Totally Eliminated: NCW Total Elimination Results

NCW returned to the Dedham VFW Post on Friday October 12th for TOTAL ELIMINATION, featuring the return of the 10 on 10 Ultimate Elimination Match as well as the 1st ever Wild Card Total Elimination Battle.

Ring Announcers: Shane Daly & Loren Petisce
Commentators: Atlee Greene & Osirus
Referees: Redd Roche, Rob Greer, Rob Teutel, & Craig Callier
Ringside Photography: Dave Rodrigues & Phillip Kelly

– In the night’s opener Cam Zagami defeated “Brutal” Bob Evans in singles action.

Before the beginning of the Total Elimination Match, “BGV” Vern Vicallo stated that with his tag team partner Dan Terry recovering in the burn unit due to his attempted tanning, Vicallo found the perfect alternate for CrossFit— former NCW Tag Team Champion “The Prettiest Man” Derek Andrews!

– In the 8 Man Total Elimination Match LittleFit (CrossFit & The Little Giants) d. The Kool Express (NCW Tag Team Champions The Kool People & The Middlesex Express) when Bullet Grinvalsky was the sole survivor for his team, defeating Sammy Deleon and adding CrossFit and The Little Giants to the Tag Team Championship Match at WrestleFest XIV.

“The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash and “The Dan Ram” Danny Ramirez wrestled to a double count out, as both men could not return to the ring to make the 10 count. Post-match an irate Cash continued to assault Ramirez, forcing the referee to make the three count on “The Dan Ram” on the outside of the ring.

“Picture Perfect” Sierra and Angel Sinclair went to a no contest when Delmi Exo ran out, assaulting Sinclair and assisting Sierra in a 2 on 1 beat down. Thankfully Angel’s tag team partner Ava Everett was on hand to even the odds, as the referee made the match a tag team match.

– Sierra & Delmi Exo d. The Platinum Hunnies in tag team action, as Sierra continued to brag about her superiority over the women of NCW.

During intermission Osirus and Doc Ozone found themselves at ringside interviewing the Dedham fans, taking the opportunity to get to know his supporters as he prepares for his Big City Rumble title opportunity at WrestleFest. Osirus was then interrupted by NCW Heavyweight Champion Todd Harris on the video screen, who ripped on not only Osirus but the Dedham fans as well. At WrestleFest Osirus promised to fight for every single person in the building and win the NCW Heavyweight Title.

The Upside Down Army defeated The Legion of Dick in the 10 on 10 Ultimate Elimination Match when THE UNCONTROLLED submitted Dick Lane after Lane passed out while in THE UNCONTROLLED’s choke hold.



  1. Mr. Wrestling XIII
  2. King LĂ©on the VI
  3. Dallas McCarthy
  4. “Undead” Tim Davidson
  5. WikidTwztidMilenkoLotusChild1717
  6. Ike the Bite
  7. “Slamdance” Tim Lennox
  8. Curry Boy Dark
  10. Jason Devine


  1. Delilah Hayden
  2. Frank the Crank
  3. Tony the Tuna
  4. The Wisconsin Badger
  5. Theodore J. Liftington
  6. Cicero the Clown
  7. Derek Simonetti
  8. Curry Boy
  9. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner
  10. “Insane” Dick Lane

– In the 5 on 5 Wild Card Total Elimination Match Team Thomas (Channing Thomas, “Sensational” Scott Levesque w/ Kevin Castro, Perry Von Vicious, “The Native American” Tomahawk, & “RIOT” Kellan Thomas) defeated Team “Foxy” (“Foxy” Calvin Campbell w/ Doc Ozone, NCW New England Champion Mike Montero, “Revolution” Chris Venom, “Royalty” Ruy Batello, & The Lumberjake) when Channing Thomas and Kellan Thomas survived for their team, with Channing d. “Foxy” Calvin Campbell to win.

Post match Channing tried to celebrate with “RIOT”, only to get punked out by Kellan and a returning Lumberjake.



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