Wright Wrecap: 2021 (Virtual) Reunion

Davis Wright is back in NCW with his very own “Wright Wrecap” helping theNCW.com chronicle NCW’s 2021 Virtual Season. Here is Davis’ in-depth look at NCW’s 2021 Virtual REUNION celebration.

Check out photos from NCW’s Virtual REUNION courtesy of “Picture” Dave Rodrigues!

Ike defeats Robbie “The Giant” Arujo and Foxy Calvin Campbell (W/Doc Ozone) to become the No. 1 Contender for the NCW New England Championship

In a match where it looked like any one of the three competitors could pick up the victory, Ike pulled off what could be called by some as an upset, elevated himself to the top rope, hitting a stunner on Robbie the Giant for the 3 count as Foxy was inches away from breaking up the pin. Ike will now go on to face the New England Champion at an upcoming NCW show.

Alexander Lee (w/Kepler) defeats ZPB

To say that Alexander Lee and Kepler have had their differences in the past would be an understatement. However here at Reunion, Kepler is solidly (propped up) in Lee’s corner as he takes on the wine swigging ZPB. This match was an absolute brawl that spilled out of the ring quickly. ZPB even had the gaul to take Kepler and send him flying across the Bristol VFW with a solid right hand. This enraged the sole NCW Triple Crown winner, as he started throwing rights and lefts and headbutts into the chest of ZPB. Lee got the 3-count after hitting a reverse cobra clutch drop from the 2nd rope. Kepler was pleased with the victory.

Love, Doug defeats Ricky Smokes

This match, for all intents and purposes, should’ve ended at least 5 times, but the athletic ability and stamina of both these incredible talents would not allow it. Ricky Smokes seemed to have counters for everything Love, Doug threw at him, but Doug hit a wicked Yakuza Kick followed by a Diamond Dust which nearly scored him the victory. Smokes took over from there hitting a hangman on the top rope followed by a slingshot spear. Smokes looked to finish Doug off, but Doug was able to hook Smokes in a picture perfect Inside Cradle for the win!

Bullet Joe Barreto defeats Chaz Cashew

Chaz Cashew has been tormenting Joe for weeks leading up to this match, making fun of Joe’s height. To further the humiliation, Cashew throughout this match seemed to be possessed by the living spirit of Kevin Nash; pulling out all of Big Sexy’s mannerisms in this contest. Bullet proved you should never underestimate the drive of a competitor, no matter how tall as he countered an attempted Jackknife Powerbomb from Cashew into a Whoopee Cushion, driving the air out of Cashew’s lungs and getting the 3 count!

Nick Stapp defeated Tim Kilgore in The Theatrical Match

In a match that if you left the room for a snack, and came back in, you’d be asking yourself, “WTF did I miss?” Nick Stapp proved to be the better overall performer. The match began in the ring, where Stapp hit a 2nd rope dropkick on Kilgore. The next thing we see is Tim Kilgore performing karaoke in a local bar. A few lines into his performance, we see Nick Stapp in the parking lot looking for Kilgore when the Science Fiction Double feature comes out of no where to attack, all whilst still singing in the background. Now it’s Stapp’s turn to belt out a tune, as he begins to belt Kilgore around the building. Just as Kilgore is about to hit a vertical suplex on Stapp in the hallway, we are whisked away back into the ring, where Kilgore completes the suplex. Stapp counters a Russian Leg Sweep and hits a Death Valley Driver, then a Lungblower for the win!

In the locker room, we see Steve “The Turtle” Weiner running an underground gambling game as several NCW stars are placing bets on the matches. Next on the docket: Cold Hard Cash vs. LumberJake and RIOT Kellan Thomas. Turtle, and Dick Lane put their money on Jake and RIOT. When Kevin Castro overhears this, he guarantees that Jake and Kellan will win. This prompts Turtle and Dick to think that Castro has some plan for Kellan and Jake to throw the match, so they switch their bets to Cold Hard Cash.

LumberJake and RIOT Kellan Thomas defeat Cold Hard Cash (w/Kevin Castro)

Ring Announcer/Commentator/Owner of NCW JC Marxxx introduces Kevin Castro to the ring. Castro has turned over a new leaf recently. As he enters the ring, he shakes JC’s hand and thanks him for all the opportunities, and called him the most professional man he’s ever met. He then takes over ring announcing duties for the next match (where’s Shane Daly when you need him?)

Davey Cash is none too pleased that Castro is in the ring, as previously he stated on Behind Closed Doors that he was done dealing with Castro. Shay puts his uncle at ease, saying Castro is just here for ring announcing duties.

Towards the end of the match, Davey gets his trusty baseball bat and looks to knock RIOT into next week when Castro jumps onto the apron and grabs the bat preventing Cash to do the damage. The distraction allows Thomas to lock in a backslide for the 1.2.3!

Davey and Shay Cash are furious at the outcome! As LumberJake and RIOT celebrate, Castro tries to join in, attempting the hands of the winners. When they have none of it, Castro pulls a spray bottle out and sprays a substance into the eyes of the victors! This is followed by Cold Hard Cash beating down Jake and Kellan in the ring before leaving with Castro! Once again Keven Castro has outsmarted LumberJake!

Not only was LumberJake outsmarted, but the gambling ring in the locker room found themselves turning their pockets inside out as Castro scooped up the pile of C-Notes on the table!

Becca and Little Mean Kathleen win the Ballroom Blitz, last eliminating Isana

Order of Entry

1.Angel Sinclair

2. Jesse Nolan

3. Savannah Lords

4. Blaze Bazuco

5. Sara Teller

6. Paris Van Dale

7. Big Juicy

8. Little Mean Kathleen

9. Isana

10. Becca

F.A.F.O team up to eliminate both Jesse Nolan and Blaze Bazuco, Sara Teller enters and immediately eliminates F.A.F.O. single handedly. F.A.F.O come back into the ring and destroy Teller, leaving the bones to be picked by PVD, who pins Teller to eliminate her. As she celebrates with Armani Khaos, Big Juicy enters the fray, hitting both with juice bottles to the mid section, and then a clothesline on Khaos clearing him from the ring.

Little Mean Kathleen enters and teams up with PVD to eliminate Big Juicy. Isana in next, and starts tossing around her opponents with belly to back suplexes. She seemingly eliminates PVD, but she lands in the arms of Khaos. They celebrate their ingenuity a little too soon, though, as the recently eliminated Big Juicy was still at ringside. She took down Khaos forcing PVD’s feet to the floor, eliminating her.

Becca is the 10th and final entrant, and she works with Kathleen to force Isana to tap out to a gruesome Boston Crab/Crossface combination! It was determined that there would be co-winners of this Ballroom Blitz in Little Mean Kathleen and Becca, however the BIG announcement from JC Marxxx was that at the next iPPV, the first ever NCW Women’s Champion would be crowned!

NCW Honors Ruy Batello

An amazing video package is seen chronicling the NCW career of Ruy Batello. After, a video of the man himself thanking the fans, friends and family that is NCW. Congratulations Ruy! A well deserved honor!

Mike Montero defeats Dick Lane to recapture the NCW New England Championship

Even though Insane Dick Lane wont use it as an excuse, he came into this match still banged up from the attack that put him out of action for a few weeks. Even still, he is here to defend the NCW New England title against the man he beat for it, The Ace Mike Montero.

Montero, who is always prepared for his opponent, lost the title in 2019 to Dick Lane when the Insane one cashed in his Ox Baker Memorial Cup opportunity on The Ace while he was pretty much defenseless in a strait jacket. This was the long awaited rematch.

Montero controlled the action early as he beat down the worn down champion. When it looked Lane had the advantage, he went to the top rope and ate the full effect of a superkick from The Gatekeeper. Dick recovers to hit a Flatliner and a snap mare driver, each for a 2-count. Later on The Metahuman Supervillian hit a Dick Lane Driver, also for a 2 count. Montero works his was out of the Anti-Life Equation to hit a kick to the back of the head followed by a draping DDT for a 2 count. Montero finally able to put away the courageous champion after sneaking in a low blow while the ref wasn’t looking to set up for the double foot stomp from the top. Mike Montero is once again the NCW New England Champion, but his next challenger is already awaiting him in the form of Ike

Waves and Curls defeat Ricky Mederios and Steven Lust to become the NEW NCW Tag Team Champions

Relative newcomers to NCW, Traevon and Jaylyn became No. 1 contenders by defeating The Prestige on Behind Closed Doors. Relatively new to…each other are the acting NCW Tag Team Champs, Ricky Mederios and Steven Lust, who is filling in for an injured Jason Devine. Waves and Curls vs. The Middlesex Detox…The Detox Express…The Expre…ah forget it, Lust and Mederios.

Waves and Curls clearly the more cohesive unit in this one as Lust and Mederios can’t even figure out who’s going to start the match. Lust ends up starting by default after W & C take out Mederios to the floor. A very concentrated attack on the arm of Steven Lust from the challengers as they take turns leaping from the ropes to do damage. Amazing tag team wrestling as Traevon and Jaylyn hit some tandem offense on The Right Stuff.

Mederios is able to turn things around for his team after catching Jalen right in the mush with a kick from the outside, allowing The Cutter Kowalski to tag himself in and literally roll his “pahtnah” to the outside. Finally starting to see some teamwork from the mash up that is Mederios and Lust as Lust draws in Traevon causing the distraction of the referee to lay in some double teaming. Even though they aren’t each other’s tag partners, both Mederios and Lust have held tag team gold all over New England, and those instincts are kicking in.

Traevon finally gets the tag from Jaylyn and is a house of fire as he takes on both Lust and Mederios. Lust is able to finally hook his arm and hold him for was superkick from Mederios, but Treyvon slips out, and Lust gets a mouth full of Hot Sauce! Mederios is tossed from the ring. Waves and Curls hits the Chokeslam Driver on Lust and just like that we have NEW Tag Team Champs!

Mederios rolls back in, knowing that his waistline just got a bit lighter, and takes out his frustration on Steven Lust with a vicious release German suplex!

Main Event: Vern Vicallo retains the NCW Heavyweight Championship defeating The Victorious BRG and Channing Thomas in a Triple Threat Match

On paper, this could be considered a 2 on 1 handicap match, but it was clearly not the case when it was revealed that BRG was the man pulling the fire alarms in both Dedham, MA and Bristol, RI costing his now former (?) tag team partner Channing Thomas his opportunities at the NCW Title. Thomas wanted revenge on BRG, and is fully confident that he can beat Vicallo for the title. BRG is looking to become a 4-time NCW Champion, and Vicallo is looking to prove that it was no fluke that he beat BRG for the strap, and that he can defeat Thomas without Bristol’s bravest showing up at the building.

Channing Thomas dominates the opening minutes of the battle forcing BRG to the outside and beating down the champion with his size advantage clearly on display. BRG was able to pick his spot, and pull the rope down causing Thomas to spill to the outside. BRG then able to get his licks in on the champ, but unable to put him away as Thomas recovers to break up the pin. BRG and Thomas exchange shoves and pie-faces before Vicallo hits an amazing double blockbuster! All 3 men are down.

As the battle continues, Vicallo gains the upper hand, hitting splashes on both challengers. He then hits a cross body on BRG as he walks the ropes “Old School” style before he hit a hammerlock flatliner on Thomas for a 2 count. The champion attempted to hit the NSFW on BRG, but BRG slipped out and hit a superkick on the button! Thomas breaks up the pin, taking away what couldve been the 4th title reign in BRG’s career.

After each challenger tries to hit their finishers, Thomas is finally able to spike BRG with the piledriver. Before Thomas can go for the cover, Vicallo quickly rolls up Thomas in a crucifix for the 3 count, retaining his title!

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