NCW TV Episode #36

@NCWTelevision comes to you courtesy of NPA-TV (Verizon Channel 35/Comcast Channel 8) and now Dedham TV (Verizon Channel 40/Comcast Channel 8) bringing all the characters, excitement, and action from the NCW rings right to you at home! For episode showings check your local listings at and for those outside the Norwood and Dedham area keep up to date with episodes here at and at

Episode #36

We couldn’t fit everything into Episode #35 so here is a special BONUS NCW Television as we head into the Ring of Thrones Tournament! (NOTE: Footage was added last minute from NCW’s Showcase Match from Fenway Park, highlights have been added to the top of the broadcast). Highlights include the Reign of Ruy Batello, words from REUNION Rumble winner “Foxy” Calvin Campbell, words from Tim Lennox, and a very special Save the Date from “Insane” Dick Lane and Delilah Hayden!


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