciously Vicious” Vern Vicallo was all encompassing during the 2021 Season with Channing Thomas attempting to dethrone Vern Vicallo for the NCW Championship only leading to the shocking reveal that BRG had been pulling fire alarms on his alleged friend. This led to their epic three way battle at the Virtual REUNION iPPV and escalated further to the Ladder Match between Thomas and Vicallo which saw BRG interject and steal the NCW Championship while putting Vicallo in the disabled list for months.

BRG and Thomas continued their way in Empty Arena Matches and backstage attacks until Vern shockingly returned after pretending to be Curry Boy, reigniting memories going back to BRG’s 2019 shocker impersonating Curry Boy in the 2019 Rumble. With Vern and Channing now holding the Tag Team Titles together and BRG holding the NCW Championship Victorious Championship, 2022 is anyone’s ballgame for this incredible feud.

Kathleen and Becca’s game of one-upmanship led to an incredible rivalry this year, while “Cutter Kowalski” Ricky Medeiros broke free from Mike Montero’s demanding ways to challenge for the New England Championship. The ongoing soap opera between Kevin Castro, Davey Cash, and Shay Cash rounded out the voting, earning 12% of the vote.

NCW’s 2021 Most Popular

The Lumberjake – 19% (tie)
“RIOT” Kellan Thomas – 19% (tie)

Little Mean Kathleen – 13% (tie)
“Insane” Dick Lane – 13% (tie)

Vern Vicallo – 9%
Love, Doug – 7%

Trying to determine a favorite wrestler in NCW is a tough nut to crack, because at the end of the day there’s so many favorites! And for the first time ever (since last year) two men will share the honors of 2021 Most Popular, and who better than those two being The Lumberjake and NCW New England Champion “RIOT” Kellan Thomas?

Voting went right up to midnight with both men receiving huge votes, but it turns out the fans love Women’s Champion Little Mean Kathleen just as much as “Insane” Dick Lane, tying up the runner-up for the award splitting 13% of the vote.

Former NCW Heavyweight Champion and reigning Tag Team Champion “Deliciously Vicious” Vern Vicallo won 9% of the vote with newcomer Love, Doug rounding out the top votes with 7% of the lovely support of the NCW fans.

NCW’s 2021 Most Hated

“The Victorious” BRG – 33%

Becca – 11%
Kevin Castro – 9% (tie)
Higher Society – 9%
Mike Montero – 8%

Was anyone more hated this past year than Brett Ryan Gosselin? Based on the votes that flooded in we’d say no as “The Victorious” BRG won NCW’s Most Hated in a landslide winning 33% of the vote as he ended the year causing riots, regaining the NCW Heavyweight Championship for an unprecedented fourth time thanks to crooked referee Rob Greer and Osirus, and capping off the Season with trashing the Heavyweight Championship into the trash and christening his own Victorious Championship belt as the rightful prize in NCW.

Rounding out the list is the first ever NCW Women’s Champion Becca earning 11% of the vote for her brash antics while the manager everyone hates to hate Kevin Castro tied with the pairing of Armani Kayos and Paris Van Dale to earn 9% of the audiences scorn. Coming in at 8% is the former NCW New England Champion Mike Montero, still reeling from his WrestleFest loss to “RIOT” Kellan Thomas.

NCW 2021 Best Non Wrestling Personality

Shane Daly – 37%

Derek Simonetti – 16%
Picture Dave Rodrigues – 13%
Anybody but Shane Daly – 12%

Since the debut of the Best Non Wrestling Personality award in NCW one man has always strived to reach the top of the mountain and earn the prize that has eluded him for a decade, but after all these years ring announcer and Walking Taco novice Shane Daly has defied the odds and walked away your 2021 Best Non Wrestling Personality.

Sure, it took referee Redd Roche and NCW President Dean “The Beast” Livsley being off the ballot. Sure, it took heavy campaigning against commentary and ring announcing VIP Derek Simonetti to position himself as a contender. Sure, it took hiring a SAG actor and renaming him Chuck Fagan, and having him do some of the worst ring announcing seen in 24 years to make Shane Daly look like Michael Buffer/Gordon Solie/Howard Finkel combined in comparison… But at the end of the day he did it. Shane Daly is your 2021 Best Non Wrestling Personality.

Sure, we could have added inanimate puppet Kepler to the list just to hurt his chances of winning. Sure, we could have added the bartender of the VFW to thwart his opportunity for victory (shout out to Tommy!). Sure, we could have spoiled the MCU cinematic masterpiece Spider-Man: No Way Home under the reddit screen name MarvelSonySpiderLoverShaneDaly69 to ruin his reputation and hurt his odds of a W. But we didn’t.

Congratulations Shane, you’re going to need all the luck you can in 2022.

Now where’s our Walking Taco?

NCW 2021 Stable of the Year

The League of Excellence – 19%

The Dirt City Murder Crue – 17%
The Scrunchie Squad – 15%
Camp Castro – 13%

Collecting his assortment of villainous wrestlers and creating his own island of misfit toys Dallas McCarthy reinvented himself in 2021 by bringing his League of Excellence together to mildly annoy the NCW roster. Leading off with ZPB Dallas continued to recruit anyone willing to follow his book– aligning Dylan Nix, Steven Lust, “Flawless” Nick Diamond, and Isana together into the weirdest mishmash of talent combined.

The DCMC had a rough year after splitting on all fronts as Ricky Medeiros stood up for himself against Mike Montero while Montero went to hold onto the New England Championship at all costs, forcing Jason Devine to pick a side in this DCMC civil war. The same issues plagued The Scrunchie Squad as Becca and LMK went to war with one another, while Camp Castro’s ongoing issues caused much dissent for Castro, Davey Cash, and Shay Cash heading into the end of the 2021 Season.

NCW 2021 Holy S#!T Moment of the Year

Anthony Greene returns at NCW WrestleFest XVI – 28%

Osirus returns to help BRG win the NCW Championship screwing over Lumberjake – 16%
Tim Lennox returns and murders Nick Stapp feeding him to his dog – 12%
“RIOT” Kellan Thomas wins the NCW Triple Crown – 10%

It was truly a year of “Holy $HI!T moments in 2021, but there was none greater than the former NCW Heavyweight Champion “The Alternative” Anthony Greene returning to the Jacob Jones VFW Post to accept Gal Barkay’s Entourage Open Challenge at WrestleFest XVI.

WrestleFest also saw a shocking return when Osirus returned to help Brett Ryan Gosselin screw over Lumberjake and win the NCW Heavyweight Championship, while people still couldn’t believe that Tim Lennox murdered Nick Stapp and fed him to his dog on NCW BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

Finally WrestleFest also saw “RIOT” Kellan Thomas achieve his dream of winning the NCW New England Championship and becoming only the second man in NCW history to become Triple Crown Champion- a true accomplishment years in the making.

Northeast Championship Wrestling’s 2022 Season kicks off celebrating 25 years of NCW on Friday night March 4th in Dedham, MA and on Friday March 25th in Bristol, RI. Check out Upcoming Events for more information!


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