Wright Wrecap: Behind Closed Doors Episode #7

The days are slowly passing by as we anticipate the first Ladder Match in NCW in years! This episode features both the NCW New England Champion, and his challenger in singles action, as well as another quarterfinal match in the tournament to crown the first ever NCW Women’s champion. Speaking of…

Savannah Lords (w/Angel Sinclair) def. Sarah Teller in the NCW Women’s Championship Tournament Quarterfinals

Sarah Teller kind of got a raw deal in this one. She didn’t know which one of the blonde bombshells of F.A.F.O. she was going to face until the introductions basically. It was Savannah Lords officially, but let’s face it, this was a glorified handicap match, as both Lords and Angel Sinclair on the outside both did a number on Teller. Sarah couldn’t overcome the numbers game as Lords hit a Split Stunner on Teller to advance in the tournament.

Now the question is…Does Lords continue on to face Isana in the Semifinals? Or can Angel Sinclair now step in to that slot to take on The Suplex Sweetheart? The official brackets still list F.A.F.O. as the participant(s) so we will have to wait until May 23rd to find out.

To say Dick Lane has had a rough go of it in 2021 is probably the understatement of the year. Let’s see

Lost the New England title? Yup

Delilah Hayden filed for divorce? Check

Dick “knocked up” his side chick? That happened

His only friend is Steve “The Turtle”? Not sure why that’s a bad thing, but OK.

Oh, and he lost all his money to Kevin Castro.

So Dick Lane has decided to talk with Castro and try to get some of his money back. Hey man, alimony ain’t cheap.

Next we see the now 2-time New England Champ, The Ace Mike Montero. He goes on about how he’s felt slighted in the past because he isn’t in the opening video package. Really Ace? Sheesh. Anyways, he then changes his tune because he feels that NCW has thrown him a “softball” coming up at Shoots and Ladders in the form of Ike. First off, Ike earned this opportunity defeating Foxy Calvin Campbell and Robbie “The Giant” Arujo. Secondly, there’s no such thing as a “softball” in NCW. Finally, watch what you say when you say it, Champ. You never know who might be listening (cue creepy Ike around the corner).

Ike defeats Cool Guy Pete (w/Syd) in singles competition

One thing about Behind Closed Doors is that we have seen some amazing talent make their NCW debuts, and this match is no different. Here we see the debut of Cool Guy Pete along with Syd. Pete is a very accomplished big man with agility that men half his size don’t possess and he looks to make a mark on NCW. The problem is, he is matched up against probably the hottest wrestler on the roster in the number 1 contender for the New England title, Ike.

Before the bell rings, Pete gives a peace offering in the form of a pair of sunglasses. Ike obliges and we now have Cool Ike? Ike tries for a cross body, and Pete catches him like he was made of velcro. Ike tries a little misdirection, hitting all the ropes before trying again…same result. Ike tries a 3rd time from the 2nd rope…Nope, that didnt work either. Pete sends Ike to the mat with a vicious clothesline. We then see a set of Snake Eyes from Pete, that if the turnbuckles weren’t there, Ike may have landed on the Mount Hope Bridge (it’s down the street, trust me)

Ike finally creates some distance and is able to get Pete to lose his Cool, and start chasing Ike into the corners. Ike avoids contact and tires the big man out hitting a beautiful Spinning DDT to get the 3 count! Ike continues his hot streak going into Shoots and Ladders.

Steven Lust is flipping out at his “pahtnah” Pimp Daddy Apple Cinnamon as the Middlesex Express hasn’t scored a tag team victory since 2019. PDAC calms Lust down saying that he knows just the thing. He says that he and Lust are gonna score…at the same time? Yeah I’d be hesitant too Lust.

Dick Lane approaches Kevin Castro, sitting with Shay Cash, and begs for the money back, even offering to wash Castro’s laundry. Castro whips out a $100 bill and says Dick can have it IF he admits that he has been the infamous Mayor McCheese this whole time. Dick hesitantly admits that he was to get the Benjamin. Davey Cash enters as Castro offers to give Dick back all his money IF he screws over Team LumberJake at Shoots and Ladders! Dick AGREES! What??? They shake on it! As Dick leaves we hear Shay say “I knew I loved Dick” (Note to self: Save that audio clip for future blackmailing of Shay)

FINALLY we get to see Tim Kilgore take on Billy Wennkar, as we see Kilgore making his final preporations. Management comes in and says that Kilgore’s music is playing and that he has to go now! Once again The Badass of Broadway sees that it’s not Fiji water. Management exclaims they don’t have Fiji water as he sprays the contents of the bottle all over Kilgore. Kilgore yells that he must now start his prematch rituals all over. Once again…we must wait.

An amazing video timeline of the NCW Champion Vern Vicallo runs. I won’t even try to describe it. Go watch it…no seriously, go. I’ll wait.

NCW New England Champion Mike Montero def. Foxy Calvin Campbell (w/ Doc Ozone) in non-title action

This week’s main event could be a main event anywhere in the country as the New England Champ takes on The Party himself. They don’t waste anytime throwing heavy shots at each other until the champ gains control with his patented cartwheel dropkick combo. Both men then fight for a vertical suplex before Foxy hits a devestating swinging neckbreaker. Montero then tastes the marrow of Campbell’s elbows several times before countering with a high kick to the side of the head.

Doc Ozone hops up to the apron and gets a shot to the kisser from the champ for his efforts. Campbell tries to hit the Last Kiss, but Montero counters with a gorgeous spinning side kick to get the victory!

Both Montero and Ike were victorious on this episode of BCD, but whos hot streak comes to an end on May 23rd at Shoots and Ladders? Tune in and find out!

Also, look for my predictions column next week here at thencw.com as well as the video version on my YouTube page, Work Into A Shoot.

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