NCW Behind Closed Doors: Episode #2 Review

Northeast Championship Wrestling’s 2021 Season continued with another huge episode of NCW BEHIND CLOSED DOORS featuring some huge NCW debuts in addition to some big matches being announced and set for NCW’s 2021 Virtual REUNION exclusively on iPPV Friday night April 23rd.

Photos from NCW BEHIND CLOSED DOORS Episode #2 courtesy of Picture Dave Rodrigues.

– In their NCW debut together ANGEL SINCLAIR and SUSANNAH LOUISE, collectively known as F.A.F.O. defeated the team of SARAH TELLER and “THE GIRL ON FIRE” JESSIE NOLAN when Sinclair attacked Nolan and laid her out and preventing her from getting into the match allowing F.A.F.O. to single out Teller and double team her to finish her off.

KEVIN CASTRO sat down with DAVEY and SHAY CASH to talk about his newfound change of heart, doing his best to convince his clients that they can succeed just as much doing good rather than their normal devious ways. A frustrated Davey Cash walked out on Castro, leaving Shay all to himself.

– In the Goldrush Tournament Qualifier to determine a new #1 Contender for the NCW New England Championship ROBBIE THE GIANT defeated his friend and tag team partner BULLET JOE BARRETO to advance to REUNION.

Following the match as Bullet came to the back, he was confronted by CHAZ CASHEW, who mocked Bullet and encouraged him to keep an eye on his Goldrush Qualifier to see what a real winner looks like.

“THE BADASS OF BROADWAY” TIM KILGORE watched highlights of NICK STAPP’S match with Jessie Nolan from the NCW BEHIND CLOSED DOORS SPOTLIGHT and went on to challenge Stapp to a Theatrical Match April 23rd at NCW’s Virtual REUNION.

– In the final Goldrush Qualifier “FOXY” CALVIN CAMPBELL w/ DOC OZONE defeated Chaz Cashew to advance to the REUNION Triple Threat, giving Bullet Joe an opportunity to rub it in Cashew’s face about his loss.

“THE ACE” MIKE MONTERO was furious over what went down on the debut episode of BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, and believed his match with KELLAN THOMAS did not count, just like when DICK LANE beat him for the New England Title at WrestleFest didn’t count because he was trapped in a straightjacket. April 23rd at REUNION Montero will get Dick Lane finally one on one for the NCW New England Championship.

WAVES N’ CURLS (TRAEVON JORDAND & JAYLEN BRANDYN) defeated THE PRESTIGE (CHANNING THOMAS & BRETT RYAN GOSSELIN) to become #1 Contenders to the NCW Tag Team Titles when a miscommunication between BRG and Thomas allowed the debuting Waves N’ Curls to pick up the victory.


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