unSTABLE: The Battle for NCW Begins
By Scoops McGinty

Reflecting before the start of Ring of Thrones’ second night in Dedham, Massachusetts two weeks ago Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley talked briefly about the invasion of factions that have seeped into Northeast Championship Wrestling over the last year. “It’s war,” Livsley stated bluntly. “CrossFit came out of nowhere and now everyone’s picking sides. It’s mayhem.” 

As Dean prepares for his own battle this November against presidential hopeful Rich Bass, the former referee and leader of The High Class Cartel has recruited his own army for the war to come.

But in today’s NCW, which stable holds the key to victory?



crossfit trioComing together in the fall of 2014 CrossFit was a merger of fitness and beauty for “The Fittest Man” Dan Terry and “The Prettiest Man” Derek Andrews. Though both men gelled instantly with one another the duo continued to struggle in tag team competition until they recruited “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo into their ranks the following summer, with Vicallo helping CrossFit beat The Loomis Brothers to win the NCW Tag Team Championship at the 2015 Big City Rumble. After adding the bruiser Brick Mastone to their roster of CrossFitters the CrossFit Club have sucessfully controlled the NCW Tag Titles for nearly a year, and as of this posting are just days away of becoming the 3rd longest reigning Tag Team Champions in NCW history just behind The Maine State Posse 2.0 (Alex Chamberlain & Alexander Lee) and Generation SLAM (“Dynamic” Jon Thornhill & “The Average Guy” Timothy Pittman).



 As mentioned “High Class” Rich Bass is no stranger to controversy, having leveraged his wrestlers to cause chaos all throughout New England after putting the stripes away for a nicely pressed suit. Coming back to NCW last year with the prize jewel of his High Class Cartel “Sensational” Scott Levesque by his side, Bass was able to help Levesque win the NCW New England Title at NCW FALLOUT, but unfortunately their reign was short-lived thanks to the persistence of Osirus and Doc Ozone. Looking to expand his war chest for 2016 and the election Bass brought The Kool People into NCW as the newest members of The Cartel and back up for Levesque. While it’s still too early to tell the impact they will have on the tag division here, Bass has already promised that 2016 will officially be the year of The High Class Cartel when it’s all said and done with him leading the pack as NCW President.




Led by NCW’s first (and currently only) Triple Crown Champion Alexander Lee, Aiden Aggro and DangerKid have come to NCW as a pack of rabid wolves, creating chaos and carnage at the command of their mentor and dementor Lee and spitting right in the face of the officals in NCW. Showing the true malevolence of the once and former Scotty Vegas, Lee has brought Aggro and Danger together as a team in NCW despite being hated rivals in their home state of Maine where they’ve been feuding for months on end. The ability to unite such hate is a powerful tool, and a dangerous weapon for the resurrected Maine State Posse and anybody who opposes them.



Turtles in Time
Turtles in Time

Forced together by a match stipulation, Turtles in Time should NOT work. One is a super-villain bent on world domination and the other is a happy-go-lucky turtle who’s looking for friendship and championship glory. But despite the massive disparity between the two Steve “The Turtle” Weiner and “Insane” Dick Lane just work. One could argue that their team has opened the floodgates of weird here in NCW (Curry Boy, #1 Superfan Delilah Hayden) and one could argue that their union has actually made the villainous Dick Lane a better person, but can the Turtles in Time make a difference when gang warfare comes to NCW? At first glance no, but considering the insane shellheads have pin fall victories over CrossFit, the High Class Cartel, AND the Maine State Posse proves that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the Turtles in Time.



zt rotCan two men be a stable? Under normal circumstances no, but when it comes to Triplelicious and “Ruthless” Ruy Batello there’s no denying the impact these two NCW veterans make when paired together. Competing with and against each other over the years, this version of Zero Tolerance was last seen together in 2003 when they were stalking New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Famers Brickhouse Baker and “Sweet” Scott Ashworth. Dusting off the ZT mantle that was buried in 2012 and entering themselves in the Ring of Thrones tournament, Ruy & Trip dominated the competition and winning the tag team tournament after steamrolling Turtles in Time. Separate these guys are dangerous, but together? Unstoppable.

No ones sure what’s left of “All Good” Anthony Greene’s entourage following Ring of Thrones, with the cortége of lackeys systematically dismantled during the NCW super weekend a few weeks back. AG has denied theNCW.com any interview time since his loss to Curry Boy/“RIOT” Kellan Thomas, and despite the potential of his young group things may be over before they even started.



As cheesy as it is, good will always triumph over evil.

At least, that’s what this reporter hopes as the battle lines continue to get drawn as we head into the heat of the NCW 2016 Season. While CrossFit may control the NCW Tag Team Championship and Rich Bass sets his eyes on the NCW Presidency the fan favorites of Northeast Championship Wrestling continue to look out for one another, regardless of their career aspirations. Kellan Thomas would love to become NCW Champion again, but that won’t stop him from looking out for Lumberjake in the face of danger. The Heavy Hitters may come to the aid of Bryce Clayton just one month removed from wrestling each other, but Frank Champion and Shay Cash have seen the character of Bryce Clayton and will stick up for those that face injustice. It’s hopeful that in these trying times, inside the wrestling ring and outside of it, that friendship and brotherhood will trump all…


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