Wright Wrecap: NCW Match Game!

Better late than never as the saying goes. I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day weekend. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

FAFO and LumberJake def The Scrunchie Squad

I am still scratching my head in how this relationship has developed so quickly between FAFO and Jake. It’s baffling to me, but however you want to look at it, it’s working because they worked as a well oiled machine in the ring against the Scrunchie Squad. Speaking of…Little Mean Kathleen is finding herself by herself towards the end of this one. She went to make the tag after taking a beating from the threesome across the ring, and Paris Van Dale and Armani Kayos bailed on their partner! This allowed Angel Sinclair and Savannah Lords to hit the double Chokeslam on LMK for the victory!

Zachary Pierre Beaulieu (w/Dallas McCarthy) def Alexander Lee (w/ Jessie Nolan and Dylan Nix) in a “Throw in the Towel” match

This match had it all. Wine bottles, serving trays, a toilet brush (hopefully not used) walking tacos (insert Shane Daly joke here) even attempted manslaughter on a puppet! These two men beat the hell out of each other all over the Jacob Jones! When it looked like Alexander Lee had the match won, Dylan Nix nearly kicked his mentor’s head off! Jessie Nolan screaming on the outside, wondering what just happened, had no choice but to throw in the towel after Nix, ZPB, and Dallas McCarthy continued to triple team the only Triple Crown winner in NCW.

Channing Thomas def Bullet Joe Baretto in the Blind Date Challenge Match

Give it up to NCW Promoter JC Marxxx, because he came up with some amazing concepts for matches at NCW Match Game, including the Blind Date Challenge featuring The Natural Channing Thomas.

Thomas had to select his opponent from 3 “lucky” competitors. Each had 30 seconds to make their case as to why The Natural should choose them. The first two combatants appeared as silhouettes on the big screen, and I gotta say…those voices sounded awfully familiar. However the 3rd participant didn’t want to be held in secrecy any more, and revealed himself to be…Bullet Joe Baretto! Bullet said he wants to prove himself as a singles competitor in NCW. Channing Thomas was more than up for the challenge and we have our match!

If Bullet Joe wanted to prove himself as a singles competitor…he certainly did so against one of the best and brightest in this one, scoring several near falls one after another. However a huge slap to the face seemed to awaken The Natural and he hit one of the damnedest pile drivers you will ever see, causing Baretto to bounce a foot off the mat after impact. It was academic after that as Thomas secured the 1-2-3.

Little Mean Kathleen def Big Juicy to retain the NCW Women’s title on behalf of Becca

Here we go with the Proxy Squad again. Try to follow me on this one. Becca is the Women’s champ, but hasn’t been seen since she won the tournament. LMK took the title belt at Shoots and Ladders, promising Becca a huge “Becca”bration. Becca doesn’t show for the party, so LMK parades around with the title, just holding it for Becca of course. Enter NCW President Dean “The Beast” Livesly, who states via proxy through JC Marxxx (fitting huh?) that Kathleen must defend the Women’s title against the woman who defeated her at Shoots and Ladders, Big Juicy!

Juicy nearly scored the Women’s title as she hit a Samoan Drop for a 2 count. She almost locked in the Juicy Bomb, but Little Mean Kathleen countered into a springboard bulldog for the victory, retaining the Women’s title for Becca. After the match, Big Juicy offered a handshake to LMK, a sign of ultimate respect, and Kathleen reluctantly shook Juicy’s hand. Paris Van Dale and Armani Kayos weren’t too impressed, however as they leave the ringside area WITHOUT LMK for the second time tonight! What is going on with the Scrunchie Squad?

Robbie the Giant Arujo def Shay Cash and Ricky Mederios in the Press Your Luck Triple Threat match to determine the No. 1 contenders to the NCW Tag Team titles

In another wacky matchup, Robbie The Giant put it all on the line when he went to the top rope and hit an amazing cross body on both Mederios and Cash, but whacked his head hard on the apron on the rebound. As his partner, Bullet Joe comes out to check on him, Kevin Castro appeared out of nowhere, wearing the most hideous tropical shirt I’ve ever seen. He was supposed to be in the Poconos! He and Davey Cash get in a HUGE argument outside, but are able to roll Shay back into the ring so he can eat a Stunner from Robbie for the 3 count!

Billy Wennkar def Tim Kilgore in a Dutchess of Queensbury rules match

In a match where no one really knows the rules of the match, Tim Kilgore looked to have a massive advantage, with Derique and Delilah Hayden in his corner. Billy Wennkar had things well under control when Hayden rang the bell signifying the end of…round 1? Round 2 began with a sneak attack from Kilgore. Derique and Delilah get in the ring as the referee was down and they both get their legs kicked out from under them for their trouble. Wennkar then locks in an Indian Deathlock on both of them, then bridges back to lock in a reverse double underhook to force all three to tap out.

Mike Montero def Davienne to retain the NCW New England title

In a match that Ricky Mederios held the fate of the New England Champion in his hands, the Cutter Kowalski chose who was behind door number 3. When he opened the door he immediately said “I messed up”, but NCW fans would beg to differ with Mederios because behind door 3 was none other than Not America’s Sweetheart, Davienne.

This gives us a match that we didn’t know we wanted, but now we want more. Davienne started off hot tossing the champion around with German Suplexes. The Ace was able to gain the advantage, until missing a flying attempt into the corner. It looked like Davienne was going to hit the baseball slide into the corner, but the Ace was quick enough to roll out of the way and hit a beautiful spinning roundhouse kick to retain his title.

Foxy Calvin Campbell def Tim Lennox in a New Jack City Street Fight

Tim Lennox recently made his return to NCW by destroying Doc Ozone, and letting it be known that he is coming after Foxy Calvin Campbell. Foxy responded with a challenge to a New Jack City streetfight in honor of the recently passed away ECW Original New Jack.

These two threw EVERYTHING that wasn’t nailed down at each other. Aluminum pans, a toilet plunger ( what is it with NCW and toilet instruments?), a cheese grater, even a Tiki Torch! Lennox thought he had the match won when he went under the ring to reveal a bunch of acupuncture needles, looking to prick the Diamond of Dorchester thousands of times. Foxy was able to block and control the needles, jabbing them into Lennox’s arm before hitting the Kiss that don’t Miss for the victory.

After the match, Foxy looked into the camera and dedicated the win to both Doc Ozone, and New Jack.

Brett Ryan Gosselin (w/ The Big Boys) def Love, Doug in a Love Connection Lumberjack Match; Vern Vicallo hunts down BRG leading to a car chase through the streets of Dedham

I would have to say with certainty that The Victorious one was the nervous one coming into a match where the ring is surrounded by his peers, and he is holding stolen property in the NCW Heavyweight title.

Doug took advantage of the rules, sending BRG to the outside allowing the Lumberjacks to get their hands on the former 3-time champion. THe Big Boys did what they could to protect BRG, but let’s face it, it was 3-on-the NCW locker room at this point.

Suddenly, NCW Champion Vern Vicallo bursts through the curtain with baseball bat in tow looking to get his hands on BRG. This causes a distraction as EVERYONE tries to hold back Vicallo, allowing The Big Boys to hit the Doomsday Dropkick on Love, Doug. BRG follows with the Overdrive for the win.

BRG and the Boys quickly tuck tail and run out of the back door into a waiting car. Vern was close behind them, but runs into Dallas McCarthy instead. McCarthy gets a Louisville Slugger tattoo, and then Vern (presumably) steals Dally’s car to chase BRG as the cameras fade to black!

For photos from NCW MATCH GAME check out Picture Dave Rodrigues’ album here!


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