NCW 2016 Big City Rumble Results

This past Friday night Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to the Norwood Lodge of Elks in Norwood, Massachusetts for the 2016 Big City Rumble. It was standing room only at the Elks as this years Rumble featured a multitude of surprises leading to “Sensational” Scott Levesque winning the Rumble and becoming the #1 Contender to the NCW Championship.

Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Commentators: Atlee Greene & Dallas McCarthy
Referees: Redd Roche, Rob Tuttle, & TJ Richter
Ringside Photography: Brittany Costa

The Halftime Show (Rob “The Giant” Araujo & “The Showoff” Mike Paiva) defeated The Maine State Posse (Aggro & DangerKid) in tag team action. Following the match Aggro and Danger brutally attacked Rob “The Giant” with Alexander Lee coming in to assault Araujo with the barbed-wire buy bringing The Lumberjake out to run the Posse off.

Tyler Nitro d. “Slamdance” Tim Lennox w/ The Underground Anarchy in the Luck of the Draw Challenge after Lennox was caught cheating using his belt as a weapon against Nitro. Referee TJ Richter found the foreign object, restarting the match and Lennox walking right into a superkick from Nitro leading to a moonsault for the win.

“The Dan Ram” Danny Ramirez came out to ringside looking to spend a couple of moments talking about the recently passed DC Dillinger and what DC meant to him inside and outside of the ring. After his heartfelt tribute Ramirez had a formal answer for “High Class” Rich Bass’ offer to join The High Class Cartel, thanking him for the offer but declining his invitation to join. Ramirez then promised he would defeat Osirus all on his own to win the NCW New England Title later on.

crossfit bcr

The NCW Tag Team Champions CrossFit (“The Prettiest Man” Derek Andrews, “The Fittest Man” Dan Terry, and “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo) arrived celebrating their one year anniversary as NCW Tag Team Champions. August 26th marked 378 days as Champs for the group, and the trio promised to continue their reign to become the #1 tag team in NCW history. The group then played a celebratory video only to be interrupted by The Heavy Hitter’s Shay Cash who was looking for a fight. Without his tag team partner Frank Champion by his side, Cash recruited The Aristocrats (Tomahawk & Zachary Pierre Beaulieu) to help him challenging CrossFit to a Six Man Tag Team Match.

– The Aristocrats & Shay Cash d. CrossFit in Six Man Tag Team action when Tomahawk pinned Vern Vicallo following a vicious double team from The Aristocrats. Following the match Tomahawk and ZPB celebrated with CrossFit’s belts.

bcr ne title

– NCW New England Champion Osirus (w/ Doc Ozone) and “The Dan Ram” Danny Ramirez went to a No Contest when “Sensational” Scott Levesque and “High Class” Rich Bass interfered in the match. Bass and Levesque attacked “The Dan Ram” after refusing to join the Cartel, leading Bass to even offer Osirus a spot in the stable. For a fleeting moment it seemed as if Osirus might accept, but instead knocked his former rival down in a heated exchange. After the melee Osirus and Ramirez united against their common enemy.

zt bcr“Ruthless” Ruy Batello and Triplelicious came out to ringside for their scheduled match against The Turtles in Time. Decked out in a crown and cape, Batello recounted his recent trip to Portugal to discover his royal roots and claiming his new moniker of “Royalty” Ruy Batello. After arguing over the misappropriation of funds Zero Tolerance got back on the same page to combat their opponents.

– Turtles in Time (Steve “The Turtle” Weiner & “Insane” Dick Lane) w/ Delilah Hayden defeated Zero Tolerance (Triplelicious & “Royalty” Ruy Batello) via count out when the duo walked out on the match in order to save themselves for the Big City Rumble Match.

NCW Senior Official Redd Roche returned to the ring for the first time since Red, White, & Bruised for this high-stakes Championship Match. Before the match began Roche banned Aggro & Danger from ringside, allowing Dean “The Beast” Livsley to haul The Posse out of the Elks Lodge for the duration of the match.

– NCW Heavyweight Champion The Lumberjake defeated Alexander Lee in the Hair vs. Hair Match to retain the NCW Championship (and his hair) when Redd Roche took matters into his own hands to prevent Lee from cheating in the match.

Following the match Alexander Lee attempted to escape the Elks Lodge with his precious chest hair intact, but Lumberjake tied him down to a chair as Dean Livsley sold strips of wax to fans at ringside to help wax Alexander Lee’s chest in what can only be described as legalized torture.

Before Shane Daly announced the Rumble participants, Dallas McCarthy attempted to hijack the show and take over announcing duties. An agitated McCarthy slapped Daly, prompting the veteran announcer to shove Dallas to the ground.

– “Sensational” Scott Levesque won the NCW 2016 Big City Rumble, eliminating “Insane” Dick Lane to win the match and become the #1 Contender to the NCW Heavyweight Title. The final four of the match was Levesque, Dick Lane, Vern Vicallo, and Osirus.

Order of entry:

  1. “Slamdance” Tim Lennox
  2. Tim Kilgore
  3. JP O’Reilly
  4. Ike
  5. Shay Cash
  6. “Old School Cool” Cory Michael
  7. Rob “The Giant” Araujo*
  8. Beau Douglas
  9. Triplelicious
  10. Zachary Pierre Beaulieu
  11. “Royalty” Ruy Batello
  12. DangerKid
  13. “The MUTT” Ian Griffin
  14. Delilah Hayden
  15. Dan Terry
  16. “Insane” Dick Lane
  17. Derek Simonetti
  18. Osirus
  19. “Sensational” Scott Levesque
  20. TJ Richter
  21. Tomahawk
  22. “The Dan Ram” Danny Ramirez
  23. Derek Andrews
  24. Mike Paiva
  25. “Aftershock” Adam Ricker
  26. Aiden Aggro
  27. Alexander Lee
  28. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner
  29. Doc Ozone
  30. Curry Boy
  31. Vern Vicallo
  32. Tyler Nitro

levesque lbj

NOTES: Tim Kilgore made his first in-ring appearance in four years entering the 2016 Rumble. Kilgore won the first Rumble in 2000, and stated he wanted to enter the Rumble so his kids (huge NCW fans) could see him in the ring… Rob “The Giant” Araujo was the scheduled 7th entrant but could not compete due to the attack by The Maine State Posse earlier in the evening… “Slamdance” Tim Lennox was the 2016 Iron Man, lasting 26 minutes… Mike Paiva competed in his 8th Big City Rumble, more than any other competitor… Despite a shocking elimination early on by newcomer Cory Michael Presidential candidate Beau Douglas remained at ringside to campaign… Redd Roche eliminated TJ Richter from the Big City Rumble for the second year in a row.


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