This past Friday night Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to the Norwood Lodge of Elks for NCW’s 2017 kickoff COLLISION COURSE, featuring a ‘Best of Three Series’ between the coalition of Beau Douglas and “High Class” Rich Bass and Dean “The Beast” Livsley’s NCW.

Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Commentators: Atlee Greene & Derek Simonetti
Referees: Redd Roche, Rob Greer, Rob Tuttle, & TJ Richter
Ringside Photography: Dave Rodrigues

COLLISION COURSE kicked off with ring announcer Shane Daly bringing all of the officials and security out for the NCW Summit between representatives of The Underground Cartel, and NCW President Dean “The Beast” Livsley. With Rich Bass and Beau Douglas filing a lawsuit against NCW due to the Presidential Election, both parties agree that what happened at WrestleFest can’t happen again while the company is at war. Dean wants things settled in the ring, and for once Bass actually agreed with “The Beast”, and then challenged Dean to a “Best of 3 Series” tonight (the New England Title Match, the Tag Team Title Match, and an open challenge for “Sensational” Scott Levesque) with the stipulation that if The Cartel wins they would get to choose Lumberjake’s title challenger next month in Norwood, and if Dean’s group wins then Beau and Bass will drop all of their lawsuits once and for all.

The Halftime Show arrived at ringside for what was supposed to be a Triple Threat Match against The Kool People and The Maine State Posse after The Aristocrats were pulled from the match due Zachary Pierre Beaulieu not being cleared. Before the match even began The Posse and Kool People attacked The Halftime Show until “RIOT” Kellan Thomas and Tomahawk ran into the ring to even the odds. Dean “The Beast” then turned the match into an 8 Man Tag.


– The Halftime Show (“The Showoff” Mike Paiva & Rob “The Giant” Araujo), “RIOT” Kellan Thomas, & “The Native American” Tomahawk defeated The Maine State Posse and The Kool People w/ Rich Bass when Mike Paiva pinned DangerKid after hitting the code breaker.

Josh  Briggs d. Brick Mastone in a huge upset, defeating Mastone after hitting a spinning back breaker right onto his knee and taking all the air out of the Brick.

The Turtles in Time (“Insane” Dick Lane & Steve “The Turtle” Weiner) w/ Delilah Hayden and Curry Boy defeated The Social Justice League (Todd Harris & JP O’Reilly) when Lane force-chokeslammed both O’Reilly and Harris to pick up the win.

– In a singles Ox Baker Qualifier Match “The Ace” Mike Montero d. “Old School Cool” Cory Michael after distracting the referee with an ‘injury’, allowing him to hit a low blow on Michael and steal the tainted win.

– In the Ox Baker Qualifier Match Robo defeated Triplelicious to win the match and become the point leader kicking off the Season. Before Robo could celebrate “All Good” Anthony Greene interrupted, and offered thanks to Robo wishing him luck in his quest to win the Ox Baker Cup. AG quickly attacked Robo, attempting to win the Cup himself. Despite a valiant effort by Greene, Robo was able to hit the Death Valley Driver to remain victorious.

NCW 2017 Ox Baker Cup Rankings

  1. Robo 9 points
    2. Mike Montero 5 points
    3. Triplelicious 2 points
    4. “Foxy” Calvin Campbell 2 points
    5. “All Good” Anthony Greene 0 points
    6. “Old School Cool” Cory Michael 0 points
    7. Curry Boy 0 points
    8. Timmy Thunder 0 points

Before the NCW Tag Team Championship Match began Dallas McCarthy showed up, interrupting Shane Daly and formally introducing the challengers to ringside. As The Heavy Hitters made their way to the ring they were blindsided and attacked by The Maine State Posse, who brutalized the Champions.

During intermission President Livsley wanted to welcome back an old friend to NCW, that would be here to help him during this dangerous time of war. Livsley then welcomed back the Deputy Commissioner of NCW Richard Pacifico!

– NCW Tag Team Champions The Heavy Hitters were able to defeat The Underground Anarchy (Ike & Tim Davidson) to retain the Tag Team Championship when Frank Champion pinned Davidson after a sit out powerbomb.


– NCW New England Champion “Slamdance” Tim Lennox w/ Beau Douglas defeated Osirus w/ Doc Ozone to retain the NCW New England Title after delivering multiple ‘Breakdown’ curb stomps to Osirus after Osirus was jumped by Beau Douglas. With Lennox’s victory over Osirus, the best of three was then tied 1-1.

– NCW Heavyweight Champion The Lumberjake d. “The Fittest Man” Dan Terry in a non-title match, defeating the former Tag Team Champion with a brutal chokeslam. Earlier in the match Terry was wearing multiple layers of clothing to prevent getting chopped by Lumberjake, but in the end the NCW Champion was able to strip Terry down and deliver some punishing chops to the CrossFit member.

dan-tjBefore the main event President Livsley, Deputy Commissioner Pacifico, and Redd Roche cornered TJ Richter in the ring, and admonished him for his behavior tonight. After being on probation for the last year, Livsley has finally had enough and went to fire Richter as an official, only to have Richter fire himself after laying into the President about the chaos happening in NCW. A livid TJ then stormed out of the ring as the fans sang him goodbye.

– “Sensational” Scott Levesque defeated the returning Christian Casanova in the third match of the Best of Three Series, pinning the former New England Champion after Rich Bass delivered a low blow behind the referee’s back, allowing Levesque to hit the DDT. Bass and Levesque continued to attack Casanova until Lumberjake returned to run off The Cartel.


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