NCW Behind Closed Doors: Episode 4 Review

Former NCW ring announcer and commentator DAVIS WRIGHT has joined to help bring his insights and reviews of NCW BEHIND CLOSED DOORS! Each week Davis will bring you all the details on what goes down when NCW goes Behind Closed Doors,

Check out photos from NCW BEHIND CLOSED DOORS Episode #4 here courtesy of Picture Dave Rodrigues!

Show open: BRG gets in NCW Heavyweight Champion Vern Vicallo’s face, saying he is the one hiring people to pull the fire alarm so he doesn’t lose his title to Channing Thomas. After a shove from BRG, Vicallo turns and is met by Chaz Cashew and Ricky Smokes, the latter challenging the champ to a match.

Match one: Mike Montero defeats Love Doug

Love Doug is making his NCW debut against the former New England Champion, Montero. Before the match starts, Doug presents a card to his first NCW “date”, which The Ace quickly tears to shreds. An excellent effort from Love Doug, able to go counter for counter at some moments with Montero, but the Ace picks up the victory with a double stomp from the top rope. He is hell-bent on regaining the NCW New England title at Reunion.

Backstage, Alexander Lee runs into…Kepler??? Even odder than that, they exchange a “Mega Powers” handshake!

In the ring, we see the reunited Middlesex Express, as they look ready for action. Out comes one half of the NCW Tag Team Champions, Ricky Mederios. He explains that his partner, Jason Devine, has been injured and will be unable to compete at Reunion to defend against Waves and Curls. Broad and Lust just assume that Detox will forfeit the belts over to them, but Ricky has other plans. With the OK from NCW management, Mederios has the power to choose his partner for the PPV. At this point, Steven Lust takes his partner and heaves him over the top rope, staking his claim as as Mederios’ partner for Reunion!

Match 2: The Victorious BRG defeats Nick Stapp

BRG, now flanked with his new cronies, Smokes and Cashew, turned this one into a 3 on 1 handicap match. At every turn in the match, Smokes and Cashew either distracted Nick Stapp, or flat out got physically involved. The end came when Smokes distracted the referee, which allowed Cashew to come into the ring. Stapp however was ready for him as he hit a Death Valley Driver on Cashew. This opened the door for BRG to hit a superkick followed by an Overdrive for the 3 count.

Pimp Daddy Apple Cinnamon is seen backstage pondering what just happened between he and Steven Lust. He says he will prove to Lust that he’s not just “the funny guy” anymore. PDAC is back…again.

Match 3: The Scrunchie Squad vs Nolan and Teller ends in a No-Contest

The Scrunchie Squad dominated much of the match as they cut the ring in half, keeping Sarah Teller from her partner. After a well placed kick to the back of the head from Teller, Jessie Nolan got the tag and came in swinging, putting both members of the Squad down. Out from the back come F.A.F.O. to cause all kinds of chaos, taking out all four women involved in the match and forcing the official to throw the match out.

Match 4: Pimp Daddy Apple Cinnamon defeats Billy Wennkar

A newcomer to NCW, Billy Wennkar comes to us all the way from across the pond, and his first opponent is…YA BOI BACK AGAIN, BACK AGAIN ITS YA BOI! A great display of catch as catch can wrestling in this one as both men showcase their ability in this one. Wennkar hits some incredible kicks on the right arm of PDAC throughout the match, until the veteran instincts of PDAC come out and hook the leg of Wennkar, trying to take away the Brit’s favorite weapon. Wennkar looks for victory with a Fujiwara Armbar, but PDAC pulls out a dirty tactic, hooking the top rope while rolling up Wennkar for the 1..2..3!

Match 4: Davey and Shay Cash (w/Kevin Castro) defeat Alexander Lee and Dylan Nix (w/Jessie Nolan)

A somewhat subdued Kevin Castro at ringside as his version of Los Guerreros, Uncle Davey and nephew Shay Cash take on Dylan Nix and the only Triple Crown winner in NCW history, Alexander Lee. The Cash’s control Nix in their corner for a good portion of the match, including a beautiful Avalanche in the corner into a spin heel kick. Nix makes the tag to Lee who clears the ring of Shay and hits a Shining Wizard on Davey. Nix tags himself in, which proves to be the downfall, as a miscommunication between he and Lee lead to the Cash boys hitting a double powerbomb on Nix for the win.

After the bell, Castro informs his team that he wasn’t happy with the underhanded tactics they used throughout the match. This was met by a pie-face from Davey, who said to Shay that he loves him, but is through with Castro.

Main Event
NCW Heavyweight Champion Vern Vicallo defeats Ricky Smokes (w/ BRG and Chaz Cashew) in Non-Title action

In another case of a glorified 3 on 1 handicap match, Vern Vicallo had his back against the wall taking on Ricky Smokes, flanked by BRG and Chaz Cashew. Vern displayed why he is the NCW Champ early on, dominating Smokes, until the numbers game comes into play as Cashew and BRG reek havoc on the outside, allowing Smokes to gain the upper hand. Vicallo was able to keep the two on the outside at bay as he was able to counter into the NSFW for the win!

After the bell, BRG and Cashew quickly jump the champ in the ring. A spot on superkick from BRG floors Vicallo, and as BRG verbally tears into the champion, in comes…Channing Thomas! What looks like a now 4 on 1 mugging is quickly turned around as Thomas attacks Cashew and Smokes! Thomas comes eye to eye with BRG and the former 3 time champion heads for higher ground.

As Vicallo comes to his feet, Thomas has the NCW title in his hands. He holds it out for Vicallo to take, and oh he took it alright. Right upside the skull from Thomas. The Natural holds the belt high, and then tosses it on the laid out champion as the show comes to a close. This triple threat match for the NCW title at Reunion is going to blow the roof off the VFW in Bristol!

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