Wright Wrecap: NCW Behind Closed Doors Ep #8

As of the time of this post, we are mere HOURS away from Shoots and Ladders on iPPV. With that said, let’s look back at what happened on the final show leading up to the iPPV!

The show opens with Pimp Daddy Apple Cinnamon approaching Savannah Lords and Angel Sinclair about potentially “scoring” this week. Savannah lets PDAC know that FAFO is ready to “mount” the Express. Is anyone else sweating? No? Just me? OK, moving on.

Cold Hard Cash (w/Kevin Castro) def. Dylan Nix and Conner Hex; Castro reveals the 4th man for Team Castro

In spite of the differences between Davey Cash and Kevin Castro, the uncle/nephew duo of Cold Hard Cash look more than ready for Shoots and Ladders, as they take care of business against two of Alexander Lee’s students, Nix and Hex. Great tag team work as Shay and Davey work over Hex for a majority of the match, finishing him off with a top rope leg drop from Davey for the 3 count.

After the bell, Kevin Castro grabs the mic and says that it is finally time to reveal who is the 4th and final member of Team Castro for the Total Elimination match on May 23rd. As Castro goes over all the accolades this man has accomplished over his career, and how he is very familiar with both Davey and Shay Cash, Davey starts to think more and more that it’s his frequent tag partner, Kris Pyro. However, Castro has other plans as he introduces…FRANK CHAMPION! The team is now complete and we now will see a Heavy Hitters reunion on May 23!

Becca def. Little Mean Kathleen in the NCW Women’s Championship Tournament Quarterfinals

It’s Scrunchie Squad vs. Scrunchie Squad as the co winners of the 2021 Ballroom Blitz square off. After the bell sounds, signaling the start of the contest, Becca suggests that the two don’t fight. Instead, the winner should be determined by a coin toss?? You have to be kidding? But they are not, as Becca grabs a coin. LMK is all in favor of this and calls Heads.

Becca flips and as the coin rolls around and LMK is looking intently to see if she wins, Becca rolls up Kathleen for the 3 count! Little Mean Kathleen is more than mean…she’s pissed as Becca moves on to face Davianne in the Semifinals of the tournament! (for those wondering, the coin landed Tails)

The Middlesex Express is getting ready for what Steven Lust thinks is the big double date with FAFO, but he asks Pimp Daddy why is they are putting on their wrestling gear. PDAC assures Pahtnah, “don’t worry, they’re into it”

The Big Boys, Chaz Cashew and Ricky Smokes make their future intentions known as they complain that their waists feel a bit naked, and are looking for tag team gold!

FAFO def The Middlesex Express in tag team action

So the date that Pimp Daddy set up for him and Lust turns out to be a tag team match against the lovely, but dangerous, ladies of FAFO! Lords and Sinclair get the upper hand early as PDAC is playing chase and can’t catch Savannah, ramming his own shoulder into the post. Pimp Daddy quickly makes the tag to Steven Lust, and he has no better luck as Sinclar hits a picture perfect Samoan Drop!

Lust, desperate to make the tag is within reach and Pimp Daddy Apple Cinnamon pulls the old Rick Martel to Tito Santana, the old Randy Savage to Hulk Hogan, the old Sid Justice to Hulk Hogan, the old…you get the point. PDAC jumps off the apron leaving his long time partner high and dry! Clearly this is payback from when Lust tossed PDAC out of the ring to slide into a tag title match at Reunion! Lust can’t believe it and turns right into a Platinum Cutter from Sinclair. FAFO with a major victory!

Management walks into Tim Kilgore’s locker room and sees something he clearly didn’t want to see, and backs out of there quicker than you can say “Don’t squeeze the Charmin”

Ricky Medeiros approaches PDAC in the dressing room. He says that Lust sucks, and that he should’ve picked Pimp Daddy in the first place, and tosses him a pair of Detox trunks. Detox Express Part Deux? Yup. Waves N’ Curls will defend the NCW Tag Team titles against the team of Ricky Medeiros and Pimp Daddy Apple Cinnamon at Shoots and Ladders!

Vern Vicallo is in the ring, on a ladder looking up at his NCW Heavyweight title hanging from the rafters of the Bristol VFW. Vern says that finally, once and for all, at Shoots and Ladders, he will prove that he is the absolute best and deserves that NCW Title!

Out come Brett Ryan Gosselin along with Smokes and Cashew, and they surround Vern in the ring looking to pounce. All of a sudden, Channing Thomas slides in and quickly takes out BRG. Then he and Vern seemingly work together to thwart the attack of The Big Boys. It’s a short lived truce as they then turn and start pounding on each other. The fight spills all the way to the back as the show fades to black!

Be sure to tune into this amazing iPPV as NCW presents Shoots and Ladders on May 23 at 7:30 PM EST! Virtual tickets are available at the iPPV link above for just $12!

Also don’t forget to tune in at 6:50 PM EST for the Shoots and Ladders Pre-Show on YouTube as I break down all the matches on the card with none other than the owner of NCW, JC Marxxx!

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