NCW Behind Closed Doors: Episode #1 Review

Northeast Championship Wrestling’s 2021 Season kicked off this past Thursday live on YouTube with the very first episode of NCW BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, a new web series beginning the road towards NCW’s 2021 Virtual REUNION taking place on iPPV Friday night April 23rd.

Photos from NCW BEHIND CLOSED DOORS Episode #1 courtesy of Picture Dave Rodrigues.

– NCW Heavyweight Champion “DELICIOUSLY VICIOUS” VERN VICALLO and “THE NATURAL” CHANNING THOMAS went to a No Contest when a fire alarm went off during the match after Thomas hit Vicallo with his patented piledriver. Channing was just seconds away from becoming NCW Champion when the alarm went off for a second time in their series of matches, forcing the entire building to evacuate to wait for the fire department to arrive.

While NCW Officials checked on Vicallo Channing Thomas returned to confront “Deliciously Vicious”, demanding they restart the match immediately and accusing Vern of setting off the fire alarm. Officials held back both officials as this issue appears to be far from over.

– In the Goldrush Tournament Qualifier to determine a new #1 Contender for the NCW New England Championship IKE defeated ALEXANDER LEE in a huge upset when Lee found himself distracted by DALLAS MCCARTHY, who was attempting to help Lee get a victory over his former protégé.

KEVIN CASTRO came in to interrupt a conversation between THE LUMBERJAKE and “RIOT” KELLAN THOMAS, shockingly looking to apologize to Jake after a year away due to the COVID-19 pandemic, feeling remorse for his actions and looking to atone for his sins. An incredulous Lumberjake promised to embarrass Castro and his entire crew before it’s all said and done, chasing Castro from the room.

ARMANI KAYOS w/ PARIS VAN DALE d. BIG JUICY after PVD used her HIGHER SOCIETY mirror to smash over Juicy’s head while Kayos distracted the referee.

As the NCW New England Champion “INSANE” DICK LANE began making his way to the ring for his New England Title Match the NCW Tag Team Champions DETOX blindsided Lane, attacking him and laying him out and preventing him from making it to the ring.

“THE ACE” MIKE MONTERO was in the ring, and after Officials confirmed with the announcer stated that if Lane was unable to make it to the ring by the ten count then Montero would be awarded the Championship via forfeit. Before the ten count could be made “RIOT” Kellan Thomas arrived on scene, ready to step in and prevent Montero from cheating his way back to the New England Title. Thomas mentioned that the New England belt was the only title that’s eluded Kellan in his NCW career, and would be happy to defend the title on behalf of Dick Lane. Officials agreed, and the match was set.

– “RIOT” Kellan Thomas defeated “The Ace” Mike Montero by submission to retain the NCW New England Championship for “Insane” Dick Lane. STEVE “THE TURTLE” WEINER assisted Lane back to the ring following the match, where Thomas wistfully presented Dick with his New England Title.


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