The Season Finale Showcase: NCW WrestleFest XVI Results from Dedham!

This past Friday night Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to Dedham, MA and the Jacob Jones VFW Post for the NCW 2021 Season finale WrestleFest XVI! A huge thank you to all of our fans who came out to support NCW and to all of those who supported NCW throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the ‘Pandemic Era’ of NCW. We wouldn’t be here without you.

NCW WrestleFest XVI
Friday November 12th, 2021
Jacob Jones VFW Post Dedham, MA

Ring Announcers: Shane Daly & Colin Kaval
Commentators: Derek Simonetti & Dallas McCarthy
Referees: Rob Greer, Scott Robinson, & TJ Richter
Ringside Photography: Dave Rodrigues & Shane Muir

Check out photos from NCW WrestleFest XVI courtesy of Picture Dave Rodrigues!

– In the NCW Ox Baker Memorial Season Cup “The Human Monster Truck” Perry Von Vicious defeated “Cutter Kowalski” Ricky Medeiros to win the Season Cup.


  1. Ricky Medeiros
  2. Jason Devine
  3. Derique (Representing Tim Kilgore) w/ Delilah Hayden
  4. Sirish
  5. Dr. Reginald Heresy
  6. Blade Bandit
  7. “The Human Monster Truck” Perry Von Vicious
  8. Rip Byson
  9. “The Natural Born Thriller” Randy Rivera
  10. El Espartano


– The former NCW Tag Team Champions Detox found themselves as Entrants #1 and #2 into the Ox Baker Cup as Devine continued to alienate Ricky Medeiros from The DCMC… The Ox Baker Memorial Cup saw the shocking return of Rip Byson as the MAD tag team partner of PVV came face to face with his former partner during the Cup! In a reversal from the previous Ox Baker Cup at NCW FALLOUT Perry Von Vicious was able to finish off Medeiros to win the Ox Baker Cup and earn a Championship Match against any Champion in 2022!

Dallas McCarthy brought out The League of Excellence to brag about Dylan Nix being 1-0 at WrestleFest after Alexander Lee was unable to compete in their scheduled Dog Collar Match, and was now undefeated at WrestleFest before it even happened. McCarthy predicted victory for his entire team in Dedham.

– The League of Excellence (“The Dweller of the Deep” Dylan Nix, “Flawless” Nick Diamond, & “Right Stuff” Steven Lust) w/ Dallas McCarthy d. Robbie “The Giant” Araujo, Ike, & Foxy Calvin Campbell w/ Doc Ozone when Nick Diamond pinned Campbell to win for his team.

– In the Bodybag Match CPA defeated Tim Lennox despite attempted interference from Lennox’s Fortnitemare Family member Dan Terry, who made his way into the bodybag during the match, put a lit cigarette out in CPA’s eye, and chugged a bottle of pills while trying to kill CPA for a second time.

Unfortunately for Lennox and Terry “The Brother of Deduction” took the power inside him to lay out both men with a double chokeslam and enclose Lennox in the bodybag he had originally used on Nick Stapp all those months ago.

Little Mean Kathleen defeated NCW Women’s Champion Becca with a beautiful Superplex/Fisherwoman’s Suplex combo to become the new NCW Women’s Champion in a fantastic showcase for both women.

“The Israeli Superstar” Gal Barkay, Armani Kayos, and Paris Van Dale arrived for the first Entourage Open Challenge, ready for anyone to come out and accept the challenge to face off with Barkay… The challenge was then answered by “The Alternative” Anthony Greene!

– “The Alternative” Anthony Greene defeated Gal Barkay with a brutal superkick, which brought The Higher Society back out to console Barkay. AG then took the microphone as the former NCW Heavyweight Champion said he never travels alone, and welcomed Ava Everett and “Not America’s Sweetheart” Davienne out to make their own challenge to Kayos and PVD!

– Ava Everett & Davienne d. Higher Society (Armani Kayos & Paris Van Dale) in tag team action to shut down the egotistical duo and end celebrated their victory with “The Alternative” live in Dedham during Intermission!

Coming back from Intermission Da’ Hoodz (“The Highlight” Davey Cash & “The Heat” Kris Pyro) along with Kevin Castro bragging about Pyro attacking “The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash’s knee at The Final Countdown, and how Shay could not be cleared by any Doctor before WrestleFest. Castro announced that the scheduled tag match was canceled, which brought out Frank Champion anyway, ready to fight. Champion screamed he was ready to fight 2 on 1 in a Handicap Match, but Castro thought that was a bad idea. He was so confident his boys could beat Frank that IF Champion could somehow win he’d get five minutes with Castro.

– Frank Champion defeated Da’ Hoodz in a Handicap Match, but as Champion went to collect his five minutes with Castro Davey and Pyro brutally attacked Champion, laying him out, choking him and flattening him with a vicious frog splash.

– In the Good Housekeeping Match Isana w/ Dallas McCarthy defeated Jessie Nolan in a brutal hardcore affair as Isana exercised her suplexing demons out on Nolan.

– In the battle between NCW Tag Team Champions “The Natural” Channing Thomas defeated “Deliciously Vicious” Vern Vicallo when Thomas thought better of using the piledriver on Vicallo, allowing Vern to nearly take the victory before Thomas was able to secure a roll-up and pin Vicallo clean in the middle of the ring. Following the match, Vern grabbed the baseball bat and Tag Team Title belt, and opted to give Thomas the Tag Championship, and finally acknowledging him as Channing Thomas– NOT Timmy Thunder.

“RIOT” Kellan Thomas d. NCW New England Champion “The Ace” Mike Montero to win the NCW New England Title and become NCW’s second ever Triple Crown Winner in a phenomenal match that saw both men pull out the stops. Interference from both Jason Devine and Ricky Medeiros would not prevent Thomas from achieving his destiny and finally becoming New England Champion.

“The Victorious” Brett Ryan Gosselin defeated the NCW Heavyweight Champion The Lumberjake to win the NCW title for a fourth time after laying Jake out with a Championship belt (for the second time) after Jake was attacked by a masked man holding a belt bag along with NCW official Rob Greer refusing to count three on BRG after Scott Robinson was taken out of the match. BRG then did the unthinkable, throwing down the NCW Heavyweight Championship in a trashcan, and thanking the masked man for his help, unmasking to shockingly reveal OSIRUS, who had not been seen since NCW’s 2020 Kickoff. BRG then debuted the Victorious Championship, saying this is the only belt he recognizes in NCW, not the Heavyweight Title.

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