Don’t Stop Reading These Don’t Stop Believin’ Results!

Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to iPPV and to YouTube to present NCW Don’t Stop Believin’, our final iPPV of the ‘pandemic era’ of NCW’s 2021 Season as we prepare for the 2021 Big City Rumble August 20th in Dedham.

  • “RIOT” Kellan Thomas defeated Zachary Pierre Beaulieu w/ Dallas McCarthy with a Shining Wizard after overcoming Dally’s cheating ways without the help of Kellan’s sometimes tag team partner Lumberjake, who he asked to stay away from ringside.

NCW Officials revealed that The Big Boys (Chaz Cashew and Ricky Smokes) had attacked the #1 Contenders to the NCW Tag Team Championship The Little Giants (Robbie “The Giant” Araujo & Bullet Joe Barreto) in the parking lot, effectively taking them off the show and out of their title opportunity against Waves N’ Curls.

  • NCW Women’s Champion Becca defeated Sarah Teller with a superkick to retain the Women’s Title.
  • In a Triple Threat Match “Foxy” Calvin Campbell with a returning Doc Ozone defeated “The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash and Davey Cash w/ Kevin Castro when Doc assisted Campbell with evening the odds against Cold Hard Cashtro.

As JC Marxxx and Dallas McCarthy began running down the remainder of the card cameras quickly caught Cashew and Smokes attacking Waves N’ Curls Jaylen Branden and stealing his NCW Tag Team Title belt, arriving at ringside and boasting that the tutelage of BRG has shown The Big Boys that they must take what’s there’s and challenge Traevon Jordan to show up and accept the challenge of The Big Boys– with or without his tag team partner.

  • The Big Boys (Chaz Cashew & Ricky Smokes) d. Waves N’ Curls when Chaz Cashew went low on Traevon Jordan to steal the victory and the Tag Team Championship in a 2 on 1 slaughter.
  • NCW New England Champion “The Ace” Mike Montero d. Ricky Medeiros his DCMC partner and friend when an annoyed Medeiros stepped in to accept Montero’s open challenge for the NCW New England Title. “The Cutter Kowalski” put up a great effort nearly defeating Montero, but in the end Montero was able to keep Ricky down with a double stomp off the top. Following the match both men showed each other respect.
  • Ike d. Tim Lennox when a psychotic Lennox had Ike up for an FU when the lights began to flicker throughout the Dedham VFW like they had been all night, distracting Lennox and allowing Ike to roll him up for the win. As a distraught Lennox continued to scream at JC Marxxx about the lights everything went black leading to THE BODY BAG that held the body of Nick Stapp lying in the middle of the ring. Lennox opened the bag only to find not the eaten remains of Stapp but rather CPA himself, returning from the dead as The Undertaxer laid Lennox out with a chokeslam with Tim getting away before CPA could hit a Tombstone Piledriver on the murderous Lennox.
  • In an Empty Arena Match “The Natural” Channing Thomas defeated “The Victorious” BRG Brett Ryan Gosselin with a vicious piledriver after brawling all over the Dedham VFW to give Thomas the final spot in the 2021 Big City Rumble Match and forcing BRG to enter the match at #1.

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