Wright Wrecap: NCW Behind Closed Doors Episode #10

We begin this weeks episode with a preview of what’s to come as LumberJake, in search of his tag partner RIOT Kellan Thomas and Blaze Basuco, stumbles upon Angel Sinclair and Savannah Lords of FAFO. Viewer discretion is DEFINITELY advised.

Next, Dallas McCarthy is seen on camera as NCW Champion Vern Vicallo pulls up with baseball bat in tow looking for Brett Ryan Gosselin. McCarthy says he hasn’t seen BRG, and informs Vern that he parked in a handicap spot! Really Dallas? You think that’s a good time to mention that? Vicallo disposes of Dallas and rages on looking for the man who stole his title. He goes through the curtain to the ring where Tim Kilgore’s “twin” is in the ring, and that’s not really the place to be right now. Vern tosses him aside and proceeds to get into the face of NCW Owner JC Marxxx, demanding his title back. He says if JC can’t get it back, then the baseball bat will.

It’s announced that the next iPPV will take place on Sunday Night June 27 at 7:30 pm. Gene Rayburn, eat your heart out! (Yeah I know I’m showing my age…Google it ya bunch of millennials.) NCW presents Match Game!

Steven Lust def Jessie Nolan (w/ Dylan Nix and Blade Bandit)

Jessie Nolan is a student of Alexander Lee. Steven Lust, an NCW veteran, is a student of the game and is much more experienced. He shows this by toying with Nolan at the get-go. Nolan is able to gain the upper hand with a big clothesline and an Eat DeFeet sending Lust to the outside. Lust is able to avoid contact from both Nolan and Blade Bandit on the outside before bowling Bandit into Nolan!

Back in the ring, The Right Stuff forces Nolan back to the corner, and looks to chop Jessie across the chest, but instead, decides to flick her nose? That flips on the “pissed switch” as Derek Simonetti says on commentary, and Nolan starts throwing forearms like it’s her job…because it is. Lust quickly kills that momentum with a knee to the gut.

Lust hits a beautiful bulldog into the second turnbuckle as he continues to control the match. Lust takes an ill-advised run to the corner and is met with a knee from Nolan. She attempts a swinging DDT but Lust slips out and drills her with a boot to the face for a 2-count! Lust looks to end it, but Nolan is able to avoid contact and hits a spear out of nowhere! Lust is reversed into the corner and met with a big avalanche and a devastating cannonball from Nolan for a 2-count of her own! Dylan Nix hops onto the apron after receiving a (I can’t believe I have to type this) snot rocket from Lust. Nolan tries to take advantage, but Lust avoids and slips behind Nolan, and rolls her up for the victory!

Ricky Mederios is on the phone backstage, upset with Jason Devine for once again not being there. He then walks into Shay Cash who is video chatting with Kevin Castro. Castro says that even though he isn’t physically there, he still supports his man, unlike Ricky’s friends who always seem to be missing. Ricky challenges Shay to a match later tonight…Castro accepts. Shay, who didn’t say a word, now has a match against The Cutter Kowalski!

Tim Kilgore is seen in the dressing room with who is now being identified as his new assistant. He sends him off to gather Fiji water (here we go with the Fiji again), 1000 green M&Ms, and a “ridiculous” amount of apples. He then says to his assistant to inform his producer, Delilah Hayden (?) to take the money needed from the bank account. What is going on here?

Ricky Mederios def Shay Cash (w/Kevin Castro…sort of)

I say “sort of” because we see Kevin Castro watching from the broadcast position via FaceTime? Ugh. I thought we didn’t have to see his face on this show. He’s probably shopping for shoes after LumberJake choke slammed him out of his last pair. I digress…

Shay starts off showing his power, flinging Mederios across the ring. Ricky counters by showing his speed advantage avoiding a splash in the corner and hitting a running forearm. He attempts a German duplex on Shay, but the Heavy Hitter is able to keep his feet on the ground and get to the ropes, and we see a clean break from Mederios. His thanks for that? Temporary blindness. Shay thumbed him.

Shay lays in the forearms to the back, but puts his head down too soon as Ricky hits a series of patented kicks. He then rebounds off the ropes and runs into the damnedest chokeslam from Shay. I don’t think Ricky has landed yet.

Shay continues to wear down Mederios, the Cutter Kowalski lives up to the name by hitting 3 huge Cutters in succession on the big man! Shay is able to recover and hit a hard clothesline, then a cross body that engulfed Mederios for a 2 count. Shay then slaps Mederios, which seemed to awaken the man from the Dirt City, hitting a combination of punches before showing incredible strength with a German duplex on The Heavy Hitter for a near fall!

Mederios then exits the ring and grabs Castro, who’s still on the phone via FaceTime and brings him on the apron. The referee tries to get Ricky to put the phone down, and Shay comes in to take the phone, and put it down in the corner. Mederios sneaks behind and rolls up Cash for the 3 count! He may have had his feet on the ropes.

Back to the dressing room of Tim Kilgore where his assistant, who’s been addressed as David and Donovan already, brings him his Fiji water at room temperature, 65 degrees. Oh no, not good enough for Mr Kilgore, who sends his assistant back out to find 62 degree Fiji water.

The screen says March 13, 2020. We see Ike crawling out of the woods like some four-legged animal. He comes across an “Evolution of LumberJake” t-shirt. Ike focuses in on the images, and begins to struggle as he stands upright on his two feet! Then, much like a newborn deer, he begins to take his first steps, and before you know it, Ike is walking!

BREAKING NEWS! NCW will welcome back fans IN PERSON on Friday night August 20th at the BIG CITY RUMBLE!!

The Big Boys def Dylan Nix and Blade Bandit

Smokes and Cashew get the early jump on the NCW rookies dominating Blade Bandit. The Big Boys have made their intentions known, looking for Tag Team gold in NCW, but Blade Bandit has other plans as he is able to suplex BOTH men at once! He makes the tag to Nix, who slams Smokes, then Cashew onto Smokes! Nix had momentum going for his team when Bandit tagged himself back in, and paid for it as he quickly was elevated by Cashew, and hit with a drop kick by smokes into a jackknife cover for the 3!

The moment we have been waiting for! Well at least I’ve been waiting for! LumberJake comes across FAFO as they work out each other’s kinks…in their necks! Jake has a hard time keeping the water in his bottle and spills a bit. Savannah is quick to clean it up though, such a good friend. As FAFO tries to get Jake to go with them, Jake has to take a moment for things to…um…settle?

Tim Kilgore def Ike

Yes I know Kilgore was accompanied to the ring by his assistant, but Tim didn’t allow him to be introduced, so I’m going to respect that. We do, however, come to find out that his name is Derique.

Kilgore and Ike show off some excellent counter wrestling as Ike utilizes a short arm scissor, and a beautiful bridge while in a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock. Kilgore is able to counter an attempted head scissor into what looks like a reverse power bomb, dropping Ike on his face. The Badass of Broadway locks in a Cradle submission, suspending Ike off the mat. Incredible move by Kilgore! He follows it with a textbook belly to back suplex where the bottom drops out.

Ike swings the momentum with a big clothesline and a classic body slam! This prompts Derique to get on the apron, and is met with a forearm from Ike for his trouble. This allows Kilgore, however, to cinch in and hit the Dead Blackout brain buster for the victory!

Check out photos from NCW BEHIND CLOSED DOORS EPISODE #10 courtesy of Picture Dave Rodrigues!


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